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Tips and tricks for packing power tools

When packing your garage for a move, you have to think about many different steps. Your tools are expensive, and if you don’t correctly pack them, they might be damaged during the move. And not only that, but someone might get hurt if they are not adequately secured. Packing power tools requires time and planning, so don’t rush anything.

In this brief guide, we will cover all the tips and tricks for packing power tools. However, we have to urge you to be careful when packing power tools. Hurting yourself is easy.

Separate your tools

Before you start packing, it is best to separate your tools for easier handling. This way they will not mix, and it will be much easier to clean them and secure them properly. And not just that, decide if all of your tools are worth taking to your new home. If you have some power tools that you were planning on replacing, consider leaving them or selling them instead of packing. This will save packing space, and it even might cost less. When moving to Minnesota, you are probably considering to hire a moving company, so if you have to pack less, it will cost less.

Tips and tricks for packing power tools

Before we start to go into details, make sure that you have everything you need for packing power tools:

  • toolboxes
  • packing boxes of small and medium shapes
  • bubble wrap
  • protective sheets
  • cleaning products
  • tape

After you get all of the required items for packing power tools, you need to prepare your working area. The garage is the best option, so clean it and make some space where you can work.

A man testing a power drill
Disassemble power tools before you pack them

Dissasemble sharp parts

If you have any power tools with sharp parts that can be removed, do not hesitate to do it. Packing power tools is much easier if you rule out the option of hurting yourself. Clean any blades you have, and wrap them in protective sheets or bubble wrap. This will not only protect the blades from damaged, but it will make it easy to handle these blades without cutting yourself.

Detach any removable parts

Before you proceed with packing power tools, do not forget to detach removable parts. Use ziplock bags to store all small pieces, and wrap your tools in a protective bubble wrap. Coil the electric cord around the body of the power tool, or use the designated storage compartment if there is one. Make sure that you don’t forget anything, double check your garage after packing.

Clean before packing

Be sure to thoroughly clean power tools before you pack them. This will keep them extra safe. Otherwise, you are risking a lot by allowing the dust and rust to form on metal parts and damage your power tools. Use dry cloths to dry them out.

Rusty chainsaw
Clean your power tools before packing to prevent the rust from forming

Drain all liquids

If some of your power tools use fluids, be sure to drain them first. Avoid cleaning the mess after those liquids spill on the moving truck. Also, think about safely disposing of those liquids. If you have a container or a bucket, use it to keep the liquids. As moving liquids is not easy, ask your local hardware store how to dispose of power tool liquids safely.

Where to pack power tools

The best way for packing power tools is to place them in their factory boxes. They have compartments for every part, and this is how you will keep your power tools safe. If you cannot find factory boxes, try to find hard cardboard boxes of the right size. You can also use bubble wrap and foam peanuts to fill the empty space in boxes. This will keep your power tools in place if boxes move during the ride.

Packing power tools in a factory box
If you use a factory box for packing power tools, you will keep them extra safe

Use a dolly to load your power tools

When loading the moving truck, best is to use the dolly. Power tools are heavy, and if you have a couple of boxes, you are risking to hurt your back. Load them all on the dolly, secure with a bungee cord or tape, and safely load them to your truck. When the boxes are in the truck, the best is to keep them close to the wall. This way they will not slide. Consider taping them to the floor, or placing a plastic cover over them, and then tape the plastic cover. It is best to secure them tightly.

Heavy power tools

If you are packing bulky and heavy power tools, like a table saw or a drill press, you will need to find professional help. It is not an easy task, so do not attempt to do it yourself. Best is to disassemble them partially. It will make them easier to pack and move. If you have a lot of large power tools, consider taking one day just to move them. If your new garage is not ready, use moving and storage Minneapolis. It is a great way to find affordable storage units to store your power tools until you are ready to unpack them.

Table saw
When packing power tools that are bulky and heavy, always ask for assistance

Last word of caution

We have to say one more time, be extra careful when packing power tools. It takes only a moment for an accident to happen. Never have your tools connected to the power outlet when you are handling packing. If you have kids, make sure that they are far away when you are packing power tools. Use gloves when handling sharp parts, and be gentle with power tools. They may break if you throw them in a box. And finally, ask for help when packing heavy and bulky items.

Have a safe and happy relocation

We are at the end of our guide that will make packing power tools easier and safer. Use these tips and tricks to your advantage and prepare for the move. We wish you a safe relocation to your new home!