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How to clear out your garage

So you just want more space in your garage in Savage. Not having enough space in your storage or garage can be a real drag. Especially if you have some new stuff coming in. And getting rid of old items sometimes bring only more trouble. Let’s talk about the ways you can easily clear out your garage and make room for something new. Whether or not you are bringing in something or just want some open space, this will not be an issue. Just follow our tips and you will have extra room in no time.

Make a plan before you clear out your garage

In order to have a stress relocation, you must start small at first. There are some things you must do before and those things are:

  • Think about donating or selling items you do not want anymore. You can donate some old tools, sports equipment or whatever items you do not use anymore.
  • If you opt for selling items, then plan your yard sale carefully. Maybe weeks in advance. As a serious project, it takes time to plan it perfectly.
  • Find a way to throw away those items. Depending on how much there is consider hiring a dumpster truck or other item removal

But if you do not want to sell them you can always rent a storage unit. Storage units are a great solution when you decide to clear out the garage. They are a safe place where you can keep your items. Find secure storage units Savage MN and start your garage cleaning today!

A man writing a plan on how to clear out your garage
Write down a step by step plan on how to clear out your garage

Hire experts to move your items to storage 

Now, opting for a storage unit is surely a good way to clear out your garage. But there is another issue. How to handle big items you need to transport there? Especially if they are sensitive and fragile as well as big. Well, you can always transport them yourself if you have the skills and confidence to do so. In any other case, it is a very good idea to call expert movers Savage MN and organize their transport. The good moving company knows how to handle large objects without damaging them. So sit back, and let the professionals remove those items without any problem.

A cartoon man leaning on a checked mark
Consider hiring experts

Decide what are the „keep it“ factors

When you head out to clean your garage you must decide what you are keeping. Now, that is not always that simple. You must have certain criteria when you are doing it. Some of those guidelines are:

  • If you used that item on more occasions in the past.
  • Broken stuff must go out. Keep only items that are not broken. This is perhaps number one rule when you want to clear out your garage.
  • When it comes to old tools, keep only those tools that are hard to find. Give or sell tools you can easily find and by.

Once you decided on what to keep, you must decide on how to get rid of them. There are certainly many ways you can deal with excess items in your garage. Know them before dealing with them permanently.

A wrong and a right marks
Figure out what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of

Make an inventory list

A good idea if you want to keep your head cool. Take a piece of paper and write down all the items you wish to remove. Now, when you want to clear out your garage you will have a list of items. Take time and think about the items on the list! It is easier to figure out what to do with them if you have them all on the paper. Once you are done with that, the next step is to sort and prioritize them up. On the top of the „keep“ list must be items you are using. After that keep items depending on their condition and how often you use them. This is a good and efficient way of determining what is useful and what is garbage. This process might take time, but it most certainly is very thorough.

a checklist of items
Make a list of items you posses in your garage

Gather packing supplies and materials

After you are done with the lists and prioritizing, get the boxes and materials for packing. Whether or not you plan to store them or just repack them, they are essential. Old boxes are probably damaged by time and weather condition. Therefore, replace them with something new. Something perhaps more sturdy. If you have smaller items, you can use cardboard or plastic boxes. It depends on the nature of your items what packing boxes you will use. We recommend plastic boxes because of their lifespan. They last longer and are easier to store. Because how sturdy they are, you can even stockpile other boxes on them as well. This proved to be an efficient way you can use to clear out your garage.

Clean out your garage from dust and mold

Before you head out to store the items or sell them, take time to clean your garage. Especially those places that were hard to get when the staff was there. They are probably full of dust and mold. Clean, polish, renew and put a protective coating if they are made of wood. This is your perfect opportunity to do so before you start to put back the items you left. Of the multiple ways to clean out your home and garage, this is the best way.

Clear out your garage in the best and most efficient way! Just follow our guide and surely in no time that garage will be in top condition. We hope this article provided you with enough information, to begin with. If you have any other tip to add, please feel free to do so! You can type it down in the comment section down below!