What is FF&E Installation?

If you ask what is FF&E Installation, the answer is short: Furniture, Fittings, and Equipment installation. This is a process of moving, delivering and installing your items into a commercial building or a house. Every company that knows how to handle this process like our company, make this installing a lot easier and efficient. We have a license to handle your stuff and we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to do it right without stress and frustration.

City Moving & Storage provides FF& E installation, which includes:

  • FF&E Installation FurnitureThe first F in FF&E Installation is for the furniture. So, it means we can handle and install items like beds, sofas, chairs, desks, tables, etc.—all the furniture pieces.

  • FixturesThe second F in FF&E installation means fixtures. This step in installation process includes mirrors, artwork, and sculptures. This is a finishing touch that creates an ambiance in the space./li>
  • EquipmentThe E in FF&E is for equipment. It includes things like shelving, carts, cookware, kitchen tools, and other things using for the completion of the task.

Professional FF&E Installation

Movers Minneapolis has a team of skilled professionals that know how to handle all the steps of FF&E installation. Our experts know how to carefully manage the job with the best tools, skills, and experience. Your project and requirements will be handled exactly as requested.

Our professional team is here to ensure that every step in your furniture installation is done effectively, efficiently and professionally. Our furniture movers in Minneapolis have a team to work with your management team for commercial and professional FF&E Installation.

The best project manager in our company will coordinate the installation, from the time of schedule, elevator access to loading zones, etc. Our professionals will protect your floor and walls during the installation.

That’s why our company carefully plans your FF&E Installation. Our work is completed when your furniture is adjusted and cleaned by our team.

City Moving & Storage FF&E Services

Relocating your business or home requires a lot of planning and the best moving company who can handle FF&E Installations. Our FF&E services are the best for your items relocation.

  • Receiving servicesWe successfully and professionally coordinate the receipt of all items.

  • Storage servicesIf you want to store your items, we can do it in a safe manner. In order to protect your items, we have a state of the art warehouse facility. Our storage units are clean, dry and temperature controlled. You will get a smooth moving process when you have storage services like ours. Quality storage space is a piece of the FF&E installation that makes this process a highly successful one.

  • HandlingOur highly trained team have skills to handle your furniture installation in the safe and secure way. You will be free of any damage.