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How to quickly find a new job before moving to Minnesota?

City Moving and Storage MN want to explore this very important topic regarding relocation. Sometimes you get these opportunities in life that are too good to pass. Maybe it’s a risky one, but you are young enough to afford mistakes. Or maybe you have nothing to lose? Many people are struggling with a decision of relocating for work or how to job search from afar. It’s more difficult to look for a job in Minnesota when you are not a local. After a 15 year exodus, Minnesota is finally having more people move in on a yearly bases than moving out. This indicates that the state’s labor force could grow faster than expected. To find a new job is a priority once you decided to relocate to Minnesota due to whatever other reason. Not everyone moves because they have a new job already lined up.

find a new job
To find a job before your move is possible, you just need to prep.

Some starting points

Finding a new job will take a lot of effort and legwork. But it will all be worth it as this is going to be the foundation of your new life. The first thing to take in consideration is your finances.  Can you afford moving to Minneapolis? You need to be able to cover moving expenses and pay for health insurance. Can you go without a paycheck and if yes, for how long can you do it? If you have some money saved, it might be better to move first, settle in and then start looking for a new job.

find a new job
Consider your financial state. Are you able to afford relocation expenses?

To find a new job is easier if you have a friend or family you can stay with. That way you can relocate first and then go job searching. Another important factor to consider is what kind of a job are you looking for? If it’s an entry-level job you will have better chances of getting it from afar. If you are at mid-career or higher it will take much longer to find a position. Therefore you should plan accordingly and set aside enough time for the best possible outcome. You might also want to check out which cities in Minnesota are best for finding a job.

How to find a new job fast?

Give yourself plenty of time and plan ahead. The more preparation you do the more successful your hunt will be. Update your resume, get your list of references sorted and ready, set aside an interview outfit. Do your homework! Research job listings, check out job fairs, career development events, and networking opportunities beforehand. Research the job market by going on Minnesota Employment and Economic Development website.

Start researching companies you are interested in, make a list of at least three. You want to make sure there are jobs available in your field of expertise. Start learning as much as possible about them and their hiring process. Follow them on social media and try to interact with the management. Introduce yourself and ask for a chance for an interview. Another good thing is to research how to fit in as an expat in Minnesota. Every little effort you make towards that new job position will pay in the end.

Start networking!

It’s hard to move to another country or state and lose all your contacts. This is one of the biggest downsides of leaving your city to find a new job. For what it’st worth, you spent years building your network of contacts to lose it all with one relocation but don’t be discouraged. It’s important to start building a new network as soon as possible. First reach out to your family and friends in the area for help, if you have any. They might be able to introduce you to someone in your field. Next stop is your alumni network. Now is the time to use it and make connections. Get on LinkedIn, particularly their “Groups” feature, to find professionals in your field. Start the ball going by introducing yourself.

find a new job
Start building a new network of contacts asap!

Take your old job with you

If you love your current job and your boss would hate to see you go, why not try and keep it? There may be a chance you can take it with you and why not do it? If your employer is satisfied with your work they might let you work remotely. This can be a great possibility especially if you can travel back and fort for meetings. It’s worth a shot! Also if you work for a large company transferring might be possible. You may be able to get the same position or something similar, or you may be able to get a different position with your current employer.

find a new job
You might be able to take your job with you.

No matter what kind of job you are looking for we are confident you will find it in Minnesota. Anyone can land a job with enough common sense, persistence and hard work. Even if you had the best circumstances, to find a new job takes time. Therefore, you can get a good picture of how much more time you’ll need searching from afar. But don’t despair. People land solid offers in new cities all the time. Even if you can’t find the perfect job, settle down for a lesser one and build from there. The important thing is to be able to support your new life in Minnesota. You can always find a new job later.