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How do you pack liquids for moving?

Planning on moving to Minnesota but don’t know how to pack liquids for moving? It can be stressful enough with other items yet alone with liquids. But you shouldn’t worry about it! This simple yet effective guide will show you how easy it is to prepare, pack and move liquids to another location. Follow our tips and tricks and you will not worry about possible spillage or some other mishaps.

 Choosing what to pack for moving

Now, often your movers will advise you to move as fewer liquids as possible, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. The best and the safest way to pack liquids for moving is to leave them In their original and sealed containers. Make sure they are completely secured and padded. It is not uncommon for them to tumble down due to moving vibrations. Especially when it comes to long distance moving. The last thing you would want is to get some liquids spilt all over your items or someone else’s stuff. There are only a few places that can leak. Those are mostly the ones where you pour your liquid in and out. Make sure they are tightly sealed and secured. For glass bottles use pads, sponges and other soft fabrics to prevent them from cracking on each other.  Some other liquids can be transported with ease. Mostly the only issue is how to seal the bottle. Most of the times people use corks, tapes or anything else they can use to seal bottles.

Cartoon man wondering how to pack liquids before moving
Choose what liquids you want to pack before moving

When not to pack liquids for moving

Most of the time moving companies will allow you to pack liquids for moving and transport them. But, however, you should know that there are certain types of liquids you should not transport. Those liquids are too dangerous and risky to be moved by movers. Especially if we are talking about flammable, explosive, hazardous or any other types of liquids.  Even liquids such as nail polishes can be dangerous because they are flammable. Therefore liquids you shouldn’t pack for transport  almost always have one of these in them:

  • Paints
  • Never pack liquids for moving that contain propane within them
  • Chemicals
  • Oxygen

Main policy moving company have is to not transport liquids that can cause damage to their equipment and your belongings during the transport. But, fear not! Because most of the moving companies have that option to rent a special storage unit. Use these storage units to easily store those dangerous liquids that take time and special care to transport. Make sure you talk with your moving and storage companies in Minnesota and see what kind of storage units they can provide you with. This may prove as the best solution for you liquid transporting problem.


A bucket of paint
Be careful with paint because it can be flamable

Packing and moving liquids

Once you separated liquids you do not need comes the moment of packing and moving liquids you have.  Local moving is easy. All you have to do is place those bottles in a box and secure them. But with long distance moving, this may be an issue you need to solve.  Especially if you are planning a long distance move to Minnesota.  Relocating home to Minnesota is an overwhelming task, but with these guidelines, you will pack those bottles and liquids in no time. In order to make a safe liquid transport take steps such as:

  • To transport chemicals and other hazardous liquids consider using plastic bins. Plastic bins are good for storing such items.
  • To avoid spillage, use towels, blankets or other fabrics to fill empty spaces between bottles, cases, and bins. Also, it is good to know how to prepare breakable items for transport, just to make sure your glass bottles don’t break.
  • Take time to tighten the lids of every bottle, can or a bin. And as a plus, put a tape around it.
  • Zipper bags are great when you want to pack liquids for moving and prevent spillage.
  • Make sure your bins are tightly closed and secured in boxes.
  • Do not forget to label your bins, bottles, and cans.
bunch of bottled water
When you pack liquids before moving, always seal them tightly

Arriving and unpacking the boxes

Right after the long trip and arrival, you should almost instantly start unpacking those bins with liquids. This is a precaution because they probably need to be kept in a certain condition. Depending on what they are made of, most of the times they are kept in dark and cold places. Avoid putting boxes on hot spots where they are directly hit by the Sun. They can easily evaporate and give you serious health issues. The best thing you can do is to get those boxes unloaded outside and start unpacking them in an open space. But most of the time you won’t have to worry about them. Most liquids people transport today are either alcohol or toiletries. In order to do this right, make sure you know everything about unboxing after moving. This is especially important if you wish to avoid any unnecessary damages or accidents.

Stacked boxes on a pallet
Unpack boxes with liquids first

Moving abroad

While local and interstate moving can be easy, there are certain things you must consider if you are moving via plane. As with every company, there are rules and regulations regarding liquids you can transport. Make sure you learn about them all before moving in order to avoid any unpleasantries. Some liquids you think are harmless can be very dangerous in the air. This is why it is very important to know all the facts before you start to move.

There are numerous guides that can help you pack liquids for moving. And most of them will almost always have one and the same advice. Avoiding troubles, damages, and other accidents regarding them should be one of your top priorities. This tips and tricks will give you enough idea on how to plan and prepare toiletries and other liquids for transport. If you think we missed something, reach us out in the comment section.