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Pack fragile items like a pro

Almost all your packing is complete and now comes the hard part. How to pack fragile items and not get them damaged. Luckily, this article will give you enough tips and trips on how to efficiently pack and secure your breakable valuables. After this, you can rest assured your moving process will go on smooth and without any unforeseen circumstances.

Gathering proper packing material

First and foremost important thing you must do is to gather all the necessary packing material that is best for packing glass items. There are several items you can find in your house every day as well as some special materials you can get in your local stores. If you are not certain where you can find a good wrapping material, most of the times movers and packers in Twin Cities can provide you with proper ones. Some of the best household items are:

  • Blankets, towels, pillows, t-shirts or any other fabric. These are best choices for packing fragile items without any hustle. Use them to protect wooden parts of furniture or place them in between glass items to prevent possible damages that can occur during the transport. Also, they are good as a base in boxes you will use.
  • Old newspaper, cardboard, toilet paper etc. It all depends on how fragile your items are. More they are fragile, ore sturdier paper you will use. In any way, use paper to stuff empty spaces in vases, glasses and other glass items that have space within them. Remember, you can get old newspapers and cover the glass items with them. Let them dry for some time and pack them like every other item. They will be well protected and will save enough space.
  • Foams, sponges and other soft materials. Use them to fill oddly shaped empty spaces in your boxes. This will prevent possible tumbling during the moving process.
Use blankets and towels to pack fragile items

Finding a perfect box

After gathering all the necessary materials you will use to pack fragile items, it is time to make the next step. Find proper boxes for packing glass. Most of the time you must find and use cardboard boxes. Try to find sturdier boxes to avoid them getting bulges, dents or anything else. Ask your local movers if they have any spare boxes you can use. If by any chance you find some plastic boxes, try to put some soft fabrics in them. Like we mentioned before, towels, sponges, t-shirts and blankets are very good for enhancing boxes. Once you put them on the bottom, try to have some by the sides and on top of the boxes. This is the perfect way to protect them from bumps on the road or possible tumbling. Also, there are few steps you can take to make sure everything goes perfectly well:

  • Use duct tape to tape a bottom part of the boxes as an additional insurance nothing can go wrong
  • Always check your boxes for some structural damage. They can easily fall apart during the transport
  • Place thick paper as a base in every box, as an additional protection
Cardboard boxes used to pack fragile items
Sturdy boxes are good for glass items

Take your time on planning

This is important if you wish to avoid broken glass items. To pack fragile items like a pro, you must take time in planning on how and when to pack. You do not want to pack sturdier and harder glass items with more fragile ones. Separate them by size, strength and shape. More square ones can be packed more easily, while with oddly shaped ones you might have some troubles. Always use extra packing materials to fill those empty spaces that are left. If you plan ahead you till have enough time to find and collect proper packing materials.

planner, pen, sunglasses, android on the table
Take your time when planning your relocation

Labelling boxes is very important

As with every case, it is very important that you label your boxes. If you label them correctly you increase the chances of finding them easily and without any trouble. Use words like “handling with care” or “fragile”. This is the best way to ensure movers will know what to do with those boxes when the moving day arrives. It is not a bad idea to write on the box what is in it. For example, write “kitchen”, “plates”, “glass bottles” etc. It doesn’t matter who will help you with your move, your friends, professionals or yourself, it will come in handy when you start to unpack and prepare to settle in your new home.

hand holding a red marker
Use markers to label boxes

Be careful with the boxes

There is always an option to leave it all to the professional movers. They already know how to pack, lift and load boxes with fragile items in them. But if you already decided to pack fragile items by yourself, then you should know how to by now. After you are finished wrapping and protecting your breakable items, categorizing them and place them in properly labelled boxes, it is time to load them into your car, van or a truck. You should already know that a structure is as stable as it’s base. The same thing goes here. Use less breakable and sturdier boxes containing hard glass items as a base to stockpile other boxes. There are pros and cons of using plastic and cardboard boxes When you finish up with the base, start piling more and more fragile items. Until you reach the very top with the most breakable stuff. Make sure they are all well placed in order to avoid possible tumbling and falling, which can only result in broken glass everywhere. And trust us, you really do not want that.

Make sure your boxes are not dented

Use as much plastic as you can

Although maybe not that much eco-friendly, plastic is widely considered as a good material for wrapping and storing breakable items. Especially plastic wraps filled with air. Stretch wrap is very good for almost every packing. You can use it to secure more flexible items or store smaller parts. The plastic stretch wrap is good for wrapping top and bottom part of bins and boxes, giving them even more extra security during your relocation process.

If you ever wondered how hard it would be to pack fragile items, then after reading this article you probably figured it is not that hard at all. Just follow our steps, tips and trick and you will pack them in no time and be ready for your relocation.  Do not forget to label your boxes to make unpacking easier. Hit us up with a comment in our comment section below if you have any more tips on how to pack glass and other breakable items.