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Where to find cheap packing supplies?

City Moving & Storage understands the needs of its customers in the most refined way. We don’t just offer safe storage units, we also want to help you learn more about the process and save you money. Cheap packing supplies are a great way to lower your moving costs. Don’t get us wrong, we offer the full package a.i. any moving service you can think off. But sometimes our customers want to save some money in the process and we can’t blame them. Keep reading to find out where to find cheap packing supplies. Welcome to Minnesota!

cheap packing supplies
We understand your need to save money during a relocation.

Cheap packing supplies

It’s a shame that people try to save so much money picking the right moving company, just to spend it on packing supplies. Moving to Minnesota was a swell idea, let’s enable you to enjoy it from the get with some leftover money in your pocket. This is our list of websites where you can acquire cheap packing supplies and help mother earth in the process.

Cheap packing supplies
There are so many great concepts out there.


UsedCardboardBoxes takes a rather innovative approach to providing cheap moving supplies. This eco-friendly company “rescues” large quantities of boxes, which they have to pass strict quality standards and get sorted by size. The boxes are then resoled as very affordable packing supply kits. The best part is that they offer free shipping and delivery in 1-2 days! The company strongly believes it’s better to reuse a box instead of recycling it. This is due to a fact that recycling process it self-wastes a lot of energy and releases harmful chemicals.


U-Haul has a great policy of free standard shipping and “buy back guarantee”. Therefore the company will buy back any U-Haul used box, with the receipt, and pay back its full price. The company even offers lower prices on select items if you pick it up your self at the store.


What sets UBOXES apart from the competition is the fact that you can buy cheap packing supplies directly from the factory. We don’t have to point out how much money you will save by cutting out the middleman. They offer discount moving boxes, moving supplies and moving kits and promise you will save a lot of money. The other great thing they provide is the wealth of tips, tricks and tutorial videos.


Craigslist is a good idea for those who have plenty of time before the move. If you are that person check out its “free” and “for sale” sections to look for affordable moving supplies. Craigslist should also be listed further down under the “Free packing supplies” as it offers a possibility of finding free boxes. Nevertheless don’t forget that this website seeks a lot of your time for search and later on picking up the supplies, so it is not the best idea if you are in a hurry.

Free packing supplies

There are plenty of costs to worry about before that up and coming moving date so staying inside of a budget can become a real challenge. You should never try to save on quality movers in MN, instead, try saving on cheap packing supplies or even better-free supplies! Saving should begin before you even start packing, therefore the best piece of moving advice we can give you is to de-clutter! Meaning, tidy up your home and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff. We don’t have to point out that during a move weight equals money, and the less stuff you own the cheaper your relocation will be.

Freecycle and trash days

Freecycling is a great new movement with a wonderful idea of people sharing free stuff. These are nonprofit groups managed by volunteers, and based on communities of people sharing their unwanted stuff.  All you need to do is sign up and post a “wanted” request with a description of types of packing supplies you are looking for. This is truly a noble concept and you should consider giving back as well.

Another great source of cheap (free) packing supplies is dumpster diving. yes, you heard us right. Find out when our trash days in neighborhoods near you and go on a hunt. You might have to go through a couple of recycling bins but the rewards are unquestionable. And don’t forget the thrill of the hunt, it’s definitely going to turn into a funny story for the posterity.

Check local businesses

It’s always a good idea to check local chain stores for free boxes. Also, look for stores which are going out of business, furniture stores or grocery stores. Any of them would be happy to set aside some packing supplies, all you need to do is ask. Wine sellers and liquor stores have the best heavy duty boxes and best of all usually they are compartmentalized, making them perfect for your wine glasses. Starbucks is known for receiving 2-3 shipments per week, which makes it an excellent source of free boxes. Bookstores and schools are also great options for free packing supplies.

Cheap packing supplies
Certain stores will have really good heavy duty crates.

Ask your community, post on social media

A great way of requiring packing supplies is requesting it on a community bulletin board. This is very useful especially if you live in an apartment community or are part of a neighborhood organization or church. You might find a friendly neighbor eager to get rid of some boxes. Another more modern way of going about this is posting your request on Facebook or other social media sites. This works great if you have a large pull of friends, let them know about your moving plans in advance and how you are looking for packing supplies.

Cheap packing supplies
Ask friends on social networks.

Finding cheap packing supplies might look like a daunting task but don’t despair. If you are determined enough to save on this major part of your move, you will have to put in some work and do your research. Nonetheless, the fruit of your labor will be undisputed and you will have some extra cash to cover deposits and buy new furniture. Don’t forget to give back or recycle your boxes, as a gesture of helping others the same way someone helped you.