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How to safely unpack your boxes

How to safely unpack your boxes after an even more successful relocation? Most reliable long distance movers in Minneapolis have the answer. If you do this step as medically as any previous step of your move, you are ensuring a successful culmination to the whole process. What better way to start settling in than unpacking and well…settling in?

Let’s assume you culled your belongings before the big moving day so now you are only left with the most loved and used items. You want to use the opportunity, of having a new home, to create a new environment for yourself and your family. This is a unique chance to create an entirely new set up and to do so you need to begin with unpacking. There needs to be some structure to the chaos of all those boxes lying around in your new place. Begin with these simple tips:

  • Make sure all the boxes are in their designated rooms and properly labeled
  • First boxes to be unpacked are the essentials ones, such as bathroom, kitchen…
  • You don’t have to unpack everything in one day, do the essentials first and leave the rest for later.

Unpack your boxes-start with the kitchen

Kitchen is one of the first rooms you should unpack and get running. This is an essential every-day life room, especially for families with children. You also want to do this room first, while you are still motivated and focused. There are so many individually packed fragile items and utensils but, first unpack your boxes with food and other perishable content. Get the fridge going then start unpacking your small appliances, such as toaster, coffee maker etc. Last come the fragile plates, glasses and mugs. Before you start on these, use the last chance to swipe clean all the kitchen cabinets on the inside. Once you’re done with cleaning start stacking. We are going to assume you had an “essentials box” packed beforehand with basic cleaning supplies. Therefore we hope you followed our advice on how to pack your kitchen with ease.

unpack your boxes
Kitchen should be unpacked first, especially if you have children.

Bathrooms come second

You can understand the priority system in place, set out here to slowly make your new home functional. It doesn’t matter if you used plastic bins or cardboard boxes for your bathroom stuff, this should be one of the first rooms to unpack. Some people pack an essentials box for basic bathroom use, while they are still packing up their old home. Think toilet paper, tooth brushes, shampoo and soap and most importantly-towels.

Get your bedrooms functional next

Some people unpack their bedroom before kitchens and bathrooms. It all falls down to your life-style and what is a priority in your book. Maybe start with vacuuming one last time under your bed? Joking aside, put the bed together and unpack the linens. You might want to wash them one more time before making the bed if you haven’t done it before packing. A good trick is to pack the linens for individual beds in see-through plastic bags or containers beforehand. Therefore, making it easy for yourself to figure out which goes where. Another essential step is-furniture placement goes first than unpack your boxes. Each member of the family should unpack their own bedroom, maybe even do it at the same time to be done with this part of the house all together.

Mirrors and lamps

These are some of the most fragile items you have laying around. They are tricky to pack and even more tricky to unpack. The best way is to store them in their designated rooms and safely unpack them there. Lampshades, lamps, and the light bulbs and hardware are often packed separately. Assemble them in the room they will stay in and put them in their forever place to avoid moving them around and damaging them in the process.

unpack your boxes of lamps
Take extra care with these fragile items, it would be a shame to damage them this late in the process.

What should be unpacked last?

Storage spaces are generally unpacked last. One of the last rooms you should unpack is the garage. The only exception are tools. Those you can unpack if you have a need for them in the beginning of your unpacking process. The biggest item on your list for setting up the garage is the much needed storage such as shelves, plastic boxes etc. If you are moving in the summer, consider unpacking patio furniture first. Think about setting up your BBQ as well, to be able to prepare easy meals before your kitchen is fully functional. When it comes to closets, make sure you have enough hangers and don’t leave your clothes on the floor, it will get all wrinkly. Closets should be done at one go and consider investing time and money in closet-organizing systems.

Patio furniture should be an exception to the rule. Unpack it early in the game so you have a spot to relax.

What to do with all that packing material?

There are different ways to handling all the leftover packing material. It depends on what you want to do. You can help someone in need by passing them on. For example, you can offer your boxes for free on Craigslist, where someone in need of packing material can pick them up for you. Where to get free moving boxes is a haunting question for anyone who needs to move on a budget. You can sell your used cardboard boxes to companies such as BoxSmart. Which is also a way of recycling if you ask me, or at least re-using. And finally, you can recycle all your leftover packing material. On the other hand, if you cannot unpack right away consider finding an appropriate Minneapolis storage solutions for your belongings. Thus, your belonging will be stored in a safe and clean space with climate control and other amenities.

unpacking your boxes
Make someone else’s day by giving away your leftover boxes!

Follow our tips on how to safely unpack your boxes in your new home so you can start settling in as soon as possible. Prioritize rooms and leave the rest for later by giving your self a couple of hours every day just for unpacking. Once the process is done you can finally relax and enjoy your new home.