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Where to get free cardboard boxes?

You basically spent a fortune on your new dream home, then spent another miniature fortune on some new appliances for the house. Following this, another minuscule fortune went on your moving agency. After that, other lesser portions of fortune went around and you’re realizing just how much money goes on a move. What you need are a few free things, and this article will cover just that. Free cardboard boxes can be saving you a fortune, especially if you’re having a huge long distance move. You do want to make your move as easy and smooth as possible!

Free boxes will make the difference!

Free cardboard boxes may sound odd when you first think of it, but it really creates the very much needed breather for your wallet. Add to this the fact that you will not only be saving money – but the environment too. Whichever the motive is for you, every single bit of coin saved is ever so welcomed. Here are a few ways you can tackle some free cardboard boxes for your move! However, make sure you’re not saving money on other important things. Saving on boxes is fine, other things… Not so much. You always end up getting what you paid for.

Online Free Cardboard Boxes

The best possible way to get your hands on some free cardboard boxes is online. And I know this isn’t a big surprise for you, but it has to be mentioned. The era of the internet makes ignorance a choice. So if you chose to be ignorant, read the second section of this article. However, if you want to pick up a few neat tricks on hunting down free cardboard boxes online, keep reading.

You can find almost anything on the internet today. These boxes are, of course, no exception. We will be only providing you with a couple of suggestions as to where you should look. You can always go beyond that and make a search of your own. However, if you have no idea where to start here are some pointers.


This place is almost flawless when it comes to hunting down free cardboard boxes. To some, it may not be the first pick and this is fine. However, for this specific task, it was our first pick. There are several ways you can go about doing this on Craigslist.

First and foremost, you could dwell on the free section of Craigslist and try to figure out if anyone will be offering some free boxes. Basically, the best times to monitor this section is either at the beginning or at the end of the week. These are the times where most box users will unpack their goodies and get stuck with boxes they don’t need.

You will be amazed at how many things require a box!

Second best way to navigate craigslist for some free cardboard boxes is within the wanted section. Here, you are able to make a post stating that you need free cardboard boxes and that you will gladly come to pick them up if anyone is offering. This is also a good bet for a lot of people wanting to get rid of their boxes will first come here to see if anyone needs them, before making a post in the free section. It just takes up less time to do.

The third way to do this, and the bluntest one, is to click on the search box and type in “free cardboard boxes” or any version of this phrase. This will be, potentially, the fastest way to reach what you’re looking for.


Facebook is a large community. At this point, Facebook probably has a group for just about anything. Why wouldn’t it have a group for some sort of a recycling movement, where someone would like to give up cardboard boxes to be reused.

Try joining some local Facebook groups and you might be surprised at what you find.


Speaking of online groups of people that wish to recycle, we have Freecycle. Freecycle is a very intuitive and simple to use platform. This platform will attempt to locate any free cardboard boxes within your area.

How does it work? You need to register on Freecycle and join its online group. Within it, you can make a post that you require cardboard boxes, and if someone in your area is able to provide you with some – they would contact you. It is extremely simple to use and takes up 5 minutes of your time. So you can basically do this first, and then while you’re looking at other places – someone might call.

Offline Free Cardboard Boxes

Ok, so if you have an aversion towards the internet, or you’re just too old school – you can find your new boxes elsewhere. Granted, you might need a bit more time since you will have to move around, but it might turn out to be much more fun than online hunting. Either way, arm yourself with some spare time and patience for we are about to visit a few places.


Bookstores are an excellent place to look for free boxes!

Stores that sell books and content alike are a gem when it comes to trying to find free cardboard boxes. Given that they constantly have inbound and outbound shipments of books, there will always be a few boxes laying around looking for a home. You can go in and ask if you can get them off their hands. These will be perfect for, you guess it, moving your books.

Liquor Stores

Just as with bookstores, liquor stores have a huge amount of inbound shipments that arrive, sometimes, daily. With shipments come boxes, and given that liquor stores rarely send something outbound they will have almost no use for the boxes. Make sure to go and help them out, if you know what I mean.


Lastly, if you have a Starbucks in your proximity (and I hope you do, for more than one reason) you will have a good chance of grabbing some boxes there. From a personal source, I know that they receive 1-2 shipments weekly, meaning that you’ll easily grab quite a few boxes at the end of the week. They usually have no use for them.
Be persistent, be patient and you’ll land enough boxes for your move. You’ll be happy you did because you’ll save a hefty amount of money! Plus, it’s another thing to tick off your complete moving checklist. Good luck!