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Tips for packing your kitchen with ease

Everyone agrees kitchen is the hardest room to pack. It’s a place in our home which we use the most and rooms that see a lot of traffic usually are the ones with the most clutter. For example, in my home, the kitchen counter closest to the door is always covered with mail, notes, and every day trinkets such as a chopstick, restaurant menus, and vitamins. I can get a headache just by looking at that one spot in the kitchen.It’s so easy to accumulate insane amounts of cookware, appliances and even mugs, it’s hard not to! It seems impossible to go through all of it. That is why people dread packing kitchens, which shouldn’t be the case. Keep on reading and learn how to tackle this inevitable part of your relocation. Check out our tips for packing your kitchen with ease!

Packing your kitchen
The kitchen is the hardest room to pack.

Packing your kitchen starts before you begin!

No, really it does! Before you even start researching packing supplies, you need to organize your kitchen. This is your chance to finally clean up your kitchen! It’s time to get rid of all that paper, bills and Christmas cards that have been lying around since you moved in! Go through every drawer and cupboard and organize your kitchen in a way that will only leave what is necessary. Try to envision the kitchen you want and try to remember all the things that bugged you in your old kitchen. Now is the chance to get that kitchen you always wanted.

Packing your kitchen starts with sorting and selecting items that you will keep. The rest you can donate to shelters or food banks, organize a garage sale or ask your friends if they need anything. Now that you finally have a clean simplified kitchen you can move forward.

Get the necessary packing supplies

If you are planning to hire one of moving and storage MN companies to handle your relocation for you, great, you won’t need to do much work yourself. Moving companies tend to offer everything from supplies to storage. Most of them will do the packing themselves leaving you stress-free and excited about the move. If you were looking to save as much as possible along the way, here’s a list of packing supplies you will need t obtain:

  • Boxes in various sizes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape for sealing the boxes
  • Markers for labeling

You need to be very attentive while packing your kitchen because you don’t want to unpack at your new house only to find all your wine glasses broken. If you want to save on boxes, try liquor stores. They usually have boxes that are compartmentalized to carry bottles. These are free and perfect for packing glasses. If you want to save on paper and bubble wrap, use your own linens and clothes to protect fragile items.

Moving your kitchen
You will need loads of packing paper.

Essentials box is a must!

This is too good of a tip not to use it in every room in your household, let alone kitchen. The instruction is simple. Put away the kitchen essentials you will need for the last two days of your “pack out” and first two days in your new home. Think about items such as a coffee maker, a toaster, salt and pepper, a frying pan etc. Also think about packing some utensils, a couple of plates and bowls and a mug or two. This will all come in very handy before you get your kitchen up and running again. Some people like to pack some basic cleaning supplies as well, you wanna be able to wash those dishes after you have used them.

Moving your kitchen with ease
Start with items that you use the least, such as decorative items in your kitchen.

How to pack and where to start?

Start packing the items you use the least. It’s a safe bet you won’t need your vases and wine glasses right before your move. Move on to small kitchen appliances and all that baking gear you have. Cookbooks and extra dish towels, pictures and other decorative items. It’s safe to say you should pack your nice china and special occasion dishes first, as well as your crystal if you have any.

The key to packing a dish box is using packing paper, and you will need lots of it! Wrap every plate individually in a sheet of paper. Always stack them in rows, this rule applies to bowls as well. Make sure you are using medium size boxes to avoid making them too heavy. Also, make sure to pad the bottom of the box before stacking and later put some more padding on top before you seal the box.

When you are packing your kitchen and regular drinking glasses, make sure they are also wrapped individually and stack them upright in the box. When packing wine glasses, make sure they are not mixed with other glasses or utensils. If you were looking to save big on packing supplies, maybe this is the one time you should consider investing in a good box for wine glasses. You will save so much more if you don’t have to buy new wine glasses!

How to pack large kitchen appliances?

  • Dishwasher needs to be cleaned and dried thoroughly. You also need to disconnect and drain hoses and leave the door open for a couple of days before your relocation, to make sure it’s completely dry and aired out. This will prevent mildew and bacteria from spreading.
  • Stove/oven needs to be cleaned thoroughly as well, especially the grease stains which only attract more dirt. If you own a gas stove you will need to hire a qualified service technician to disconnect it safely prior to your moving day.
  • Fridge/freezer needs to be dried out first, get rid of all the perishable food in the process. Wash and dry all the removable parts, empty the water reservoir, vacuum the condenser or compressor. All the removable parts including containers should be packed separately.
  • Microwave oven, remove the glass plate and pack it separately. Wash the inside and let it dry. Pack the oven in a box or if it’s a bigger model ask your moving company if it can be pad-wrapped on moving day.
Moving your kitchen
You will have to hire an expert to disconnect your gas stove.

These are only some of the essentials for packing your kitchen with ease. The rest of it depends on what kind of a kitchen you have. For some, this will do the job for others it will only be the beginning. Moving to Twin Cities is a great decision you made, one that will improve your lifestyle quite a bit. Follow our packing tips for an easy relocation, and once you get here, follow our advice for cold winter days and visit the best museums in Minneapolis!