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Best museums in Minneapolis

Your move to the Midwest and the Land of 10,000 lakes went without a hitch. That’s because you used the best moving companies Twin Cities has to offer, and that’s why your relocation story is a happy one. Now that you are getting comfortable in your new home, let us assist you even further by giving you some exploring ideas. Therefore it’s time for you to get to know your new hometown, Minneapolis. The best way to learn about today is to study one’s history and culture. Get to know these friendly folks and call Twin Cities your home by learning about their culture first. It doesn’t matter if you moved to Minnesota from abroad or you are already local, you cannot leave here without visiting the best museums in Minneapolis!

Avid sports fanatic?  Love baseball?  Minneapolis is also famous in the United States for its beloved Minnesota Twins baseball team.  The two-time World Series Champions are one of the most popular attractions in town.  If you have already visited the best museums in Minneapolis, go see a Twins game.  It’s fun for the whole family and definitely an experience.

Walker Art Museum

Everyone who visited Twin Cities placed Walker Art Museum at the top of their list. Being the largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis has a thriving art and culture scene. The Walker Art Museum is one of the most visited contemporary art museums in the United States of America. The building itself offers fascinating architectural design, whilst it’s Sculpture Garden is a unique opportunity to experience art in the outdoors, and a must on every tourist’s list. This one of a kind museum offers an array of artistic experiences, anything from “moving images” to public performances.

Keep in mind the museum is closed on Mondays and has different work hours depending on the day of the week. On the other hand, the Sculpture Garden is open every day, from 6 AM until midnight. Admission fees also vary and can go up to $15. Think about joining there are lots of benefits, for instance, if you join as a member, admission is free, these are some other ways of getting in for free:

  • Target free Thursday nights
  • Free first Saturdays
  • Teens get in free every day thanks to Wells Fargo

Minneapolis Institute for Arts

Compared to the contemporary Walker Art Museum, the Minneapolis Institute for Arts has a more traditional setting. Therefore this is where you will find more classic styled art, even though they too have a contemporary art exhibition. Consequently, institute’s everyday displays are comprised of African, Japanese and Chinese historical sculpture and textiles. Visitors can also enjoy old photography and decorative art exhibitions. The Minneapolis Institute for Arts, or MIA, opens its doors to visitors every day, except Mondays. The best part about this wonderful place is that every admission is free!

Best museums in Minneapolis
This is where you will find a more classical art concept

One of the best museums in Minneapolis is the Bell Museum of Natural History

Visiting the Bell Museum of Natural History is a great way to learn about Minnesota’s past, it’s landscapes and wildlife. It’s always interesting to try and imagine how North America used to look before the first settlers started changing the landscape forever. This institution is located at the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus and offers a variety of exhibits. Most noteworthy part of the experience is numerous dioramas. They offer a unique opportunity to learn about the natural history of the world. Hence The Bell Museum of Natural History is a favorite among children and grownups alike.

Best museums in Minneapolis
Natural History Museum is a great place to learn about the world.

American Swedish Institute

Explore Minnesota’s Scandinavian roots by visiting this giant mansion built in the 1900′ by a Swedish immigrant. The institute is housed in a beautiful castle-like structure inspired by the Romanticism movement. Therefore this was the popular current of the day which inspired architecture as well as arts and culture. Furthermore, Minnesota’s Swedish background is still strong today with dishes such as Lutefisk. This savory dish is made out of dried whitefish soaked in lye. The museum is very kids-friendly hence you will always find an upcoming event design to entertain the youngest. American Swedish Institute offers Minnesotans a chance to explore their roots. To round up the experience you can shop for Nordic souvenirs or try the Nordic cuisine.

Best museums in Minneapolis
Learn about your Swedish roots

The Bakken Museum

This lakeshore mansion takes its name from a famous electrical engineer who lived in the early 20th century. This beautiful house and its gardens are located on the shores of Lake Calhoun and is fully dedicated to the force of electricity. The Bakken Museum aspires to inspire a passion for innovation in an attempt to make this world a better place. Children can explore and learn, limited only by their imagination. They will get to study science, technology, engineering, and math through engaging assembly programs and field trips.

Let’s face it if you just moved to Minneapolis, (hopefully you used local movers Minneapolis ) you’re busy unpacking and getting settled in, we know that. But once you are settled, go visit the best museums in Minneapolis, it’s a must.  Take advantage of the summer weather and go visit the wonderful parks, lakes and other attractions in the area. When those cold frigid months roll in and you’re looking for something to do, look no further! Because the best museums in Minneapolis will get you out of the house and you just might find they are pretty darned interesting too.