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Advantages of Moving to Twin Cities

Are you looking at moving to Twin Cities? This possibly one of the best things you ever decided to do. I am personally a huge fan of Minneapolis-Saint Paul! Can you tell? Even though I might sound rather biased towards this situation, I assure you there are several good reasons for it.

I will not spend all the time speaking of how great the Twin Cities area, but also why I believe that. Hopefully, after reading this you will start sharing my sentiment to an extent. I’ve never had the opportunity to live there, however, I did visit on numerous occasions. Each time I did I fell more and more in love with the place.

Just like any city in the world, this place will have its downsides too. I will, however, focus more on the positives listing all the things I love about the place.

Moving to Twin Cities means moving to a very powerful, urbanized and growing city.
The gorgeous Twin Cities.

Moving to Twin Cities – Why Should You?

The city of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are one of the most progressive cities in the United States. It has an incredibly dynamic economy, endless sources of entertainment, amazing cuisine and a vast amount of recreational opportunities. I will list several favorite parts of this place hoping to have you like them just as much! But don’t forget, if you’re about to move the best way to do it is to have a Minnesota complete moving checklist!

Powerful Economy

First of all, the Twin Cities are home to five Fortune 500 companies. Imagine 5 such companies having headquarters in the same city. This made the Twin Cities the largest center of commerce from Chicago to Seattle. Thus, moving to Twin Cities will somewhat provide you with an impeccable opportunity to witness your career grow. Especially if work is the reason behind the move in the first place.

If not, employers in Minneapolis are looking for talented, young prospects for their ranks. The sectors that will seek employees are agriculture, IT, banking, food processing, graphic arts, insurance, manufacture, publishing, etc. The opportunities are practically endless. You just have to look for them!

Food Paradise

Alright, so if you love your lunches and dinners as much as I do – you will be at home here. The food industry is on top of its game in the Twin Cities. Restaurants such as Heyday, Spoon and Stable and Arepa won multi culinary awards.

Aside from these award-winning places, located in the same city, you can find Al’s Breakfast, Nighthawks, and Terzo. If you want to go overboard and try something adventurous – you can find different types of cuisines from Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Vietnam. All in your very own Twin Cities.

Eating Fresh

One of the best parts of this food paradise is the fact that you will have no difficulties eating fresh. The fresh food comes from where? That’s right, farmers markets. How many do you think they have? Just a few? Wrong. About 40 or more. This means that you will have somewhat of an endless source of fresh food. And, better yet, you will have a large choice! Find more at the online portal for farmers markets.

Sports All Around

Moving to Twin Cities is moving to a very densely sports fan populated place. I mean the 2018 Superbowl will take place in Minneapolis, at the US Bank Stadium. This is rather big!

Moving to Twin Cities is like moving to a very sports oriented place. Even the 2018 superbowl is taking place in Minneapolis.
2018 Superbowl is taking place at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

How it usually works here – summer will always be centered around baseball whilst fall will be more leaned towards football. Basketball will be all year round, and fans can cheer on the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx, while NHL will give the fans the Minnesota Wild. All in all, there is a bit of every sport throughout the year. And the people are quite attached to their teams!

Outdoor Life

Moving to Twin Cities is especially good for those who wish to indulge in some outdoor activities! Just snatch your backpack and head into the wilds! You can dwell into the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes that is consisted of, believe it or not, seven lakes and a creek. All of these locations are within walking distance and have established walking paths. They also have running tracks and bike paths. So whichever type of exploration you prefer, you’re covered.

You can also have other hobbies since the lakes facilitate boating, fishing, picnics and even ice skating in the winter. On the other hand, you have the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway that gives extraordinary driving experience for motorbikes.

Basically, if you wish to do anything outdoors this place will have you covered for the most part. Plus, with this in mind, you are more and more aware that there won’t be a single dull moment throughout the year.

The Twin Cities are Artsy

the Twin Cities host many art shows and programs.
Welcome to the Home of Many arts!

The only place in the United States that owns more theater seats is, believe it or not, New York. The three-piece Cowles Center for Dance and The Performing Arts being one of them and the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden being the other. Between these places, there will rarely be a moment in time where nothing is going on in the art scene. It can be various types of art events, but they will be active all the time. Of course, this is relevant to you if you fancy such events. If not, maybe you’ll meet a girl that will force you to attend them, anyway. I just heard that from a friend of a friend.

All in all, moving to Twin Cities = moving to an epic place. With no dull moments, this place will have something for anyone. Career, outdoor activities, sports, food, and art. What more could you ask for?

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