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How to move large items without getting injured

Avoiding injury whilst moving is difficult enough as it is. You are trying to do so much in so little time. During such a hectic period, we usually neglect our safety and opt for quicker and simpler ways. Additionally, it happens every so often that pride gets in a way of judgment. People tend to overestimate their abilities or are just too eager. If you want to move large items without getting injured and are not a professional mover or a strongman, we need to talk about this seriously. In the text that follows we will go through some steps and precautions in order to save your body from harm.

A strongman lifting some serious weights
Do you identify? Didn’t think so.

Be honest with yourself

This is the first and most important step. You need to be brutally honest and access your possibilities to the best of your knowledge. If you finally deem a piece of furniture to be too heavy for your efforts alone, do not restrain from seeking help. Whether you get assistance from furniture movers Minneapolis or simply ask a friend, your whole back will thank you. When it comes to professionals, we strongly advise that you give that option a chance. Experienced movers do that sort of job on a day-to-day basis. Chances of you hurting yourself are far greater if you don’t do any heavy lifting whatsoever. And if money is your concern, just put it this way: how much does a serious back injury cost? Try to calculate the pain you will endure, as well as time and nerves you will have to spend while healing that sort of an injury. At least, go to a friend and ask for a helping hand. It’s only your health that’s at stake.

Not the strong, but rather the wise

To quote Bagheera on a wise note, this will take brains, not brawn. It’s better to plan it all out and execute in the most efficient manner, than to scratch your head when the fridge doesn’t fit through the door. So, get your measuring tape, and think everything thoroughly. If you think it will help the cause, remove the door for the time being. Also, think about the order by which you start taking out the furniture. If a piano gets in your way while you are carrying a heavy wardrobe, you made a mistake in your planning.

Make the item lighter

If you want to move large items without getting injured, it would be most convenient if you could make them lighter. And, as a matter of fact, you can probably do so with the majority of furniture. You can take out drawers from massive cupboards. A table usually comes with the possibility of disassembling the legs. It also goes without saying that you ought to empty out the object in question. It would be rather preposterous to carry a desk filled with books and other trinkets. If you cannot remove the drawers and shelves, a wise thing to do would be to tape them shut. This will prevent them from opening while being carried. Additionally, don’t forget to remove the furniture legs and protruding handles, pulls, and knobs. Label them so that you know their correct place.

A feather
In order to move large items without getting injured, think about making those items lighter.

The correct technique

As we previously hinted, back are usually the first victim of bad lifting technique. This happens due to the most stress from lifting centers being on the lower back. However, if you utilize the proper technique, and use your legs instead, you are almost sure to move large items without getting injured. Lifting the right way will also save you a significant amount of energy, which is much needed for this whole project. So, begin by testing the load. Unexpected heaviness is more likely to cause stress. We will repeat this one more time because it won’t hurt: if you feel like it’s too heavy – ask for help. However, if you think you can pull it through, see that your posture is correct. Your back needs to be straight, your feet should line with your shoulders, toes facing outwards. Lift the object slowly. Jerky movements are a fast lane for back injuries and muscle strains. You should perform the lift from a squatting position. This is how you lift with your legs. They have the muscles that are much stronger and more resilient than the ones in your back.

Take breaks in order to move large items without getting injured

However correct your technique may be, it is still a stress for the body. A few minutes here and there will not take too much of your time, but will mean a great deal in saving your back and muscles from strains and injuries.

A man laying on the floor of the gym
It’s ok to take a break. We all need it from time to time.

Get the proper equipment

Not all the heavy lifting needs to be done solely with your hands. We implore you to get the proper equipment that will greatly aid to move large items without getting injured. These will include:

  • Lifting Straps. To explain it through physics, you are using basic leverage and your strength. The straps will lower the center of gravity on the item you are moving, thus putting less strain on your body.
  • A dolly. This is an upright tool with two wheels. It is excellent for multiple boxes or single heavy furniture. To get them, try the City Moving & Storage. You can ask to borrow or rent a dolly for the day.
  • Stair rollers. These attach to the piece of furniture and are great if you know how to navigate them. If you are not so confident in your knowledge of safely guiding a piece of furniture down the stairs, restrain from using this tool. Stair rollers are best used with more than one person.
  • Glides. Or sliders, however, you prefer it. The name says it. They are quite useful for sliding heavy objects across the floor, without inflicting any damage. Usually, they come in a shape of plastic discs that fit under your bulky furniture.
  • Clothing and shoes. Slip into the proper uniform needed for this job. Proper clothes and closed-toe shoes are not optional.