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Moving from Minnesota to Colorado

Are you one of those people who are tired of living in Minnesota? You have lived there your whole life, and now you want to start fresh in a new state. If you are not sure which country to pick, you might feel overwhelmed since there are so many choices. However, there are various things to consider, but not enough time. You should do the proper research on any state before you decide which one is the most suitable for you. For that reason, here is a state that might not be the first one on your list, but definitely deserves your attention. Colorado is an interesting state with lots of things to offer. If you are interested in it, keep reading to find out more about this state. Additionally, you can also read about moving from Minnesota to Colorado, and everything you will need for a move.


Colorado is a state of the Western United States, the 8th largest geographically in the country. It is also the 21st in terms of its population with more than 5,6 million people living here. Colorado got its name after the Colorado River, courtesy of the early Spanish explorers. If you have always wanted to learn Spanish, this is the perfect opportunity since Spanish is the second most spoken language. Colorado is a very progressive state, legalizing same-sex marriage since 2014, and electing an openly gay man to be their governor. Denver is the capital of the state, therefore the most populous city in the state.

Welcome sign when moving from Minnesota to Colorado
Welcome sign when moving from Minnesota to Colorado

Leisure time

If you decide on moving from Minnesota to Colorado, you will need a good hiking equipment. People from Colorado sure love to go hiking, and you will want to join them. Additionally, there is a huge sports fan culture, so plan on going on as many games as you can, since it is a perfect place to socialize. Colorado also prides itself on its wine and beer for a good reason. Its wine includes award-winning varietals that you will desire to try.

Beautiful nature in Colorado
Beautiful nature in Colorado

Weather in Colorado

Colorado has one of the most extreme weather changes. Good news is that those changes usually occur in the least populated areas. However, this should not discourage you from moving to Colorado as it has a beautiful nature. It will be a shame to miss it.

University life

The biggest reason why people are moving from Minnesota to Colorado is education. More precisely, the price of tertiary education in Colorado is much cheaper than in Minnesota. Not only would you have to pay less, but Colorado’s universities offer various financial assistance programs.

Job opportunities

In 2010, Colorado made it third on the list of “The Top States for Business.” Also, the job market is extremely competitive, so you should come prepared. In order to do it easily, hire long distance movers Minnesota and enjoy your move. Also, Colorado’s tech community is always looking for new employees. Several sites list these job position.

  • Software engineer
  • Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Data scientist

Moving from Minnesota to Colorado

Since now you probably want to move to Colorado, here is a guide on how to do it successfully. Moving can be quite stressful, especially if you are planning a long distance moving. That is why it is important to be prepared.

The first thing to do is to make a plan. This will keep you organized and on time. Decide on your priorities and stick to the schedule. Secondly, hire a reliable moving company, like movers Eden Prairie. Since you are about to move everything that you have practically across the country, you will need help. The moving company is there to help you with moving and making sure that all of you belongings reach the new address in the perfect shape.

Packing your belongings

Once you start packing, you will realize there is no end to this task. However, do not fear, as we can help with this as well. Make the inventory of your things and decide what you need the most. This is the perfect opportunity to do the big spring cleaning. You can throw all the things you do not need. Once you reach the new house, you have the perfect excuse to go shopping. Pack all your things into the moving boxes, and label them. It will help tremendously if you know what each box contains. Clean your house after you packed. If you do not know how to do it properly, read a guide on how to clean your house for the move.

The traveling

If you are planning on going by car, also do the proper research. You can read how to prepare your car for relocation here as well. You will want to know about road conditions, or if some routes are closed for any reason. You should also check the weather forecast, as you need to be prepared for any situation. As you will be driving for a long time, make sure you know where you will stop for a break. It is important to get a proper rest because, on the contrary, you can pose a serious problem for other drivers. Moving from Minnesota to Colorado by car will take some time.

Going to Colorado by car
Going to Colorado by car

Moving to Minnesota to Colorado, a new house

Once you reach your new house, you need to unpack. First, unpack the most essential things. Everything else can wait. If you have children or pets, you need to pay attention to them as well. Give them time to adjust to the new house and neighborhood. Start decorating one room at a time. It will be easier for you, and for all your family members. Once you settle in, you can meet your new neighbors by doing all popular leisure activities in Colorado. Moving from Minnesota to Colorado should not be hard for you or your family. You should also read what to do and do not to when moving with a toddler.

Last tips

If you wish to move out of Minnesota, give Colorado a chance. This state has some of the best wines and beers in the country. Universities in Colorado are much cheaper when compared to universities in Minnesota. If you are afraid of long distance moving, you should not be. If you make a plan and follow it, you will not have any problems. Find a good reliable moving company that will help you with the transportation of your possessions. You just need to pack and label them properly. Soon enough, you will enjoy your new house. Moving from Minnesota to Colorado should not be a problem for you!