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Moving with a toddler - the do's and don'ts

Having kids is fun and easy, for sure. Said no parent ever. It is rewarding but very tiresome. Just as you have gotten used to your baby finally sitting and rolling around, its progress develops further. This fun little bundle of joy is starting to show the first signs of walking. Thus begins the toddler era, or as the parents like to call it – the horror chapter. Ever curious and adventurous, your child is never where you left it. Always trying to find a way to fit those tiny fingers into electric sockets, testing the height of stairs, and the fragility of all breakable items, your little offspring demands your undivided attention. Now, let’s add the project of moving to the picture. Why? Because life doesn’t care. However, don’t fall into despair just yet and put your child up for adoption. There is a way to make moving with a toddler bearable and efficient. In this text, we will go through some of the do’s and don’ts for all of you young parents out there.

A cute little boy
He only looks innocent. He can make moving with a toddler into quite a challenge

What you ought to do when it comes to packing

As with any other move, start with packing items that you rarely use. These include winter coats, certain kitchen appliances, expensive bed sheets, and such. Leave your child’s clothes and toys for the end. Although you might want to begin with the room that will most likely be the hardest, it’s better to do so at the very end. Many of those things are needed on a daily basis. You certainly don’t want to unpack already taped boxes in search of your child’s toy that he or she didn’t even look at until now. A smart tactic would be to pack it while the kid is asleep. That way, they won’t have to witness the packing, and possibly get tempted to take the items out.

Essentials bag for the baby is a definite do on a moving day

Besides the usuals that are contained in your regular diaper bag, don’t forget to include these items:

  •  their favorite stuffed animal
  • pacifier
  • sippy cups
  • blankets
  • first aid kit or any other medicine you might need

It would be wise to keep this bag close so that if the need arises, you are quick to act.

A little kid wrapped in pink blanket with feet poking out
Have a blanket close so that you can keep those feet warm. They have a long way ahead of them

Moving with a toddler means getting some help

Any demanding activity that has a toddler in the picture is far more bearable with a helping hand. Moving is no exception. Let’s face it, relocation is not a walk in the park, whichever way you look at it, so don’t restrain from getting proper moving help. We know that having a child is everything but cheap. However, you are not moving on a daily basis, so it’s worth at least thinking this through. Even if you are well versed in packing and relocating, moving with a toddler is different, to put it mildly. It is simply challenging to take care of a child that demands your full attention while keeping everything else on the track. Experienced professionals can make the move exponentially easier. You can hire them to take care of all the major things, while you are free to focus on your baby. It is not obligatory to take them up on every offer. Rather think what will be the biggest struggle, and let them do it in the most efficient way.

Time to call mom

If you want to do it on your own, or just have too much on your hands, it’s time to call mom. You can concentrate on packing and cleaning, grandma will have her chance to shine. Let her take care of the little one since both of them will probably enjoy it. We also suggest that your kid stays at your parents’ or friends’ home on a moving day. It will be much easier to get through that hectic period if you don’t have to change your baby’s diapers.

A lovely looking older lady
Grandma to the rescue – her time to shine

Think about transport

It’s probably not the best idea to drive to your new home in the rental truck. Many companies, such as St. Paul movers encourage parents to take their own vehicle when the moving day arrives. The reason is rather rational. Not many rental trucks are suitable for carrying babies. They are fully equipped with air bags and seat belts and are considered safe for adults. However, they usually do not meet the requirements needed for car seats. Think about the security of your offspring and opt for a well-suited car.

The most important do

Stay calm. Kids pick up on everything, especially at that age. Even the slightest change in your mood will affect the little one. Chances are your baby is already anxious about the move, but you being nervous will not make the situation better. We know that this is a big change, and how hard it can be to conceal your stressed nerves. However, try to be optimistic around your kid, so that he or she will know that a positive change is coming. Irregular eating and sleeping habits, sudden temper tantrums and crying spells are reliable signs of a stressed child, so be on the lookout for them. Being organized will help with keeping your cool. It would be smart to make a list of important task and items that need special attention. When you have every significant thing in front of you, the simple feeling of keeping everything under control will keep you calm. Start planning early, and every difficulty that moving with a toddler brings will be minimized.