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The importance of making a moving checklist

We do not always make decisions to move to another place. Sometimes those decisions are based on moving for education, a new career or just starting a new life. This is why your moving process should not be as stressful as it can. We all know what other problems can occur like settling in, finding a new job and a proper place. You must do everything you can to make that process even easier. This is why it is important to make a moving checklist. It will help you go through your relocation step by step and with ease.

What is a moving checklist

A moving checklist is an aid people often use when they want to finish a job without any stress. It compensates for peoples attention and memory limits. Always use this tool to make sure the consistency and completeness are perfect when doing your tasks. One of the basic examples of moving checklists is „to do lists“. More complex checklists are called schedules. Schedules are used for tasks that take days to do and have a certain time when they should be done.

Start hard tasks as soon as possible

When doing a difficult job like organizing a moving process you will spend more time than on any other. What will take the most of your time is careful planning, collecting packing materials, packing boxes, packing and hiring movers. This is why it is very important to write down tasks on your moving checklist. Breaking down a big task such as moving into many smaller ones seems a lot easier for other people. Among all those tasks you should put a task of finding a reliable long distance movers Minneapolis. You should know that not every moving process is the same, and according to that, not every moving checklist will ever be the same. Sometimes it can be difficult to complete tasks without help. Try to put your family in as a helping hand and give them tasks they can complete.

Hands holding hands
Asking people for help must be on your moving checklist

Negative side effects of checklists

This part is very important for anyone planning on relying on this aid tool. If you rely on checklists way too much you are risking to fail when you are dealing with tasks that are time-critical. Situations like those can become very stressful and often they lead to disaster. Make sure you do not use checklists as an aid to everyday life. Using them for situations where you could just easily use common sense will make you inevitably lazy and more reliable on those checklists. Remember, always use checklists only for big tasks at hand.

smiley face showing thumbs down
Do not rely too much on checklists

Things to consider before starting a checklist

Considering all the factors at hand there are numerous ways to start your checklist. The first thing you must consider before making a moving checklist is how much time do you have? Base your list on how much time you have before moving day arrives. You will have more time to finish time-consuming tasks as soon as you create a checklist. Break your tasks by the time they consume. Longer tasks should be on top of your list, while small tasks you can do in an instant or a day at the bottom. In the end, it all depends on how you will distribute your free time. A huge role in time distribution plays a good and a professional moving service you get from your local movers. Always consider hiring finding professional City Moving & Storage MN moving companies that can help you with your planning.

Cartoon siluetes
Professional moving companies value your time

Making a moving checklist

After considering what you are going to do and how much time you have you have reached the part when you are making your moving checklist. There are basic things that you always put on the list and then there are others. Some of those things are:

  • Sorting and purging items you do not need. It is very important to get rid of the items you actually won’t need in your new home. Consider giving them away or organizing a yard sale to sell them.
  • Start searching for a good moving company. Put „search for moving company“ as one of the top priorities in your moving checklist.
  • Start gathering materials for packing and wrapping. If your moving company can’t provide you with reliable boxes, then you can make it easier and find ones yourself. There are places to find packing supplies everywhere.
  • Start packing your items and labeling boxes. To avoid any unnecessary problems, label your boxes to ensure you unpack the right ones after your moving is completed.
  • Finish all the paperwork you have to do before moving. Ask for some time off from your job if you are moving across the town.
  • Few days before the move you should get rid of the food with a short expiration date. The best way to get rid of it is to organize some sort of banquet for your friends. Since they will probably help you with your moving.
  • Verify the items you are packing and take inventory of the items you have. It is a good idea to double check the items you are packing. Just to be sure you are packing items properly and without fear of losing something valuable.
a green marker
Remember to label your boxes

What to do after the move

This is just a basic to do moving checklist. As we mentioned before it depends on where you are moving to and how much time do you have. In the meantime right after your moving is completed there is a small guide on what to do after the move. Consider reading it and learning all the tips and tricks to make your unpacking and moving in much easier.

There are all sorts of moving checklist people make to make their moving process easier. Checklists are a good tool to ease your mind from the constant stress moving process can make. To ensure you are doing it correctly, always double check your lists and cross finished tasks. Do you have any suggestions we might add to the article? Leave them in the comment section below and we will be happy to revise them and add them for later use! We can’t wait to hear from you!