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    If you’re thinking of moving just a few blocks over, the support you need is from local movers Minneapolis. But, what kind of services can a company like this offer? Are you getting an affordable quote? Is there something which you should do before the moving day? We’re hoping that we can answer all of these questions in the following article. When moving companies in Twin Cities are concerned we’re one of the best and most devoted ones. Hence, we’d like to give you a chance to make an informed decision when choosing your movers Eden Prairie.

    Each and every move starts with a solid plan

    We’ve already written quite a bit about moving house planning in our blog section. Hence, we don’t really want to be repetitive and will advise that you browse it for more specific information. However, when relocating with movers Eden Prairie, there are a few steps to take.

    Hence, here is the general breakdown of everything you need to do before moving house:

    • Start early – in order to have a hassle-free relocation. As experienced local and long-distance movers in Twin Cities we advise around two months for relocation. This gives you enough time to plan everything and have it ready for moving day.
    • Moving binder – it’s a necessity. We like to suggest to our customers to have one place where they can keep everything related to their move. This is called a relocation binder. It can be a notebook, planner or an app on your phone. If you’re not certain where to begin, we would advise printing out a moving binder.
    • Plan your budget – in order to gage quotes. When choosing what you’re moving, which movers Eden Prairie to go with and which apartment to rent finances are an essential factor.
    • Search for an apartment – with or without a broker.
    • Search for movers – through recommendations or online.
    • Declutter your home – before packing for your move. With most movers Eden Prairie weight is money. Hence, we advise decluttering before relocating.
    • Move house – be ready for relocation day with all of our tips.

    Here are the services which movers Eden Prairie can offer you

    A lot of homeowners start the relocation process without previous knowledge. And, CMS Moving MN is all about integrity. We believe that after we give you enough information about possibilities with movers Eden Prairie you can make an informed decision. Hence, when you’re planning out your budget, take a look at the following services. You can decide which you want or need during your relocation.

    The basic loading, transportation, and unloading services are a given

    If you’re looking at reliable movers Eden Prairie you’re probably not moving DIY. In this case, the basic option of relocation is simply a moving job. This means that you will be hiring Eden Prairie movers to load your belongings, transport and then unload them. With our moving company, there is no need to worry about punctuality or damages. Our workers are professional and diligent. They will take special care when handling any items you point out as especially fragile or valuable. And, if you have any other special requests, we welcome them. As movers Eden Prairie, your satisfaction is our goal, after all.

    Your movers Eden Prairie can help you cut the time of your packing.
    Do you have the time to do all the packing?

    Your movers Eden Prairie can offer packing and unpacking services

    When moving house to Minnesota you will definitely need to consider how much time you can spare. In our experience, the balance between time and money is what helps you choose different services with movers Eden Prairie. Hence, as a huge time and effort saver, we suggest considering packing and unpacking services. This means that your movers Eden Prairie will be bringing the supplies, taking the time to prepare everything for the move and then getting everything set up in your new home.

    A piggy bank - plan out your budget with your movers Eden Prairie.
    It usually isn’t as costly as you think to hire a full service with Eden Prairie Movers.

    But, you don’t have to hire your Twin Cities local movers for the whole packing job. While the quotes on a full moving service are affordable with us, we understand that you may want something even cheaper. Hence, we offer partial packing and unpacking service. In this case, our workers prepare and transport only difficult items like pianos and heavy wardrobes. Picking the items you want to be packed and unpacked by Eden Prairie movers is your job, of course.

    Affordable storage in the Twin Cities is also available with Eden Prairie movers

    A lot of homeowners end up with a few boxes or some furniture they aren’t certain they need or want in their new home. If this is the case, the perfect solution is renting a storage unit in MN. Luckily, your movers Eden Prairie can offer you affordable warehousing in Twin Cities. Together with the costs of your relocation, we always give a good deal on storage. When depositing items, of course, be sure to read up about how you can protect your items in a warehousing unit.

    Storage baskets - consider renting a warehousing unit.
    Storage with your movers Eden Prairie can help you have a smooth move.

    And on your moving day, we have a few tips to get you started

    A little nervous about your moving day? From experienced movers Eden Prairie we want to give you the basic tips for the day of the relocation. Of course, visit our blog for even more advice and experiences from former clients. Here’s what you should do on moving day:

    • Everything that you’re moving should be packed and ready
    • These boxes of belongings should be divided into normal, fragile, unloaded first and not being loaded
    • Snacks ready – some sandwiches and bottled water for the workers
    • Tip ready – about 10% of the moving quote is the usual tip
    • Bill of lading – a list of everything you’re loading into the moving van
    • Your new address and contact – for the driver of the van

    In the end, City Moving and Storage is the perfect Eden Prairie moving company for you

    We are professional, experienced and dedicated movers Eden Prairie. When working with our clients we always put them first. This means quality service, transparency, punctuality and always affordable estimates. If you’d like more information about your relocation or additional explanations of our services, our representatives are very communicative. During an on-site estimate, they are there to offer you the best possible relocation plan for your household. Through numerous relocations, we are certain that we are the movers Eden Prairie to choose.