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How to prepare your car for relocation

In order to prepare your car for relocation, you must first ask yourself whether you will use auto transport, or opt for a DIY relocation. The two differ in more ways than one, making the approach to each case unique. However, some advice is useful for both options. In the following article, we will go through the essentials regarding both of these cases, so that you may be familiarized with the process in whole.

Opting for auto transport

If you are relocating to another state, driving there can be a quite tedious business. Moving to Minneapolis from Florida by car, for example, can take too much of your time and nerves. If you would like to go by plane and have your car moved there, auto transport companies are your solution. However, it is not a simple matter of loading your car in its current condition into a truck. You will have to prepare your car for relocation.

A nice and clear road
Not many cars nor drivers are up for a long distance drive, and that is perfectly fine.

Clean as a whistle

It would be smart to clean and wash your car both inside and out. Dirt and dust are good at hiding scratches, dents, and dings. Washing your car prior to the company’s arrival will help you spot any damage that might have taken place during the transport. Additionally, in order to avoid any mishaps, clean your vehicle from the inside. During the ride to your new home, the vehicle can be jostled a bit. Throw away any unnecessary items that may fly around and inflict damage. This includes everything that is not securely attached to the interior. We also suggest that you remove all of the electronics and their supporting cables and chargers.

Double check

  • leaks of any kind. If your car has any massive leaks, the company may refuse to transport it. Check the undercarriage and make sure to fix any visible damage.
  • tire inflation. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can cause as much trouble on the transport as on the open road. You risk tire damage by not having them properly inflated.
  • gas tank. Since your car will not be driven, there is no need to gas up. A full tank will make the car heavier. Additional weight can increase the risk of shipment.
  • that you have locked the vehicle. The purpose of this is rather obvious. Locking your vehicle will reduce the risk of theft immensely.
A man filling up a gas tank
No need to fill up a gas tank if you won’t drive the car

A proper way to prepare your car for relocation if you are doing it on your own

When it comes to moving in general, there are three ways to go about that issue:

  1. DIY
  2. Hire a moving company
  3. Combination of both

The first one is feasible if you are having a simple, local move. However, we would recommend the second option for the vast majority of cases. Top movers Minneapolis offer great deals for a number of situations. Having said that, some of you want to save up on money, which is perfectly understandable. Using your car for such an occasion means that you have to do a certain number of things in advance, to ensure a safe relocation.

As with the previous situation, it is essential that you clean your car. Removing all the items whose place is not in the car will provide more space for the belongings you plan on packing.

It is important to properly prepare your car for relocation if you are doing a DIY move

Check, update, replace

Car fluids including coolant, power steering, and brake fluids ought to be adequately filled. Ending up stranded with your car filled with boxes is by no means fun or desirable situation. Check your air filter as well as the condition of your tires. The vehicle will carry a heavier load than usual, turning even a small damage into a big hazard on the road. The tire pressure is very important and easily remedied. Well-inflated tires will ensure safety and good gas mileage.

Windshield wipers are seldom replaced on time. The last thing you need while on the road is obscured vision due to windshield wiper smearing. Additionally, when you replace them, it would be wise to replace windshield wiper fluid as well. A good idea would be to also check whether your car battery needs replacing.

No matter the distance you are traveling, enough supplies are never a surplus. First aid kit is a must. Make sure that it contains the most common medication, as well as plenty of band-aids. Besides these, it is always smart to have a blanket, an umbrella, and a jumper cable. They are not always needed, but if such an occasion arises, you’ll be more than happy to have them by your side.

More options

We know how expensive moving can be. However, if your car has some big damages, it is highly advisable that you have them fixed. A safe vehicle will put your mind at ease and ensure a calm ride. Make sure to schedule those repairs on time, so that the car will be ready for the trip ahead. However, if you deem your car unfit for the road of that size, or simply don’t have enough money for necessary repairs, you still have options. Consider selling or donating your car. This idea is even more encouraged if you are moving to a city with good public transportation.

A blue car on sale
It is sometimes smart to make small sacrifices for bigger profits

Assess your situation unbiasedly and opt for a solution that will best fit your needs and possibilities. Always have safety in mind, of you and your car. You cannot be too careful with checking all that was mentioned above. Carrying heavy loads is different than your average car ride, so have that in mind before deciding to do a diy. If you have a long road ahead, get enough sleep, eat well and stay hydrated.