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Factors that bring the moving price up

Planning a relocation and trying to save as much money as you can sometimes prove to be a difficult mission. Especially if you do not know all the factors that bring the moving price up. Let’s talk about them here and let you know how you can save money on your relocation. After knowing this you will know all the steps you need to know.

 One of the factors that bring the moving price up is the distance

When planning your relocation one of the first and foremost biggest price influences is the distance. There is a difference between long distance and local moving. Based on that, the price of your relocation will warry. Local moving is much cheaper than long distance. There are also other micro factors that bring the moving price up along the distance factor. Whether they are using the latest moving vans that do not use that much gas. Or perhaps you have your own transport vehicle.

The date of relocation

Like with every situation, more time you have to plan something, the more options you have. If you have enough time to plan our relocation you will save more money on it. If you leave everything for the last minute, the moving companies can charge you extra on that. Take your time on planning your relocation and you will save more money than you expected. Remember to ask your moving companies in Minnesota about the estimates. You can surely strike a good deal with them if you have enough time to spend. Also, ask your movers about what are the most expensive months for moving. And if you can, try to avoid them.

It is cheaper to move on certain dates

The type of items you are transporting

This is one of the important issues when it comes to moving costs. The size and type of items you are relocating will influence the moving price greatly. First, it depends is it a regular relocation, commercial relocation or a relocation of specific items. If you are transporting big items, the price will rise. Because of the size and girth, it can be a problem for your movers to move your items. Heavy items will always cost more to move. Especially in the case of:

  • Access to the elevator. Among factors that bring the moving price up is access to the elevator. If they have to carry your items all the way down, it will cost more.
  • How close is the nearest parking lot? This is quite important since they won’t be forced to carry those items further away.
  • Size of the corridor, stairs, elevator, floor of the destination.

Commercial relocations will cost you more since you are transporting your business or office. Custom relocation of particular items is the most expensive. Because you have to hire a company that is specialized in that kind of transport. Discuss with your moving companies what kind of moving services in Twin Cities they provide. And after that chose the right one.


Room full with various items that are big factors that bring the moving price up
Type of items you are transporting are also factors that bring the moving price up

Packing material

Getting all the packing material yourself will greatly influence the cost of moving. You can start by collecting packing boxes from your local stores near you. Also, search for packing and wrapping materials. You can probably find them in your everyday household items. They are good if you want to protect your items from scratches and damages. If you decide to gather all your packing materials yourself, then the cost of your relocation will remain low. To further lower the cost of moving research what kind of materials you can use for packing. This is the best way to make sure you used them to their fullest extent.

Packing yourself

This is one of the services that moving companies will provide you. And most of the time, and depending on the factors we mentioned before, they cost more. If in the end, you chose to pack them yourself, then you will save more money. But the catch is, you must be efficient with packing. To know what to do and how to pack is just a first step.

person holding a piggy banl
Save money by packing yourself

Going green

What is more likely going to influence the cost of your relocation is how eco-friendly you are going. Choosing to go green when relocating is one of the best ways to make sure you will save money. Using old used boxes,  or getting used wrapping materials without buying new ones is just a sure money saver. There are a lot of eco-friendly guides you can follow in order to save money on relocation. Make sure you are well aware of all those facts.

Consider doing the relocation yourself

In the end, you should always ask yourself one question. Should you do the moving yourself? Sometimes this can be the cheapest way for your relocation. Sometimes it is even more expensive. It all falls down on one thing. And that is, do you know what to do? There are a lot of pros and cons of DIY moving you must consider before relocating. You should know them before definitely deciding whether or not to hire a moving company.

When moving on a budget it is good to know how to save more money. Knowing all the factors that bring the moving price up is a sure way to save money. You can use that money on something better than unexpected expenses or moving costs. Do you know other things that influence relocation price? Share them with us! We are happy to hear about your experience as well as tips and tricks!