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What packing materials should you use?

Moving to a new home is a complex process that requires detailed planning. Packing is the crucial part of any moving plan. In order to avoid any damages and injuries while moving, you will need to plan the packing process and gather the proper packing materials in advance. The best way to stay organized and move safely is to follow a few important yet simple steps:

  • Assess the size of your move and create a packing plan.
  • Find reliable movers to help you pack.
  • Gather the packing materials.
  • Prepare for the packing and moving process. 

The packing plan

The importance of a detailed packing and moving checklist is something people tend to overlook. Therefore, moving can turn into a dreadful and stressful process.  Moving your home is never easy. Dealing with pre-move tasks and saying goodbye to your family, friends and the current home can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In order to minimize the stress and avoid moving scams and troubles, you need to stay organized and prioritize properly. A detailed packing checklist can help you a great deal.

a notebook for a packing checklist
Create a detailed packing plan to help you stay organized

With a proper packing plan, you will ensure you gather the right packing materials. Therefore your belongings will be safe and secured during the move.

Start by evaluating the items you want to relocate. Divide your belongings into 4 separate lists:

The Pack and move list

Write down the items you want to relocate to your new home. Use the floor plan to organize your furniture placement. Therefore you will ensure there is enough space in your home for your furniture and other household items. Highlight the breakable and valuable items that might require special packing materials.

The items to sell and donate

Setting apart with some of your items may be difficult. However, cluttering your new home with too much furniture will make the unpacking process much more difficult. By donating and selling some of your belongings you will able to create more space in your new home, lower the moving cost as well as to earn some money. Don’t allow yourself to get emotional by keeping the focus on practicality and priorities.

Throw away the broken household items

Is it possible that there is an old broken chair in your basement you never got time to fix? Or is that old broken shelf from your college dorm still around? Evaluate the old items and throw away the ones you can’t use or sell. Therefore, you will be able to lower the size of your move and more accurately decide on which packing materials you need to gather.

Do you need to store any items temporarily?

If you use a floor plan to organize your furniture placement you might realize there is not enough space for all of your belonging in the new home. Selling and donating some of them might not be an option as well. What is the best solution? Find a safe storage unit in MN to securely store your items for as long as you need. Keep in mind that you will need a higher quality of packing supplies for the items you want to store. Therefore, make sure you have a clear list of the items that will go to the unit.

Do you need any help while packing?

The best way to avoid any damages when moving is to hire professional movers and packers in Minnesota. A professional and reputable moving company will ensure your belongings are moved safely by using specialized packing materials.

What kind of packing materials do you need?

In order to stay on budget and safely pack your belongings, you will need to gather proper packing supplies. Use the packing lists as guidance. Here are the basic and necessary packing materials you will need:

Moving boxes and crates

cardboard packing materials
Gather variously sized and typed moving boxes

Moving boxes are the most important packing materials you will need. In order to pack safely and stay on budget, you can gather cheap packing supplies from local grocery and liquor stores. Boxes that are used to carry glass bottles usually come with built-in compartments and are multi-layered. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for packing your breakables.

When searching for free and cheap packaging, go to the websites like Craiglist. Keep in mind that some of your belongings can also be used as safe packaging. Old suitcases and trunks will make great packing supplies as well. Plastic bins and caddies can also be helpful packing materials.

Even tough free boxes will lower the moving expenses, consider investing in a few high-quality ones. Therefore you will be able to safely pack the valuable and breakable items. Your mover can, also, provide you with professional moving crates.

Gather various sized boxes. Therefore you will avoid overpacking them. Pay a close attention to the weigh they can carry. As well as not to make them overly heavy.

Do you need any specialized moving boxes?

There are many types of moving boxes to choose from. When packing for storage, search for the multi-layered ones. You will most likely need to store them on top of each other. Therefore, quality boxes will ensure your belongings stay safe. Keep your clothes safe by using the boxes with a built-in rod.

Tapes and wrapping material

Tapes and wrapping supplies will have an important role in keeping your belongings intact during the move. Therefore, gather them in advance.

plastic wrapping and scissors
Use quality plastic wraps.

Look for specialized plastic and paper wrapping material. Gather the old newspapers and magazines. Save money by using your towels and linen as packing materials, as well. Make sure there is no loose space in the boxes by using packaging peanuts and crumpled paper.

Ask your mover to provide you with moving blankets. Use them to pack valuable and antique furniture. Professional packaging might be more expensive but it will pay off in the long run.

Gather enough quality shipping and duct tapes and scissors. Make sure you seal your boxes tightly.

Labeling materials

An important part of packing is labeling. Besides being able to unpack easily, proper labeling will help you keep your items safe and secured. Therefore, make sure you have different colored sharpies and masking tapes.

Use different colored highlighters to clearly label your boxes.

Pack your boxes according to the room they belong to and label them properly. Make sure to highlight the ones with fragile content. Therefore, both you and your mover will be able to pay a close attention to the breakables.

Is there anything else?

Make sure to double check your packing materials and pack an essential box for the moving day. Prepare for the moving day and make sure you have the right moving equipment. Rent a moving dolly, dress properly and use protective gear to stay safe and move with ease.