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What's an essentials box and what should it contain?

While the moving process itself is very difficult and demanding, what to do after the moving is complete is the real question. Here we will explain what is an essentials box and what items you should pack in it before you start your moving. This is the best way to make sure you first couple of nights in your new place will go without any problem whatsoever. Do not let yourself down by thinking it is going to be hard! After reading this article you will have a basic idea of what to pack and how to prepare yourself for your relocation.

Preparing essentials box for moving

Basically, essentials box should have items that you can have access to all the time during the move, or right after you settle in. You should bring it with you while moving. This is the best way to stay secure that you will have everything you need at hands reach. But, have in mind, you can’t pack all the items in it. Especially items you will need on the last day before the move, and a couple of days right after the relocation is complete. This is why your essentials box should basically be a survival box. This is why you must prepare several open first boxes just for those first couples of days after the move. For moving any other items you should probably enlist the services of City Moving and Storage Minnesota, which can only lead you to stressfree and easy moving.

Chose one box to be essentials box

What should open first boxes contain

This types of essentials boxes are very important for you if you wish to make your moving process easier. You really do not need to stress yourself about what you put where or what to open first. Before moving day arrives, get yourself a large box where you can pack items for the whole family. Some of the items essentials boxes should have are:

  • Items for hygiene – like hand soaps, cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, rags, trash bags
  • Towels and other bathroom essentials you will need
  • Plastic plates
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Bed Linens
  • Basic Tools you can use if something happens and it needs to be fixed
Bring snacks while on the road on a moving day

These are just some of the basic items meant for packing in essentials box. There are a lot more, but that depends on the situations like do you have a family with kids or not, do you have pets, are you moving single etc. This can come in handy especially if you are planning on moving home to Minnesota in a rush.

Essential kitchen items

Among other things you should bring with you, we will now discuss essential items you must have in your open first boxes. Let’s talk about the kitchen first:

  • Paper plates and utensils made of plastic. These are going to be used for the first couple of days until you are fully settled in
  • Bottled water, for obvious reasons.
  • Non-perishable food – Jars of jam or peanut butter or any other canned products that have a longer expiration date.
  • A couple of cups and mugs, make sure you know how to pack fragile items properly.
  • Snacks and drinks that should last you through the moving day.

If by any chance, you will be travelling in your own car, then pack some essential kitchen appliances with you as well. Pack items like toasters, small ovens, coffee makers and other small appliances. The ones you use on your daily basis. Make sure you know all the tips and tricks on packing your kitchen for moving.

Three cans of food
Canned food lasts longer

Bathroom items you should bring with you

One of the top priorities you will want to do is to take a shower after a long moving trip. We don’t have to tell you how important it is to have bathroom items by your side then. Some of the basic bathroom items you should bring in the open first/essentials box are:

  • Your own, personal care, items and other cosmetic products you prefer
  • A hair dryer
  • Shower curtains and a bath mat. Not necessary that important but very useful
  • Shower gels, shampoos, and other hair conditioners
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels and soaps
bunch of towels
Pack towels in the open first boxes

Medical essentials box 

This can be put in the same category as bathroom items to carry with you. So let us discuss the importance of having medicine close at hand at any time during the move and right after the moving is done. It is very important to have a quick access to medicine when moving, be sure you packed:

  • Any medicine you or your family member needs on a daily basis that is prescribed
  • Contact lenses, solutions, and glasses
  • Eye care products
  • Vitamins, pain relievers, and allergy medicine
  • First aid kit
  • Your families and yours prescription medicine

Having them at hands reach makes the moving easier and prevents any possible illnesses and allergies that can occur.

cartoon bottles of vitamins
Make sure your medicine and vitamins are close at hand

Packing bedroom essentials 

After arriving at your new home, and after you finished with the kitchen and bathroom essential items, your next worry should be to prepare your bedroom for a good night sleep. At least for the next couple of days. Get ready to pack items such as:

  • Bed linen for every family member – pillows, sheets etc
  • Sleeping clothes for your family, at least 2 sets of them
  • Alarm clock, to wake you up so you can start unpacking your boxes after the moving is completed
  • Depending on weather conditions, bring enough blankets for your family members.

We all know how messy and stressful moving process can be. This is why there are tips and tricks that will make your moving easier. Follow our guideline on what to pack in essentials box and get yourself unpacked in no time without any stress. That first couple of days after the move can be very difficult. This article should give you a basic idea of what to do after the move is done.