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Green moving tips

The development of technology allowed us to gather a lot more resources and do jobs more efficiently and quickly. This is one of the major reasons why the population of Earth is rising every year. Out of all the positive things that come out of this, there are also negative ones. One of the biggest issues of the modern world are the effects of pollution. In this article, you will learn about all the eco-friendly tips you can use before moving to preserve energy and pollute far less. You can also use these green moving tips in your everyday life to make a more positive impact on our environment.

Recycling boxes and packing materials

Thing is, you will probably use old boxes for your relocation. Whether or not you use cardboard or plastic ones, make sure they are made from 100% recycling material. But, good substitutes for cardboard boxes are:

  • Recycled grocery bags
  • Duffel bags, gym bags and other
  • Dresser drawers
  • Plastic Bins are a good green moving accessory because they can be used multiple times
  • Suitcases
luggage bag on the flor
One of the green moving tips is to use all available luggage

Any sort of bin you have that can store items can be used for packing. Even small boxes can be used for packing smaller items such as electronics, or screw etc. If, in the end, you think you do not have enough room in the boxes for your items, you can always use City Moving and Storage MN and store them in a safe and eco-friendly place.

Consider hiring green moving companies

This is one of the best choices you can make if you wish to go eco-friendly. While you search for a reliable moving company for your long distance or local move, ask them about their views on the environment and eco-friendly policy. Most of the times long distance movers from Minneapolis do have an eco-friendly policy. Ask them do they use gas-powered trucks or biodiesel ones? They should always use recyclable boxes and offer you the choice of helping when packing. If they help you, they can provide you with the best service that can use the most of the boxes efficiently. Make sure you hire moving companies that are interested in investing in eco-friendly products, practices and are contributing to a cleaner and planet.

Recycling sign
Ask your movers about their eco-friendly policies

Sell or donate what you do not need

One of the best thing you can do for yourself and your wallet is to sell what you do not need. Surely your new place won’t need some of the items you had in your old home. You can always organize a yard sale and make more money you can use if some unexpected expenses happen. There are also other ways to get rid of unwanted items, like using ads in papers. In the end, if you can’t sell them, you can always donate them to those in need. Either donate or give them as a gift to your friends, who you will probably ask for help when the moving day arrives. Before you even begin packing, you won’t know how much stuff you actually have. This is a perfect solution if you want to cut some time and expenses of relocating process.

Clothes in room
Sale or donate what you do not need

Try to reuse boxes and materials as much as you can

Without a doubt, this is the first green moving tip anyone will give you. If you are a veteran mover and move around a lot you should keep your old boxes and packing materials at hand. Perfect choice if you do not want to participate in using new cardboard boxes. One of the less popular suggestions people give is to use plastic boxes. Although they are sturdier and can be used very often, in the end, they are plastic. Make sure they are made from 100% recyclable plastic material. In the end, it all depends on what you are trying to move. What kind of items, whether they are breakable or just valuable there are multiple reasons for using cardboard or plastic boxes.

Plastic bin with recycle sign
Use 100% recyclable plastic bins

Always plan ahead

This time-consuming tip is a must if you want to go green. Although it does take some time when planning, it will make you sure you packed all the essentials you will need. You do not want to end up with tons of items you really do not need on your moving day. If you start planning your relocation and packing just a few weeks in advance, you will find out that there are some items you probably won’t need. As we mentioned before, you will have enough time to organize yard sales, donate or gift those items. Planning ahead is the best thing you can do if you want to clean your house before the moving day comes.

man writing on paper
Always plan ahead

Collect the boxes and materials

Throughout the year you probably received some of the boxes and bins as part of a birthday present or something else. Collect them and store them somewhere in your home and make sure you use them for packing. You can also be imaginative and use a lot of packing materials you can find in your household such as:

  • Old towels, t-shirts, blankets are the best choices if you wish to do green moving
  • Old newspapers and other paper materials
  • Bunch of foams, sponges and other soft materials
Towels you can use for Green moving
Towels are great wrapping materials

Packing efficiently means fewer trips

Researching and finding out the best ways to pack your items will make sure you used all the available spaces in the most efficient way. Packing properly and loading them in the truck the best manner will allow you to make your relocation process in fewer trips. You really do not want to make several trips if you wish to go green.

Green moving tips can make a difference in preserving our fragile environment. Make sure you follow them and use them in your day to day life in order to save more money and make less garbage and pollutions. Maybe not today, but in time, it will make a great difference. Feel free to leave some other tips in our comment section below!