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How to protect your home against break-ins

It is not unusual to become a victim of a burglary today! This is one of the ugly parts of living in urban cities. Today, among many other things, safety plays a big role in our everyday life. Whether we are talking about our own safety or the safety of our belongings, it doesn’t matter. When it comes to home protection, you must know all the tricks, therefore making your home safe. Let’s discuss how you can protect your home against break-ins. This especially comes in handy if you are planning on moving to Minnesota any time soon. Better to protect your belongings than to suffer from this experience!

To protect your home against break-ins lock everything

A very important issue people often forget to address is that they forget to lock the doors. They live thinking that there is no possible way this could happen to them. Well, they can’t be more wrong! A lot of studies and confessions from professional burglars say otherwise! Most of the time, they follow your daily routine in life. They know when you are leaving the house and when you return. With the professional burglars, everything is planned before. They don’t want to get caught! This just one simple step you must do before you move into your new home. Make sure all possible locks are locked after you settle in when you finish moving to Minnesota. Burglars know more about locals than you! And they know all the locals. Surely, they will notice you are a newcomer and, before you know it, you will fall victim to their theft. It is important to lock everything up until you settle in and upgrade your security.

Image of a door lock
Locking everything is a good way to protect your home against break-ins

Leave your lights on

The statistic shows that most of the burglaries happen during the night. The night time is very peaceful, therefore without any witnesses. If by any chance you happen to leave for work or night out, leave some lights on. This is especially important if you own a house. Houses owners are more likely to fall victim of burglaries than apartment owners. Leave a light or two on in the most visible part of the house, such as the living room or by the entrances. You can also install movement sensors that light up the entrance to your house. This will greatly discourage the would-be thieves from entering. Since they are risking being seen breaking in.  When you are planning and organizing your move, this is a smart idea. There are times when you have to take several trips back and forth. Especially if you have a lot of items to bring in. Remember to leave some lights on while you are coordinating with your local movers Woodbury. This is a good way to protect your home against break-ins when you are moving locally.

House with porch lights on as a good way to protect your house against break-ins
Burglars avoid lights

Leave the radio on

Video did kill the radio star, but it certainly won’t protect your home against break-ins! TV will only consume a lot more electricity anyway! Leave the radio on when you leave your home! Just enough to be heard from outside the door, but low enough not to disturb the neighbors. Burglars won’t try to break-in if they are not certain is there anyone at home at all. This will only additionally repel them from breaking and entering your new home. Burglars tend to do everything quietly! So any sound can tip them off! A very good idea on how to protect your home against break-ins is to install a sound alarm. This small and cheap device emits a high-level sound that is very displeasing to human ears! And it will most certainly alarm your neighbors that something wrong is happening near them. Consider making this your first buy when you arrive at your new home. This is a must do among other things to do after you move in your new home.

image of a radio
Sounds coming from home discourage brglars from entering

Install cameras

Installing cameras is a very good idea if you are living in a high-risk part of the town. Cameras will provide that extra sense of security because of burglars risk of getting caught on video. Even though they might have they face hidden, you will have a video evidence of a whole person breaking in. Burglars will think twice whether or not they will commit a crime when there are cams everywhere. There are all sorts of cameras you can buy, and they do come cheap. Combining them with motion detecting led lights are a good combo! Because of the better the light, the better the video quality. Installing a video security system is a bit slow process, and you must be patient with it. It requires you to know what are the key points of entry to your new home, and other possibilities as well. The level of security depends on the place you live in! Especially if you are moving to Minneapolis and St Paul. It doesn’t hurt to know what are the safest places in Twin Cities Area in Minnesota. This little information helps you to decide what is the best and safest neighbourhood for you and your family.

A man installing cctv
Burglars do not want to get caught on video

Read online confessions and tips from former burglars

Remember the movie “Catch me if you can?” With Leonardo DiCaprio? The man he played in was a con man, and later a security advisor named Fran Abagnale. Why did we mention him? Because to make a deal with the FBI, he became an advisor and thus helped stop many other con men. The same thing did a lot of other burglars. There are a lot of interviews, shows, and even books written by them on how to protect your home against break-ins. Search the internet on confessions of former burglars that will give you a lot of information regarding your home security. This is a valid source of tips and hints, because, how else to defeat burglars if not by thinking like them? If you know how they think and act, you will know how to secure your home from thieves as well. Depending on where you live, the level of home security rises or falls. Make sure you know all tips and tricks on home security before settling in. This will only greatly improve your home defense against those pesky thieves.

Break-ins and thievery is the last thing you need to worry when you are moving. All you want is to settle in and take a rest before you enter your daily life in your new place. These simple guides on how to protect you against break-ins will certainly give you a peace of mind. Share with us your experience and trick on home security down below!