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How to clean your home for the move

Ever wonder how to clean your home for the move? Well, here we will give you answers to that difficult question. Sometimes you simply do not know where to begin and where to finish. This step by step guide will help you leave a clean home. So get those rubber gloves, cloths, sponges and cleaning stuff ready, because we are just beginning.

General guide how to clean your home for the move

First things first! You need to know the things you are about to clean! These general things are everywhere in every room. So this basic step is the same for every room in your place. This is especially handy when you plan a cross-country move. Plan the time you will spend cleaning well when you hire long distance movers. The things you need to clean before you move are:

  • Clean your home for the move by removing cobwebs
  • Vacuum your carpets and the floor
  • Clean all the doorknobs, light switches and outlets
  • With light wet rag clean the walls and baseboards
  • Ceiling fixtures must be cleaned before the move
  • Ledges
  • Windows
  • If needed, get all the nails out of the walls, and fill them carefully
A vacuum used to clean your home for the move
Start to clean your home for the move by vacuuming

Leaving the bathroom in peak condition

Right after you finished with the common things in every room it is time to clean them separately. Starting with the bathroom that has a lot of issues you must deal with. One of those issues can be appliances you must take with you. Consider storing them in storage space in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are in a safe place while you are clean your home for the move. Make sure you bring your cleaning gloves, sponges and cleaning liquids because you will need them. You will start with:

  • Check out the ventilation fans if you have them. Clean all the dust from them
  • Remove and replace the toilet seat
  • Use strong cleaning liquids to scrub off and clean toilet seat, sink and shower/tub
  • Remove old shower curtains and replace them with new ones
  • Make sure to check all the areas before you clean your home for the move.
  • Faucets can be tricky. So make sure you check them out also
  • Scrub the tiles
  • Wipe clean the bathroom mirrors
  • Let it all dry and finally vacuum the bathroom
Image of a bathroom
Clean up your bathroom mirrors

Dealing with the kitchen

The kitchen can be the hardest thing to clean up. Not because there is a lot to clean, but because there is a lot to pack and move before you clean it. With all the shelves, cabinets, plates etc. you don’t know where to begin. But let’s make it simple and give out a few pointers:

  • Emptying all the drawers and cabinets. This has to be the first thing you do when you decide to pack your kitchen before the move.
  • Clean all the glass parts in your kitchen
  • Sinks and faucets, just like with bathroom, require a lot of attention as well
  • If you decide to leave some of the kitchen appliances make sure to clean them well.
  • Refrigerators must be emptied and defrosted. Remove all shelves and drawers and clean them separately.
  • Stoves follow the same principle, clean everything you can
  • Dishwashers can be cleaned with baking soda
  • The microwave is perhaps the easiest. Just put some water in a cup with lemon juice and leave it for several minutes.
An image of a kitchen
Empty out your kitchen before cleaning it

Sorting out bedrooms and living room

Bedrooms and living room are tricky because of the large furniture laying around. The first thing you need to do is learn how to pack and move big items. After you are done with that, you can clean your home for the move. Take special care when you clean these rooms. People were very frequent here, so they to get a bit dirty faster than the rest of your home. Start with small things such as:

  • Cleaning out the tracks, blinds, glass panels and frames
  • If you have sliding doors clean them too
  • If you are not leaving curtains, dry wash them or use a steamer
  • You must clean vents and air conditioners
  • Wardrobes, closets, drawers must be empty by now and cleaned from all the dust
  • Wash and vacuum rugs, then clean the floor with washing liquids.
Image of a air conditioning unit
Clean your air conditioner

Taking care of the rest of your home

Although people perhaps didn’t use those rooms that much, they still get dirty. Now you can start with simple things that you need to double check. If you wish to improve the condition of your home, follow our guide. Remember, leaving your home in peak condition will only raise its price if you plan to sell it. Double check these things:

  • Dusting each and every room must be a starting and finishing point
  • All surfaces must be dusted, cleaned and polished
  • Areas people use often must be cleaned with disinfecting liquids.
  • All rooms must be vacuumed several times
  • Hardwood and tiled floors must be moped if you want to keep your home very clean

We all know how cleaning your home can be a drag. But sometimes it will give us a certain feeling of success. As we said, peak condition of your home will only raise its price on the market. So, do not be afraid to clean your home for the move and leave it that way. Any tip you have is only a plus to our other readers. Leave them in the comment section down below!