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Ways to reward movers for a job well done

Moving can be quite stressful, especially if you try to do it on your own. For this reason, you should hire a moving company. They will make sure to relocate your belongings safely to the preferred destination. However, it would be very nice if you show appreciation for work well done. There are several ways to achieve this. If you do not have any ideas or you are not sure what is appropriate, you came to the right place. Here are the best ways to reward movers for a job well done. You can always add your ideas to the list.

Reasons to reward movers

You might be thinking why you should reward movers. They will receive the payment for a job done. However, the moving crew will appreciate greatly if you value their work. Everyone likes when someone acknowledges their efforts. Additionally, movers have to do hard work for a couple of hours. This means packing and lifting heavy objects sometimes in harsh condition. If you decide to move during summer, movers are forced to do the lifting when is scorching hot outside. It is not any better if there are snow and ice on the street. If you want reliable movers, consider hiring movers St. Paul. They will offer the best service for the good rates. For this reason, let’s see the best ways to reward movers.


This may seem insignificant, but the movers will appreciate greatly. You do not have to spend too much money doing this. Simply offer them cold water during summer in order to avoid dehydration. If you want to serve them something special, there is no need to be shy. After the long hours of hard work, movers will be touched by your simple gesture. Additionally, if the weather is colder during moving days, you can offer them some hot tea or any other warm beverage. It is not easy to pack large items, for example, if you need to move an aquarium. Furthermore, it would be best to leave refreshments someplace where movers can easily reach it. Therefore, drinks are one of the ways to reward movers.

Drinks in glasses, outside on a daylight.
Cold refreshments can be a blessing ina hot day.


Logically, food is next on our list of the best ways to reward movers. Just like with drink options, you should go with the one you are most comfortable with. Anything within your budget is more than fine. You can treat them with some delicious pizza or grill. If you like to cook, maybe fixing them something simple can be an option. After all, moving large items without getting injured is exhausting, and movers need to recharge their batteries. Movers will appreciate your efforts and continue with a job fully energized.

One of ways to reward movers is with pizza.
Delicious pizza as a reward.


This goes without saying, but access to the bathroom is a must. Movers are humans too, and they have needs just like the rest of people. The bathroom should not be even on the list of the ways to reward movers. However, it does not hurt to stress again to allow free access to the bathroom.

Provide a corner for them

Proving a place for rest is yet another entry on the list of the ways to reward movers. If you offer them food or refreshments, they need to sit somewhere. They can always stay inside their moving truck. However, it would not hurt to put a couple of chairs in the corner for movers. Dismantling and lifting large and heavy furniture is extremely tiring. Therefore, a nice corner to rest and regain strength is not hard to arrange. It will not cause you any additional trouble since it is quite simple to provide a corner for the movers.

White and red chairs outside.
Make a corner where your movers can take a rest.


One of the best ways to reward movers is to tip them. Since it is quite common and expected in the States to tip someone for their service, you should do it too. How much money to give? It depends on the amount of work and the time spent doing it. If they finish everything in one day, the average tip would be 20 dollars. However, if the movers have to spend several days at your place, then around 60 to 80 dollars would be sufficient. Any amount is more than welcome, just do not go below 20 dollars. Additionally, first check with the moving company if tipping is allowed. Some companies might have a problem with this, so make sure you can do it in order to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Show your gratitude

Simply saying “Thank you” or “Well done” shows your gratitude more than just paying them. One of the best ways to reward movers is to praise them. Kind words do not cost anything but instead, they bring satisfaction to the people who here them. Be sure to remember to say “Thank you” after the job well done, for example for moving the hot tub.

Talk to their boss

Similarly to the previous paragraph, if you are satisfied with the job done, talk to their boss. You can express your impressions, and say how lovely job they did. Maybe they will get some bonus because of you. Additionally, the boss will know that he or she has hard-working people working for them. For example, moving crew from moving companies Twin Cities will know how to appreciate this small sign of kindness.

Leave a good comment or recommend them to your friends

Lastly, you should leave a positive review on their website so other people will hire them as well. Similarly, if your friends and colleagues are moving and they are in need of a good moving company, recommend one you hired.

To recap, these are the best ways to reward movers:

•    Food

•    Drinks

•    Bathroom

•    A corner for them

•    Tips

•    Praise

•    A good word to their boss

•    Positive review or recommendation

Ways to reward movers

By rewarding your movers, you make them feel appreciated and happy. All moving companies have the same agenda, to relocate your things successfully, and they should be rewarded if they do a splendid job.