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Advantages of hiring expert hot tub movers

We spend hours and hours working on our jobs and it is always getting stressful. So, if you are anything like me, you enjoy long hot baths where you can just lay down and relax. This leads us to a particular problem when we decide to relocate. Why is it a good idea to hire expert hot tub movers? Well, let us present you with some of the advantages you will have when you hire them instead of doing it by yourself!

The process of moving a hot tub

As with any house item you have to move, hot tubs require a special kind of moving. You have to be careful around the pipes as well as the tub and batteries. In no time anything can go wrong and you can end up with very damaged hot tub. Furthermore, it can even cost you more to repair it than to move it. That is when expert hot tub movers come in handy. The process of dismantling and moving hot tub is not that simple. The preparation and relocation include things such as:

  • Draining the whirlpool. This process is very important because the hot tub must be dry before you relocate it.
  • After you dry the hot tub, clean it thoroughly. This is important because it prevents dust to cover important parts.  If you are not certain how to do it properly, leave it to expert hot tub movers.
  • A number of people are needed to lift it and transport it to the moving van.
  • It is a huge help if you have any furniture dolly you can use to help you with transportation.
  • The best solution, if you do not have furniture dolly, is a spa dolly
Image of a hot tub before it is transported by expert hot tub movers
Expert hot tub movers will transport your hot tub with ease

If you believe it is hard to find and hire expert hot tub movers then you are mistaken! They are easy to find because every moving company has them. Before you head out and plan your local relocation consider finding reliable movers Bloomington MN.

What will expert hot tube movers do before moving the hot tub

The first thing they will do before they prepare your hot tub for transport is to measure the dimensions. This is very important because in most cases if it is done wrong, it will lead to damages. And if by any chance you have to rent a storage unit for it, you will know what size of the unit you need. Sometimes, the best solution to the risk of getting hot tub damaged is to rent a storage unit. Before they start removing the hot tub, find the perfect safe storage units Bloomington MN.  Furthermore, expert hot tub movers will prepare everything else in order to perform safe transportation. That includes having a clear hallway or a driveway, as well as some ramps in case there are some steps they need to overcome. This can go very smoothly if you help them!

An empty hallway
Clear the hallways so nothing can come in the movers way

What defines the price of hot tub removal

As with every reliable moving company your expert, hot tub movers will tell you if the price gets to hire. There are several factors that influence the price. The price will depend on things such as:

  • How easy it is to access an elevator if they need it
  • How far the moving truck is from your home
  • Available parking spot
  • Distance movers will travel from point A to point B
  • The size, weight, girth of the hot tub. This is the main factor because the hot tub can easily take a whole truck for itself
  • Any other special factors that vary from a tub to tub

When you look up with the customer’s service about the price, ask them about all the things that influence the moving price. They are more than happy to help you and guide you through the process.

A cartoon man calculating the price
Get the precise information of your hot tub transportation

How to find and hire expert hot tube movers

As with every moving company, there are several ways to find them and hire them. First things first, try to find their websites and see what they offer. A professional hot tub moving company will have a good web presentation you can check out. Next stop, you ask everything you need to know and get all the answers from their customer service. You can really learn a lot about the company by the way their customer service reacts and answers to your questions. Furthermore, look for any feedback you can find from their previous users. If the feedback is not good, then you will certainly not hire them. Every moving company will provide you with the estimate. Try to gather some information from different companies and then compare them. A good thing is to ask your friends if any of them already had movers move their hot tubs.

DIY move or let the professionals handle it

In the end, you can always move your hot tub by yourself. There are numerous reasons why it is a good idea to leave it to expert hot tub movers. Biggest is, they are specialized movers and are already experienced. You can easily get injured and damage your property. Furthermore, you can end up having to pay more if you do not do things right. Learn about the pros and cons of DIY relocation before you plan your own.

A man on a plank with yes and no words on the sides
Learn about the benefits and downfalls of DIY relocations

Hot tubs are rarely small. They are massive and hard to dismantle and relocate. That is why it is always a good idea to leave it to expert hot tub movers. Professionals always know what they are doing, and they will do it in no time. If you have any suggestions to add, feel free to write them down in the comment section. We are happy to hear from you anytime soon!