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    Thinking about hiring local movers for your relocation? We’re going to give you some information which will help to make your decision an easy one. As experienced movers Bloomington we’ve had the chance to complete a number successful relocations. Our services include everything a person moving house could need. From giving advice on organizing your relocation to handling the whole move for you. Depending on the type of move you need to make our representatives will offer you advice, along with an affordable quote. But, we don’t want to simply boast about our skills and expertise as movers Minneapolis. Instead, we’re going to tell you a bit about them and choosing good movers in Bloomington. Then, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what you want and need.

    The first step to picking a good local moving company in MN is knowing what you want from them

    In our experience homeowners tend to rush into a move without much information about services or options which they have. This is why we’re here, though. We wanted to tell you a bit about the types of moves which are most commonly conducted in Bloomington. And, of course, as one of the best moving companies Twin Cities, we’ll give you a bit of advice regarding these different services.

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    There are plenty of good moving companies in MN – why are local movers Bloomington the right choice?

    The first option you have is a completely DIY relocation

    This type of a move is done completely by the homeowner. Everything from renting a truck to actually loading is also your job. Some people decide to hire movers Bloomington as a consulting service here, to help them plan ahead. However, while a DIY relocation might seem cheaper, in most cases it actually isn’t. And, only after the total of the calculations is summed up, homeowners realize this. So, we feel like we should tell you in advance about this major drawback. Though, DIY moving in MN isn’t rare. Why? Well, if you’re just moving to college a few towns over or relocating a really small apartment, it’s often a good idea. Remember, though, that all the heavy lifting is left for you to do.

    The regular move by experienced movers Bloomington without additional services

    Probably the most common type of relocation you’ll see anywhere. And, this is the kind of service which is our specialty, in fact. We’ve helped numerous homeowners by loading their boxes into our vans, transporting and then unloading them. As a Twin Cities local moving company, we also offer insurance to keep your belongings safe in case of a mishap. And, if you’re moving house to a smaller apartment in Bloomington, ask our representatives about their affordable MN storage options. Though, remember, these are just add-ons to your regular relocation, which you can mix and match for convenience.

    And then, there is the move which can include your special items into relocation services

    A pool table which can be packed and transported by movers Bloomington.
    Moving with a difficult object isn’t an easy thing unless you hire your movers Bloomington to prepare them for you!

    This is the best option if you’ve got a piano or a pool table. Most homeowners tend to forget about their difficult items. Then, our representative asks them if they’re going to move those, as well. And, a pool table in the basement game room is usually the item in question. When these types of belongings are in question, we always advise hiring professionals to pack and relocate them. Simply, they are heavy, require expert knowledge and are usually either precious or expensive to you. This is where the regular and plus special packing services come into play. You can hire movers Bloomington to only prepare these specific items for the journey. We’ve had our customers ask us to move pianos, pool tables, large wardrobe and other difficult furniture. Our workers do all the disassembling and reassembling, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Finally, there is the option of hiring your Bloomington movers to do it all

    When our customer tells us that they are in a rush, this is the option which we usually present to them. It is a full-service move. This includes everything move-related. After an on-site estimate, you set a date for the moving day with your movers Bloomington. And, our workers arrive at your home on time, with their own equipment. Everything which you’ve decided you need to move, the workers pack and load into the moving van. And, after transporting your belongings to the new address, they will also unpack the items. We always advise that you give us direction here if there is anything heavy or bulky which our workers will be reassembling. All in all, it has all the moving services Twin Cities included into it. And, contrary to the popular belief, it isn’t as expensive as you might think!

    But, why is City Moving and Storage the movers Bloomington company you should hire?

    We believe, first and foremost, in transparent communication. When moving house is concerned it is a stressful process which takes a lot of time and plenty of money. However, it is our job to lower all three of these as much as possible. Through various tips and tricks which we provide in our blog section of the website, you’ll be able to get to know the relocation process. With an operator on the phone, you can always discuss any concerns which you may have regarding your move. And, during our on-site quote, we urge you to ask any and all questions about our services and commodities.

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    Satisfaction guaranteed – get an affordable quote with Bloomington movers.

    As experienced movers Bloomington we can tell you that the best way to lower the time in this equation is by hiring a full moving service with our relocation company. Our workers are diligent and have plenty of experience in their line of work. They are punctual and careful with each of your belongings. Though, like we’ve mentioned, we don’t want to be promoting ourselves without any testimonials. If you haven’t checked out that part of our website, we advise that you do. You’d like to hear a few more references? We always welcome that call. Our operator will give you a few names and numbers where you can hear why we’re the top movers Bloomington of choice.