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Things you shouldn't pack in a moving truck

Moving preparation can be very difficult. With all the things and tasks you must do before moving, it is stressful enough to do it wrong. Did you know there are things you shouldn’t pack in a moving truck? Ranging from items you need during the relocation or if they are just too valuable. You can easily lose some of them in the transportation process and in the end, lose money on repairing them. Let’s talk about what kind of items and valuables you should not carry in the same truck as the rest of your belongings. After reading this you will have a more clear picture of what items you must prioritize.

 One of the things you shouldn’t pack in a moving truck is food

Now imagine moving to a new home, even if it is a local move, and some food in the truck spills all over the place. That is an unnecessary problem you can easily avoid. If you think you have too much food and don’t want to throw it, then organize a cookout. Invite your friends to some big lunch and try to spend as much food as you can. At least the food that can get spilled or close to the expiration date. This is especially important with long distance moving. Since a lot of relocations start during warm weathers, food can easily get worse. Keep some of the food with your personal belongings in your car, you might get hungry during the relocation. Stop for a snack and rest for a while. This is something professional moving companies Minneapolis will also tell you. Not only to protect your items but to protect their equipment as well.

Cooked fish as one of the things you shouldn't pack in a moving truck
One of the things you shouldn’t pack in a moving truck is food

Bring valuables and documents with yourself

These are one of the items you must not pack in the moving van when relocating. Fragile items such as jewelry or any other expensive glass items must be packed in hard cases. This is the best way you can make sure they are well protected from any damages. This also implies for documents as well. Keep your personal documents with yourself during the relocation. You do not know when you might need them or to do something quickly. Besides, there is a risk of losing them in the truck or damaging them. And we all know how hard it is to get yourself new documents. With all the papers you have to file and fill just to get the new ones. Keep the files and documents in a hard case and with yourself all the time. This is helpful when you are planning a long distance move to Minneapolis. Since it takes a lot of time and preparation, keep the documents with yourself while moving to Minneapolis

Pair of bracelets
Bring jewelry with yourself

Do not pack put hazardous materials in the truck

This is very important to know! As we already said, most of the time people move during the summer. And with all the heat going on from the weather, asphalt and inside the van, they can easily catch on fire. Especially if they are flammable, such as some of the cleaning liquids. Transporting gasoline in the van is a great risk and a strict no. And most of the moving companies have their own policies regarding the transport of hazardous materials. Although you can pack some liquids in the van, most of the time it is not recommended. You risk them getting spilled all over the place and damage your items and the truck. You can pack some particular kind of liquids. But there are tips and tricks about packing liquids for relocation. Try to avoid packing flammable liquids and detergents in the back of the moving van. They must not be in a crowed and hot places. Either keep them with yourself or find a good container to keep them while moving to your new home. They are on the top of the list of things you shouldn’t pack in the moving truck.

An exclamation mark sign
Avoid transporting hazzardus material

Never keep medications in the truck

During all those trips and moving process, you shouldn’t pack your medications in the van.  Carry them with yourself all the time, because in case of emergency they are near you. Especially if we are talking about prescribed medications. The heat can also heavily influence the medication in the van. They can go bad, and you could get into serious trouble. Keep the medications in some hard case and in the back of your care, while traveling to your new home. There are some basic items you should keep with yourself when moving. These items are the ones you will use during the relocation, and in if some emergency comes. We hope some of them you really don’t need, but you must keep them with yourself just in case anything happens.

medicine pills
Keep your medicine with you

Plants and animals

You don’t want to leave your precious pet and plants in a heated place such a moving truck, especially when moving to a warm state with high temperatures. That’s why every moving company has their own strict policy when transporting pets and plants. You can always ask what things you shouldn’t pack in a moving truck and use that as a guideline. You can’t pack them with the rest of the items in the van. Pets always require a special transport cage used to carry them, or just keep them with yourself in the car. Plants, on the other hand, need the light and not too much heat. If they are kept in the heated van while transporting they can dry too much and die. Just one of the many reasons why anything like that should be packed in the van.

Every relocation company has its own set of rules. If you already moved and have some information you can share with us, feel free to respond in the comment section below! We can’t wait to hear from you!