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Reasons why moving to Burnsville could be a good idea

The decision to move to another town is hard enough, let alone if you do not know anything about the town. Especially if life takes you to Burnsville. Then you should know more about this place and why moving to Burnsville just might play out right. After reading our article, you will have a basic information on this beautiful city and what it can offer you!

 About Burnsville MN

This city is located just 15 miles south of Minneapolis. It is the part of Dakota County, Minnesota. What is particularly good about this place is that it lies on the south bank of Minnesota River, and it is just upstream from the confluence with famous Mississippi River. With other suburbs, Burnsville forms the south part of Minneapolis- Saint Paul. They hold a 15th largest place in the metropolitan area. This area is populated with about 3.6  million residents. According to the latest census, there are over 62,000 people in Burnsville.

Long ago, this was a rural farming community that consisted of Irish folks. Soon, Burnsville became a tenth largest city in Minnesota. Now, it holds the place as the 9th largest suburb in this area. An interesting fact is that the downtown area is called Heart of the City. And because of that, it is decorated in an urban style.  Minnesota Valley Transit Authority is served by the Burnsville Transit Station. This provides extra bus service to another five suburbs. Its name derives from an early Irish settler and a landowner. His names were William Byrne, but his surname was recorded wrong, as Burns and it was never corrected.

People's feet in sircle
There are over 60.000 people in Burnsville

Nature and surroundings

Minnesota River valley is carved by a 12,000-year-old process. Carved by glaciers, Lake Agassiz and Glacial River Warren. If you look north, there is a natural border made from the Minnesota River. While the river winds here through marshlands, it is also flooding the plains all the way to the Mississippi. If you are a nature lover, then moving to Burnsville is the best choice for you. Mainly because most of the Minnesota River is a part of The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. There are a lot of different animals you can encounter here. This park is managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. But, do not let this stories about flooding discourage you from moving here. Burnsville movers will not have a problem with your relocation process and transporting your belongings.

Nature and dirt road is the reason why you should think about moving to Burnsville
One of the main reasons why people are moving to Burnsville is because of his wildlife and nature

Economy and job market of Burnsville MN

Searching for a job in Burnsville Mn was never this easy! Mostly because one of the biggest employers in Burnsville is its own school district. The Independent School District 191 is number one employer here followed by Fairview Ridges Hospital, UTAS Sensor System, Northern Tool + Equipment, Pepsi-Cola Bottling, Mackin Educational Resources, Frontier Communications, YRC, Cub Foods and AMS Holding. The second largest industry here is manufacturing. A number of employers are in this industrial area of work, located in the southwest and the north. Their corporate headquarters and modern warehouses are located here and are made in state of the art technology.

Not only that their warehouses are made with the latest technology, but moving companies do it as well.  Burnsville storage solutions offer you the best place where you can store your belongings that is the safest and most reliable. There are service firms here as well. Such as Internet Utilities, real estate, and news, and they are mostly located along Highway 13, to the north. If you wish to buy a car or get a job in a car dealership, then here is where you can find such a job. Every brand of car has its dealership here, just north and south of the city. As far as retail shopping goes, County Road 42 and Highway 13 are the places where they are located. There is also a 15-30 minute commute to other regional attractions and services here.

Tools in garage
The manufacturing industry is the second largest employer here


Education is one of the reasons for moving to Burnsville

Yes, this is correct! One of the best schools is located here. If you are looking for a good education for yourself or your children, then moving to Burnsville is the best choice for you. There are a lot of schools to chose from. Cities of Burnsville, Savage and Eagan are all served by Burnsville Independent School District 191. There are two 9-12 high schools, three 6-8 middle schools, 10 K-5 Elementary schools and 6 preschools and early childhood education. These schools follow the latest educational program and are involved in a lot of eco-friendly projects as well. They teach them how to be more energy efficient, how to protect the environment or giving them a guide on eco-friendly life and moving. This is very important for future generations! In a way that they will be more careful with their environment.

A man writing something down
There are a lot of schools in Burnsville

Other reasons why it is a good idea to move to Burnsville

Moving to smaller cities such as Burnsville have has its own benefits. Burnsville offers cheap real estates, affordable housings, a good job market and a great education! But besides that, moving to Burnsville can be positive because:

  • You will get independent! You will become more mature, take care of your money, time and health the best way you can. Also, you will spend your own free time as you wish! Nothing is better than living on your own, and not having to answer to your landlord.
  • Getting to know yourself more! Yes, this is the greatest part of living alone! It gives you just enough ideas on what you really are and what you like and don’t like.
  • You will be bolder and ready for new things! Being independent makes this out of you! And the first thing you should do, in order to become bold, independent and fearless is to make that first step and move. So when you do decide to leave, you will collect your things, find the best packing supplies and move to a new city where a new life awaits you.

Making that first step in moving to another town will never be easy. Our duty is to provide you with all the information we can get and present them to you! Giving you just enough reasons why moving to Burnsville is such a great idea. If you have anything else to add or know someone who knows things about this, please write it down. Our comment section is just below this article and we can’t wait to hear from you!