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Popular festivals in Twin Cities

There is always something to do in Twin Cities. This metropolitan area is filled with great live venues to visit. Besides the great festivals, there are many pubs, cafes, art galleries and museums to visit. Therefore, whatever your taste in music and art may be, you will be able to have fun and find your crowd in the Twin Cities. Whether you are moving to Twin Cities or just planning a quick trip to Minneapolis or St. Paul, there are some popular festivals in Twin Cities that you need to visit if you get a chance.

people at a concert
Get to know the Twin Cities in a fun way. Visit the festivals.

Visiting Twin Cities during the summer

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons when it comes to moving and traveling. With your kids on a summer break, you will able to plan a family move or a vacation with ease. If you are moving to the Twin Cities during the summer make sure you find reliable Twin City movers. With professional movers on your side, your relocation will go smoothly and according to the deadline. Therefore you will be able to save time and focus on getting to know the area and visit fun fairs and popular festivals in the Twin Cities.

Are you looking to have fun in the Twin Cities during spring and summer? Here are a few venues you shouldn’t miss:

  • Art-A-Whirl.
  • Minnesota Fringe Festival.
  • Soundset. 
  • Osceola Rhubarb Days.
  • Flint Hills Family Festival. – One of the most popular festivals in Twin Cities for families.
  • The Basilica Block Party.

Explore arts by visiting the Art-A-Whirl

Art-A-Whirl is a 3 day festival in May that will allow you to explore different types of arts from over than 600 artists. As the country’s biggest open art studio tour, Art-A-Whirl attracts tourists from all around the World. Galleries, studios, workshops, craft breweries, art installations, food trucks, music, special exhibitions… The list goes on as this great festival offers many great opportunities to have fun all throughout the northern Minneapolis. There are even free trolley rides with many stops at festivals locations. Art-A-Whirl is a place to see and be seen. Therefore, mark it in your calendar and hop on a trolley. You will be amazed by different art forms and most definitely fall in love with this unique festival.

Minnesota Fringe Festival

More than 15 venues, over 1000 artists, and various art genres. These are the main reasons why so many people rush to the Twin Cities area during the August. As one of the largest live performing art festivals in the country, Minnesota Fringe Festival offers fun for all ages. Whether you would like to see a classical play or a modern performance, the festival is one of the top places to have fun in Twin Cities.

With over 15 different locations all around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, this festival is a great way for you to get to know the area after the move.

Soundset – the best festival for hip-hop fans

a microphone
Are you a hip-hop fan? Don’t miss the Soundset!

Twin Cities have a vibrant hip-hop music scene. The best way to get to know it is to visit Soundset, one of the most popular festivals in Twin Cities. Besides the local performers, there are also always some famous artists like Snoop Dog or Ice Cube.

Osceola Rhubarb Days

The festival dedicated to celebrating rhubarb is always on the first weekend of June and is a great fun venue for all ages. As it starts at the beginning of school break it is also a great start for the Osceola Public Library’s Summer Learning Program. Picnics, workshops, baking competitions, movie nights, live music… The festival offers many great attractions for the entire family to enjoy.

Flint Hills Family Festival

Moving can turn out to be quite pricey. There will most likely be many expenses that will come along the way. Finding great free of charge events in Twin Cities and family festivals, like this one, to visit will both help your budget and let you get to know the area.

Flint Hills Family Festival has free outdoor activities and performances. The tickets for the indoor activities are not expensive as well and the cost goes only up to $8. The festival celebrates creativity and imagination. As it is one of the most popular festivals in Twin Cities, most of the people come back each year. This is why the festival makes sure to have new artists and performances at every festival. Sign up your children for a creative workshop or a book club, while you get to know the locals. You can also apply to become a volunteer and get to meet new friends.

The Basilica Block Party

The Block Party is a two-day music festival. It is hosted every weekend after Independence Day. The festival features great live performances at 3 stages. The Basilica Block Party is visited each year by more than 15.000 people. If you are looking for great music and the place to relax after the move, make sure you find a babysitter and head towards the oldest basilica in the country.

Most popular festivals in Twin Cities during the fall and winter

Twin Cities are a great area to move to with a family or as a single. There are many great places for fun for families in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. As well as various festivals for young people and adults to visit.

There is always something going on in the Twin Cities. Here are the festivals during the fall and winter you should visit:

  • Golden Vally Arts & Music Festival. – During the September you can enjoy arts, live music food and drinks, and the City Hall. The festival also features activities for kids. As well as a car show.
  • The Great Northern. – Are you interested in fun outdoor activities during winter? Have you tried dinging outside in January? The Great Northern is a festival that features many other fun venues. The St. Paul Winter Carnival, U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, and City Of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival are a part of it. The events begin in January and end in February. As this is one of the most fun and popular festivals in Twin Cities, make sure you mark your calendar! Missing it is not an option.
a woman at one of the most popular festivals in Twin Cities
Don’t miss the winter fun! Visit the Saint Paul Winter Carnival