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Fun for families in Minneapolis

Welcome to Minneapolis! If you’re moving here with your family, you’re probably already stressed out enough. So, as an experienced local MN moving company we wanted to give you some insight into how to make this city your home. We understand that free time will likely be an issue as you’re unpacking. But, we are also certain that you will be eager to explore your new neighborhood. Hence, from an afternoon off to a weekend getaway, here is our guide to fun for families in Minneapolis!

If you’re looking for fun for families in Minneapolis, here are a few ideas

The twin cities simply have one too many attractions. As Minneapolis movers we have had a chance to help numerous families settle down into their new homes. And, a common topic of conversation is fun for families in Minneapolis. Our workers have offered suggestions based on their own lives, but they’ve often found that a complete list of everything worth a visit in the city is quite long. Hence, here are the top picks which we’ve assembled in a short list.

The perfect spot for a family in Minneapolis is the Zoo.
A Zoo visit without shaved ice is unheard of, right? Como Park is the perfect day out for the family in Minneapolis!

The first of many spots for fun for families in Minneapolis is the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Is there a better way to make memories with your family in a new city than in a Zoo? We would agree! Hence, Como Park takes the number one spot as a location for fun for families in Minneapolis. Sure enough, it is a magnificent sight during the warmer month. The perfect time for a visit is during the sea lion show, which has been around since the 50s. So, take a chance to have some time with your children outside, watching the animals in the Zoo and eating shaved ice. These will definitely make for some of the best memories for your kids. And, to top it off, the entrance to the Como Park is completely free, with an option of 1$-2$ donation.

And then, check out the Children’s Theatre Company in the Minneapolis Institute of Art

Here is another spot which can easily be considered an afternoon off. The infamous Children’s Theatre Company has had fame to its name ever since it won a Tony. In the recent years, it has undergone a large expansion. Though, despite the extra space, the tickets are quickly sold out. After all, this is one of the most popular spots when fun for families in Minneapolis is concerned. If you’re interested in seeing a show, we would advise that you book seats in advance. Otherwise, you may end up looking for a different way to use your free time.

Here is a fun for families in Minneapolis spot for all ages.
A museum with a bang will definitely keep you on your toes!

You can combine history with fun if you pick the Mill City Museum as your Minneapolis family fun destination

History is rather boring to most children, right? Well, our moving services Minneapolis have helped numerous teenagers settle into their new homes. And, from them, we’ve heard that museums aren’t really a good destination for fun for families in Minneapolis. Though, on occasion, we have heard positive feedback about the Mill City Museum. Why? Well, it’s one explosive visit, for sure! This museum is a favored spot for fun for families in Minneapolis because of its creative program. Sure enough, it will lead your children through the history of the Flour Milling Capital of the World back in the 19th Century. However, it will also give your kids a chance to see just how the museum began – reconstructed from a mill which exploded in 1874. We can assure you that no child, teen or otherwise, will be bored here. With the interactive tours for the little ones and the explosive demonstration for the older kids, it makes for a perfect fun family activity to get to know Minneapolis.

And, if you’re more of an outgoing type, fun for families in Minneapolis lies in Lake Harriet for you

The good thing about Minneapolis is that it doesn’t have only one opportunity for exercise. There are numerous parks, gyms, walkways, and lakes for you and your family to check out. But, the definite favorite among locals is Lake Harriet. Hence, take your bike out of the Minneapolis storage you’ve rented and take it for a spin. The lake offers everything from swimming, boating to a simple afternoon picnic. It is a perfect spot in the summer to get away from the heat. However, it doesn’t fall short in the winter, either, when you’ll have a chance for the perfect snow day. One of the best spots when fun for families in Minneapolis is concerned? We would agree, too.

And when you settle down, it’s time for some fun for families outside of the Minneapolis city limits

As we’ve already mentioned, there is simply no way for us to fit everything worth a visit into a single article. But, aside from the occasional afternoon fun for families in Minneapolis activity, we wanted to offer a bit more. Hence, here is what you can do with your kids outside of the city limits. Or, what we would suggest as fun for families in Minnesota:

For the most curious of historical minds, we offer fun for families in Minneapolis in the form of Powwows.
Head out of the city limits and enjoy the Powwows for a multicultural experience through time.
  • Ely – the drive to St Louis which is completely worth it. They say that one picture in Ely is worth a thousand tourists. True? You decide! This is a spot we picked as an ideal weekend fun for families in Minneapolis. It will give you a chance to rest, get away from the city and fully enjoy the beauty Ely has to offer.
  • Pine City – a place which will take you back in time. If there is one way to learn the history of the States, it’s to experience how it way back in the day. And, Pine City gives exactly this to visiting families. The recently re-done North West Company Fur Post on the Snake River allows your children to experience the lives of voyagers their age.
  • Powwows – the perfect chance to overcome culture shock. How much do your children know about the natives of Americas before the settles? Here is a chance to experience the traditions together with Dakota and Ojibwe children. For a day or two away from the city, Powwows are the fun for families in Minneapolis you’re looking for. Check them out on Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.