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Top places to have fun in Twin Cities

We get a lot of customers who ask us to recommend a few good spots to see or have fun at after their relocation. And, as proud locals, when we get started with listing them, we don’t tend to stop. So, we wanted to compile a short text with our picks for top places to have fun in Twin Cities. We’re going to include everything from museums, outdoors to the best places where you can have a quality drink. As one of the best moving companies Twin Cities we’re glad to welcome you to the area. Enjoy exploring our favorites!

If you’re a history fan, you’re going to love the museums Twin Cities have to offer

After moving to Twin Cities learning a bit of history is a given, right? Well, there are plenty of places which are both informative and interactive. So, as local MN movers, we picked out a few interesting spots for all ages. Hence, here is the museum walk which we suggest as fun in Twin Cities for newcomers…

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is always a weekend trip to remember

A stack of history books to get you ready for fun in Twin Cities in a museum.
Fun in Twin Cities is a visit to the history museum for you – try one of these suggestions.

For all art lovers who think that moving to the Twin Cities is their next step, here is a weekend visit to remember. The Minneapolis Institute of Art is a place which will take you back in time in the gentlest of ways. For those who know about art and history, it is a place of nostalgia and excess knowledge. And, for those who aren’t really certain if this is their cup of tea, it is the perfect place to have fun in Twin Cities in an educational way. The exhibitions available include both art and artifacts dating back hundreds of years.

If you’re thinking of making this one of the spots you visit after moving to MN, it’s a perfect pick. The entrance is free of charge, however, they do accept donations. So, if you enjoyed the exhibition inside, we always suggest leaving a small token. This way, you’ve both paid for your visit and shown them that you liked the arrangement.

And for fun in Twin Cities for families, the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line is a must

If you ask any of the locals with kids after your long-distance Twin Cities movers move you into your new home about educational attractions in the city, there is only one possible answer. Numerous locals have taken their children on this interactive knowledge trip. From Lake Harriet to Lake Calhoun this is a streetcar ride in an authentic old vehicle. A conductor, dressed just like back in the day, will be your tour guide for the duration of your trip. It’s a perfect choice if you want to have fun in Twin Cities with younger kids.

As for the times when this is a good attraction to visit, it’s definitely the summer months. Often, during the winter, the streetcar won’t run due to safety reasons. In the summer, however, with a small donation as your ticket, you’ll be able to enjoy the local history.

Among our top places to have fun in Twin Cities are the most famous lakes and parks

If canoeing is your idea of fun in Twin Cities you won't be disappointed.
Like canoeing? Twin Cities offer plenty of lakes to accommodate your hobby.

Do you like to stay active? Hiking and walks in nature are what you enjoy? Is canoeing something you’ve always wanted to try? You’re moving to the perfect state! While this may not be technically fun in Twin Cities, it definitely is in the vicinity. So, there are some places where you can stay active in MN a short drive away. And, also, some spots for a lazy day out with your family or pet.

For a fun and active day in Twin Cities, we suggest the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes

Including Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, and the Isles, this is a spot which attracts all ages. Right in the heart of Minneapolis, it allows for a peaceful day out. There are plenty of activities you can choose to do here as fun in Twin Cities. If you’ve got a bicycle, join the numerous people circling the trails around the lakes. And if you prefer walking, we suggest taking a picnic basket and blanket with you. The lakes have a charm about them which will have you stop and relax on the bank for certain. You will notice plenty of people there, seeking the same solace of a calm afternoon, as well. From fishing to ice-skating, the chain of lakes is a place to have fun in Twin Cities all year round.

And if you’re looking to simply relax and watch waterfalls, fun in Twin Cities for you is in the Minnehaha Park

While the Chain of Lakes we mentioned before offers a more active, yet still relaxing afternoon, this is a much more relaxed option. If your idea of fun in Twin Cities is relaxing with a cup of Caribou Coffee and a good book, this is the place to do it. The waterfalls are beautiful to watch whenever you take a break from the page. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to have the perfect background music of a live band. Though, we understand that this isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time in Twin Cities. So, we also feel like we should mention that there is still an option of hiking at Minnehaha Park!

Finally, for a fun night out in Twin Cities with new friends we have to suggest the Minneapolis Brewery Tour

A beer in a glass - tastes introduced through a MN brewery tour.
Know your beer? Enjoy MN with a tour of the local breweries!

While it’s good to have fun in Twin Cities with your kids, there are times when you simply need your own activity. And, if you’re moving to MN alone, this is still the perfect choice. The Minneapolis Brewery Tour takes you to three different establishments and gives you recommendations on what to try. There is the possibility of going in the afternoon or in the evening on this tour. Due to the small groups and friendly, informative guides you’ll soon be making fast friends. While it might seem like a place to have fun in Twin Cities for tourists, we assure you that it’s not. It’s among the favorite 21st birthday gifts, in fact!