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Best places to keep sports equipment

After relocation it comes the time when you need to unpack your possessions and organize everything. You can make unpacking plans based on the size of your move. Today we will look into how to store your sports equipment properly. You’ve invested a lot of money buying quality equipment, and you need to make sure that everything is safe and secured. There is nothing worse than neglecting sports equipment. We will go through some important aspects of how to maintain it and what are the best places to keep sports equipment.

Types of sports equipment

There are various types of stuff that you can use when playing sports. Some sports require nothing but clothes on your back, while other sports require certain props. Main two categories are:

  1. Game equipment
  2. Player equipment

It would be smart to notify your chosen expert movers Coon Rapids MN if you have any equipment that requires special attention during your move. They may even offer some storage solutions for you or suggest what the best places to keep sports equipment are.

Garage as a place to keep sports equipment
Garage is an ideal place to keep sports equipment

Game equipment

Further, we can subcategorize game equipment into:

  • balls
  • goalposts
  • nets
  • racquets
  • sticks, clubs, and bats

Sports balls

There are different types of sports balls, and we can store them in a couple of different ways. However, it all depends if you are actively using them or not. If you are not playing any sports now, the best option would be to deflate them. That will keep them safe and protected. Consequently, if you leave your ball in a storage unit or a garage, there is always a risk that it may tear or deform.

If you are actively playing sports, you can store them in a net and hang them in your garage, or place them on a rack.

Exercise balls in a gym
Exercise balls can be stored in a wall rack


Goalposts can occupy a fair amount of space. If you have a pair of hokey goalposts, you will need a lot of space. You can always place them next to a garage wall. Still, for any larger items, we suggest that you find affordable storage solutions Coon Rapids, MN. A storage unit is one of the best places to keep sports equipment. It is the best way to keep anything you are not using for the moment, especially if you have a car and you can quickly get the equipment when needed.


The biggest question when deciding on the places to keep sports equipment is will it be safe enough. If you have something that can be easily damaged, it is of utmost importance to find a perfect place. For example, a goal net may tear if you keep it on the floor of your garage. On the contrary, if you fold it correctly and pack it in a bag and store it in your closet, it will remain safe.


Just a small dent in the tennis racquet and you can throw it in the garbage. Before you store it, make sure that you tighten all the wires. Next, clean the racquet and store it in the racquet bag. If you have more than one, keep them one on top of the other. The best place would be a shell, so you don’t step on them by accident. You can also use wall racks that can be attached to any wall.

tennis racquets
Keep your racquets in good condition

Sticks, clubs, and bats

They are sturdier which means that they will not damage as easily. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. If you have golf clubs, always keep them in the golf bag in the corner of a room. If you own a pair of golf clubs, you know how expensive they are.

For baseball bats, you can use a wall rack, or place them into any display case or baseball bat holder.

Player equipment

We can categorize player equipment into three categories:

  • Footwear
  • Protective equipment
  • Training equipment

If we talk about the best places to keep sports equipment, these three categories will significantly differ.


This category includes boards, skis, skates, football boots or golf shoes or any shoes for hiking, running or mountain biking.

For storing boards, skis, and skates, you need to make sure to keep them in a dry and a relatively warm place. Sudden changes in temperature or humidity can cause damage, thus making your wallet go dry. Wrap them in soft padding to keep them safe from scratches.

For any types of boots or shoes, do a thorough checkup before you store them. If you notice any tears or any damage, be sure to fix them first before you store them. Otherwise, you risk more damage over time. If you have more pairs of boots or shoes, best would be to pack them in boxes. Never put them all in one bag, they may deform if you shove them to close one to another.

Protective equipment

You can store football or bicycle helmets on any shelf, or put them in a box. Make sure to clean them first, and do not expose them to water.

A ski helmet
Keep your helmets on a shelf or on a helmet holder

For mouthguards use toothpaste and rinse them good before you store them in their box. There is nothing worse than a foul smell of a dirty mouthguard. If you want to keep yourself safe and healthy, treat your protective equipment well.

Protect your pads from scratches or tears. They need to keep you protected so treat them well. You can store them together in a bag, or fold them in a closet.

Training equipment

Training equipment includes any gym equipment. Any weights, swiss balls or lifting bars have to be stored in a safe distance from kids. They are heavy and can cause injury. Best would be to build or buy racks for gym equipment and store them in a secluded corner of your garage.

Bike rack
Bike rack is a good way of securing your bicycle


If you own a bicycle, you will most likely need a garage. You can always chain them to a bicycle pole in front of your place, but this is not always the safest option. If you don’t have a garage, find an affordable storage unit that you can rent. Always clean the bicycle first and make sure that you protect it from the rain or cold. If you live in a building, check if you have a room designated to store bicycles.

Best places to keep sports equipment

To sum up, we can say that the way you will store your equipment depends on its type. Whenever you are in doubt, think is your equipment safe enough, and will it be easily accessible if you need it. Storage units are always a good choice, but if you have a garage or a bigger closet, spend some time to organize it. It will save you some money, and your stuff will be with you all the time.