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    Leaving college and looking for a flat outside of the dorms? Made the big decision to move in with your significant other in a new place? Want to move closer to the center or further to the outskirts in Twin Cities? All of these are jobs for one of the best local moving companies Minneapolis. But, once your search for the best movers in Twin Cities starts you realize that there are quite a few to choose from. Well, as experienced movers Coon Rapid we want to give you some information before you make your decision. So, here’s what every homeowner should know when they start planning their relocation…

    The first step to hiring local movers in Twin Cities is knowing what you need from them

    For all those who have either never tried moving house or always done it with a co-pilot, we want to give you a few pointers. Before you start choosing your movers Coon Rapid for the relocation you should know what you need from them. Hence, as experienced local and long-distance relocation company in MN, we want to give you a small breakdown.

    Here is what we offer as a local MN moving company:

    • Transportation of your belongings to your new home. This is the most basic of our services. It means that you will be in charge of obtaining packing supplies and preparing everything for the relocation. Our workers will arrive on moving day to load the moving van, transport and then unload your boxes once more.
    • Packing services as an additional commodity. For all larger households or homes with large and bulky items, we suggest this option. Our workers are professionals who have been trained in handling all sorts of items. Whether you hire us for a full packing job or simply a partial one we are always happy to offer an affordable quote.
    • Unpacking service to accompany the packing. When you’ve hired our workers to pack your belongings for a hassle-free move, this is a given add-on. Once we settle you into your new home, as reliable movers Coon Rapid we will also unpack your household.
    • Storage for excess items and boxes. If you need a storage unit while settling into your new home we are the kind of Coon Rapid movers who offer it. It is definitely a chance to find affordable storage Twin Cities as a part of your moving deal. And, your items will be safe in a depository unit.
    • Consulting hours in case you’re moving DIY.

      A storage unit - ready for you to rent from movers Coon Rapid.
      Storage with movers Coon Rapid can be affordable.

    When booking packing and unpacking services with your movers Coon Rapid, here’s what you should know

    We’ve mentioned them a bit already, but we wanted to be completely transparent with you regarding what falls under them. A lot of our customers believe that packing and unpacking services are expensive and unnecessary. Though, as one of the more affordable movers in Twin Cities, we can assure you that this isn’t the case. In fact, for larger households, booking these services too often proves quite cost-efficient. Why is this the case?

    A credit card - it's time to book the services with your movers Coon Rapid.
    It may cost more to employ a full service with your movers Coon Rapid, but it also means a hassle-free move.

    When you book packing and unpacking with movers Coon Rapid you’re not hiring jus the service. In fact, you’re paying for the high-quality packing supplies, the workers’ time and their expertise. If you have anything fragile which you’re worried about, our workers are trained to wrap it safely. They handle all sorts of fine arts on a daily basis, as well. Any artwork, mirrors or sculptures are safe with our packing and unpacking services. But, fragile items aren’t the only thing we work with as Coon Rapid movers. We also handle difficult large items, like pianos and pool tables. If you have a wardrobe or a bed which is large and bulky, we can do a partial packing job for it. In this case, you would tell our representative what you want to be packed by our service. Our aim as movers Coon Rapid is to give you a completely hassle-free relocation!

    And, we also want to give you some advice for the scheduled on-site quote with our representative

    What does one do during an on-site quote? Ask questions, of course! We’ve had clients who had a list of inquiries on paper and those who stumbled through them as they remembered them. While there is no right way to create a checklist for the on-site estimate, we do have a bit of advice for it. This way, you will have the general direction figured out and you can handle the rest. So, let’s talk a bit about the on-site quote with movers Coon Rapid.

    A watch - how much time do you need to move house?
    How much time should you use to plan your relocation?

    An in-house or on-site quote is the most accurate way of getting an estimate. Our representative comes to your home and assesses your belongings completely for free. They are there to answer any questions regarding our services or moving day you may have. And, also, they give you potential options of your moving plan. At this time, it’s good to ask your movers Coon Rapid representative a few questions.  Before you have the representative come over for the estimate, finish decluttering. Then, show them everything you want to be moved.

    While the representative is taking a look and noting down things which will influence the relocation quote, you should find out a few things. First, find out how much experience these movers Coon Rapid have with your type of relocation. See if they are licensed and have insurance. When insurance is mentioned, also see what kind they can offer you. A lot of our customers also purchase additional moving insurance. Ask about the specifics of the move. For example, how much time it will take? Are there any restrictions regarding packing? Should you know anything about payment method? With these, you should be well on your way to asking all the right questions.

    Finally, here’s why CMS Moving is the right choice for Twin Cities local movers

    After giving you a lot of information about booking a move and getting a relocation quote, we think that you can make a logical decision. Though, before anything here’s a little bit more advice. Call our representative and get an in-house estimate. It will allow for you to hear about our skills, services, and prices in person. Then, choosing us as your movers Coon Rapid will be an absolute no-brainer.