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Mistakes when renting a storage unit that you should avoid

Having some extra space to safely store your items during a move can help you avoid unnecessary relocation stress and allow you to move with a piece of mind. Whether you need to store your items for just a few weeks or a longer period of time, renting a proper storage unit will be crucial for keeping your possessions intact. In order to ensure you choose a reputable storage facility that will meet your needs, you need to get to know the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit. Therefore you will be able to make an informed decision and keep your belongings in their mint condition.

storage unit doors
Make an informed decision when renting a storage unit

All you need to know about storage and common mistakes

Finding a proper storage unit to rent might seem much easier than it actually is. In order to make the right decision you first need to know what you are looking for, how close you need your storage unit to be to your home etc. With movers on one hand and having to organize your new life and job on the other, it is easy to get overwhelmed and overlook the importance of finding the proper storage units Savage MN well in advance. Leaving this important task for the last minute might leave you with no options then to rent a unit that doesn’t meet your needs.

In order to make your move hassle-free, and avoid some of the most common mistakes when searching for storage solutions, make a detailed moving checklist in advance. Do you want to pack for storage yourself? Or do you want to hire professional packers? Evaluate which services you might need your mover to provide you with, and ask for a cost estimate. Therefore, you will be able to meet both your deadline and budget.

Find the best solution for keeping your belongings safe by avoiding some of the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit:

  • Renting a unit of the wrong size or type.
  • Not creating the unloading and placement plan for the unit.
  • Failing to research the storage facility and visit it prior to renting a unit.
  • Not creating a detailed packing and labeling plan is one of the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit.

Evaluate what size and type of a storage unit you need

Renting a storage unit that will barely fit all of your belongings may work at first. However, a few months after the move you might visit the unit just to grab just a few items. With a cluttered and overpacked storage unit, you will most likely have to waste some time taking out the boxes out of the unit before you reach the ones you need. In order to avoid one of the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit, evaluate the size and type of the unit well in advance. Keep in mind that creating a narrow aisle might be more than helpful later on. Therefore, find a unit that is slightly bigger than you need. This way you will able to organize your belongings and easily reach them at any time.

Damaged books due to mistakes when renting a storage unit
Avoid any damages to your belongings

Some of your belongings, like paintings, documents, pictures, and antiques might require special storage conditions. Wrong packaging and temperature changes can cause permanent damage to your valuables. Therefore, consider renting a climate controlled unit that is located in a safe, secured and monitored facility. If you are moving and have hired a reputable mover like City Moving & Storage MN, ask your relocation expert for an advice. Moving companies with years of experience can provide you with a great storage solution. Or refer you to a reliable storage facility or a warehouse.

Do you have a plan for organizing the unit?

Having a neatly organized unit will keep your belongings safe and allow you to easily reach the items you need. Therefore, to save yourself some trouble a few months after the move plan the unloading and organizing process in advance. Create a placement plan. Decide on which boxes should be placed in the front and which ones can be in the back.

a woman writing her storage plan
Keep your unit organized with a detailed placement plan

Make sure the items you need often are right next to the entrance of your storage unit. The whole process will be much easier if you inform your mover about the plan as well. Therefore, they will be able to load their truck in the most efficient way for you to organize the unit. However, if you are moving your items yourself, make sure to load the truck properly.

Avoid storage stress and research the facility in advance

One of the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit is to find a facility that is closest to your new home. Renting it without any prior research. If you don’t need to visit the unit often, having your belongings close to your home won’t be an advantage. The thing that you need to carer the most is whether the facility is safe. By finding secured and reputable storage units Burnsville you can move with peace of mind by knowing your belongings are safe and well taken care of.

In order to find a reliable storage facility, do an initial research. Go online and search for the reviews on reliable rating websites like Yelp. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. If you are new in town, your new colleagues can be a valuable source of information as well. Prior to renting a unit visit the facility and ask detailed questions on their rates, security and work hours.

Improper packing is one of the most common mistakes when renting a storage unit

If you are packing for storage yourself, gather the supplies well in advance. Make sure you get quality moving boxes that can support the weight of your belongings. Consider raising the boxes a few inches above the floor by using pallets. Therefore, you will make sure your items are safe.

Make sure you stay organized and create a detailed packing plan. Failing to label the storage boxes is yet another among common mistakes when renting a storage unit. In order to avoid clutter and easily reach your items later on, clearly label the boxes and crates in your storage unit.

a box packed for storage
Protect your belonging by making a packing plan