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Moving to Bloomington with ease

So, some changes happened in your life and you decided to move to Bloomington. Whether you want to further your education, start a career or have a better job opportunity you really do not want any stress and mistakes while moving. In this article, we will talk about some steps you can take in order to make moving to Bloomington as stressless as it can get. If you follow our tips and tricks, you will surely avoid making mistakes that can cost you more money and time.

Finding the right moving company

One of the most important things to do before moving is to find the perfect relocation company. You probably already heard about cases where people were scammed for their money and sometimes for their stuff. There are a lot of bad things that can happen with shady companies such as:

  • Having hidden costs they do not talk about
  • Handling your belongings without care, so you end up with damaged and broken stuff
  • Prolonging the moving process to get more money
Cartoon person watching out for scammers on lap top
Watch out for scammers

The basic traits of any respectable moving companies include having a good customer service, latest equipment, and professional workers. If you wish to interview your movers before moving to Bloomington, we recommend to talk with their support and ask them about everything you want to know. Every moving company in Bloomington that holds to its reputation will answer your questions and special requests, if you have one.

What to do before moving to Bloomington

Now, there are a couple of steps you can do before the moving day arrives. And one of the main things to do is ask yourself what items do you really need in your new home? There are several ways you can get rid of unnecessary stuff. What you can do is:

  • Donate the items you do not want to the needy
  • Organize a yard sale before moving to Bloomington
  • Few days before moving, organize a cookout. That way you can avoid throwing away excess food.

Organizing a yard sale can help you greatly in getting rid of the items you do not want. And at the same time, you can even get some extra cash you will probably need, just in case. Always ask your friends, family or neighbors for help with your packing and reorganizing. That’s where the cookout comes in handy. It is surely a way of saying thank you to your friends for helping you. If by any chance, you simply do not have enough “man power” to help you with tasks, ask your local movers in Minneapolis for help, they will surely come and help you. Whether by carrying away the items you do not need or help you with packing stuff that requires a special way of packing.

Junk in a yard sale organized before moving to Bloomington
Organize a yard sale before moving to Bloomington

Picking the right moving boxes and packing materials 

Take time when organizing your relocation. If you are doing everything last minute it can only cause more troubles. Next step in organizing a stressless moving to Bloomington is to find perfect moving boxes and materials you can use for packing your items.  When it comes to boxes, make sure you measured your items precisely before packing. You really do not need any empty space in boxes when loading them to the truck. It can only cause damage to your items. Also, you can ask your movers if they have any special reusable boxes you can use. There are certain ways of getting free cardboard boxes, that can be useful when packing less breakable items. Remember to always pack sturdier boxes in the bottom of the truck and those fragile ones on top of them.

Materials used for packing can be found in your house and in everyday use. Beside professional material used by moving companies you can also use:

  • Old newspapers, good for packing glass items and filling oddly shaped empty spaces
  • Old clothing such as towels, blankets, Tshirts etc. Use them to protect your wooden furniture from damage.
  • Smaller pieces of foam and sponges can also be used when you need to protect your items from damage and breaking.
a sponge
Use sponges to cushion fragile items

Label your boxes

The greatest thing you can do for yourself before moving to Bloomington is to label your moving boxes. The last thing you want to have is the chaos revolving around not knowing which box holds what. Best way to do this is to take a black permanent marker and write on the boxes what they hold inside. Don’t be lazy, do the same in your notepad as well. Having double lists just makes it more secure you packed right.

Green marker pen
Use a permanent marker to label moving boxes

Choosing the right storage unit

Using the right boxes and labeling them correctly is just half the job before moving. There will surely be some items you simply can’t move on the exact day of the moving. That is why is important to find a good storage unit in Minneapolis.  There are certain conditions every good storage unit must have in order to be a good one. They should be dry and moist free, and yet have enough draft to bring in the fresh air and suck out the old one. Moisture can only damage your furniture or any other items that can be affected by it. Also, make sure you use wooden pallets as a base for the items in your designated storage unit. They will be there for some time, so it is best to be sure they are safe and secure.

Always consider getting a moving insurance

Sure, this is one of those things most people will overlook as something unnecessary, but don’t be one of them. This way you can be at ease your items are insured from any possible damage that can occur during your relocation process. You are not paying only for your moving insurance, you are also getting a peace of mind knowing that if any damage happens, insurance got it covered.

These are what we consider to be basic steps you can take in making your moving to Bloomington stressless.  If you already have any experience yourself, feel free to share them with us. We happily await your feedback! Please, give us your opinions in the comment section down below.