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Most popular art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Twin Cities are famous for their art and culture. Therefore, this is the home to nation’s first sculpture garden, world-class museums, and even the bizarre House of Balls. No wonder art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul are so numerous. Moving to Minnesota will expose you to an amazing culture of openness to the natural world, great outdoors and fine and contemporary arts. The Twin Cities will selflessly give you murals, world-class museums, inspiring art fairs, Broadway shows and one giant spoon! If you have just moved here, this is a great way to settle in and get a feel of the atmosphere. Let’s look at our pick of the most popular art galleries in Twin Cities. After best museums in Minneapolis, art galleries should be a priority, as they offer a clear dissection of the current art scene in Minnesota. 

art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul lady looking at a picture
No wonder Twin Cities have so many art galleries.

Art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul from A to Z – AZ Gallery

This is a beautiful gallery in the heart of Saint Paul. AZ Gallery is a an artists’ cooperative, owned and run by its members. There is a permanent art exhibition in the Member section of the gallery. The yearly program consists of monthly rotations of guest artists, group shows, invitationals and juried exhibitions. A favorite among visitors is the newly expanded gift shop. Gifts @AZ is an eclectic showcase of jewelry, pottery, glass, textiles, accessories, cards and gifts made by more local guest artists. So even if you can’t afford the big stuff, at least you can walk out with a little piece of art.

Art Resources Gallery

The Gallery boasts with the largest and most unique collection of original and limited edition artwork available in the Twin Cities. Their experienced staff of art consultants are there to help with your “art needs”. They have assembled a diverse collection of original oil and acrylic paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, ceramics and more. The wide offer puts it in the top of art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul. Art Resources Gallery organizes several exhibits each year that showcase collectible artists as well as up and coming artists from the Twin Cities. So, if you have just moved to St. Paul, and you are looking for new art pieces to freshen up your living space-this is the place to visit!

Bockley Gallery

In the Minneapolis’ Kenwood district is located Bockley Gallery where you can see folk and native art. Although, you could never tell this by the overall design of the place. The interior is stripped down to bare minimum and the facade is taken up by a giant glass window. Once you go inside you will understand why this is. The bare interior only emphasizes the colorful works of art, which look like little explosions of life itself on the walls. Bockley Gallery hosts a diverse and impressive names from the art world. From Native American artists Frank Big Bear, Star Wallowing Bull and Francis Yellow, to Serbian-born artist Zoran Mojisilov. This is definitely one of best places for young artists to visit in the Twin Cities.

art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul
Bockley Gallery exhibits native and folk art

Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery simply offers-traditional, impressionist and modern. On the other hand, what sets them apart from the rest of art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul are the masterworks. The gallery collects masterpieces from Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Miro, Warhol and more. It is located in the historic Camelot Castle and studio of world-renowned artist Bill Mack. Visitors will encounter a dark interior with brightly lighted artwork on the walls. Gilded frames emphasize the museum-quality even more, adding to the luminescence  of the exhibit.

Murals and Art in Public Spaces

Art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul aren’t the only source of art here. Therefore, Twin Cities are famous for their murals and art exhibits in public spaces such as parks. Someone said it nicely: “Art is literally spilling onto our streets in the form of commissioned murals.” Hence, the most famous one is the giant mural depicting Bob Dylan, done by the famous Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. The mural showcases the legends carrier through portraits of him at different ages.

Murals are a favorite art form in the Twin Cities.

Murals are such a popular art form in the Twin Cities. Hence, there are so many beautiful art pieces adorning facades and parking walls. Therefore, the best part is-it costs you nothing to visit this places. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Gorditas El Gordo building – 207 East Lake St
  • Juxtaposition Arts building – 1108 West Broadway Ave
  • Paddling Squirrels – 1029 Marshall St NE
  • Sheridan Room restaurant – 339 13th Ave. NE
  • Shark Attack – 501 Cedar Ave S
  • Tromp-L’oeil – side of Theatre in the Round

Moving to St. Paul or Minneapolis represent a great change in your life. On the other hand, the stress of change is lighten by the fact you came to live here. The Twin Cities are diverse in every way. Therefore, they offer everything from best sports bars to some of the best art exhibits in the nation. Hence, it will be hard to not get affected by the love of art. You will never run out of soul-food here. Not only that there are 55 museums here, but there are numerous art galleries in Minneapolis & St. Paul as well. Or you can simply make a checklist of all the murals in the Twin Cities and make it a field day. It would be fun to explore a city in this way, plus there’s plenty of bars along the way.