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Best places for young artists in Twin Cities

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are becoming more and more inviting to the “formidable” generation called “millennials”. This due to the cities vibrant visual arts community among many other cool things. The state isn’t lacking in places for young artists in Twin Cities, as well as art connoisseurs. Visitors get to pick among numerous galleries, exhibitions, and museums. Minneapolitans are proud to share more than a dozen of their large art, cultural, science, and historical museums. Twin Cities can freely brag about their four large ballet, dance, and folk dance companies as well. Let’s not forget filmmakers groups and numerous theater companies. Moving to Twin Cities is definitely a good idea if you come from the field of culture and arts. Here you will find a fertile ground for your artistic vision.

places for young artists in Twin Cities
Twin Cities are very welcoming to artists and people who enjoy art in general.

Places for young artists in Twin Cities begin at YAI

Young Artist Initiative is a creative community where young people flourish on and off the stage. The organization’s goal is to educate young theater enthusiasts by offering free programs. Low cost or free theater tickets, free classes and scholarships are also available. YAI celebrates the creative potential of every child in the best possible way while bridging communities through volunteer involvement. Their mission is the belief: “that the arts should be accessible to all young people regardless of their race, beliefs or economic status”. YAI is trying to change the fact that a lot of young artists miss out on opportunities during their education due to high tuition asked by other art groups.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for places for young artists in Twin Cities or you want to offer your support by volunteering or even donating. YAI is the place to be especially if you just moved to town with your family. Occupy your teenagers with something great that they can perceive over the summer. This will also help them adjust to the new environment. Minnesota has some of the liveliest summers especially with its top events in Twin Cities, designed for families as well as young individuals. Also, Twin Cities is second only to New York City in live theater per capita and the third largest in the nation.

The art of Twin Cities’ art galleries

Vibrant visual arts community spreads throughout both downtown and surrounding areas, offering numerous places for young artists in Twin Cities to explore their artistic vision. The galleries are plentiful and diverse, inviting art lovers of any kind to join the community. Here are some of the most popular ones.

places for young artists in Twin Cities
Twin cities are bursting with galleries.

Art Resources Gallery

Offers one of the largest and most unique art collections in Twin Cities and is a perfect place to start. The gallery has showrooms in International Market Square and the Galleria featuring a mishmash of artistic mediums. Visitors will get to enjoy an array of original oil and acrylic paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, ceramics and more. Come here and experience the bulk of what is currently in the Twin Cities’ art department.

AZ Gallery

This is a unique artistic community that offers rotating and permanent exhibits all year-round. Housed on the ground floor of the Northern Warehouse in Lowertown St. Paul, the gallery represents an artist cooperative, run by its members who also exhibited there. AZ Gallery features visiting artists as well and on monthly bases, there is also a charming gift shop if you can’t afford the art itself.

Bockley Gallery

Todd Bockley is the home of folk and native arts, which can be gazed at through the gallery’s large front window. The venue is located in the residential corner of Minneapolis’ Kenwood district. The gallery is housing some big names in the Native American Arts such as  Frank Big Bear, Star Wallowing Bull, and Francis Yellow. Even though this should be a setting for native or folk art, the gallery is rather modern with its minimalist interior and contemporary settings.

Best places for exhibits in Twin Cities

As a young artist in search of inspiration, Twin Cities is a great place to be, especially with what is some of the best museums in Minneapolis! The favored number one has to be the Minneapolis Institute of Art, with its traditional museum setting. This reputable institution offers a more classical concept. This makes it a great place for young artists in Twin Cities to learn about art history. If you are looking for something more contemporary go to Walker Art Center. This is the place to be to experience modern art in MN, and its famous Sculpture Garden is a must, in spite of being so touristy.

places for young artists in Twin Cities
Get your art inspiration at one of Twin Cities museums.

What best way to learn about someone than to learn about his history and tradition.  American Swedish Institute is a charming museum dedicated to Minnesota’s Scandinavian roots. This is also one of best places for young artists in Twin Cities to explore a different kind of tradition and culture. Also, a good idea is the rather small Museum of Russian Art. It will enable you to experience the riches of Russian culture without the expenses of a costly trip. Young artists interested in photography should visit the MPLS Photo Center. Whilst industrialists should check out the old Mill City Museum. 

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

MCAD found its way to our list of best places for young artists in Twin Cities, quite predictably. The famous school opened its doors in a late 19th century. Since then it has been a constant leader in fine arts, design, entrepreneurship, and sustainability education. The college offers a diverse and inviting environment for young forward-thinking individuals.

places for young artists in Twin Cities
MCAD is the place to be for young artists in Twin Cities

Search for moving companies in Minnesota might have dampened your artistic inspiration. Picking the right one will make your relocation as stress-free as possible. Thus enabling you to focus on what matters. If your decision to move here was in search of arts, we hope we got you covered with our list of best places for young artists in Twin Cities. If this is not the case, pay attention anyway. Our list offers exciting places for all to see.