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Moving to St. Paul in one week

Moving to St. Paul?

It doesn’t really matter why it’s happening if you’re sure it’s happening. Either your boss stormed your office saying that you will have to go and save the St. Paul office. It could be that the love of your life is there, and you’re now sure that this is it. Moving to St. Paul, and thus moving to the Twin Cities, because you just really want a change of scenery, and St. Paul was the random place your finger landed on?

da li radi?
Winter is a trademark around here.

Whichever the case, few people know a lot about St. Paul, moving there or not. So if you have been given a short notice to relocate to St. Paul, and you wish to get some first-hand info about the place – you’re in the right place.

Moving to St. Paul – Thumbs Up?

St. Paul doesn’t experience God knows how much tourism. This is why the overall knowledge of the place isn’t all that grand. One recent event spiced things up a bit – the Super Bowl LII, at the U.S. Bank Stadium. It wasn’t only a victory for the Eagles, but for the city as well. It put Minneapolis and St. Paul respectively on the map, and many people came to it to witness the game.

But if it weren’t for the Super Bowl, be honest… Would you know anything about the place? We can all agree that each city will be a combined product of its heritage, tradition, history, geography and its residents.

If we look at the history aspect, St. Paul began its story as a military post and trading settlement. But this is in the past. St. Paul is a different story today.

Tons of Jobs

The first thing I like to mention when trying to speak highly of this place is the number of jobs you can find. St. Paul is the better half of Minneapolis, and as such (in combination) will offer numerous jobs. Plenty of very famous and good companies are located here. Some of them being Target, General Mills, Best Buy, Cargill, Medtronic and many others.

Some would call this place a hub for marketing and advertising, being able to compete with New York City even. The pay probably won’t be as high as it would be in New York City, but the price of living will not be as high either. It all balances out and you are given a chance for a very solid life in here.

It’s Cold Though

However, in spite of having a very hefty amount of job opportunities, it’s cold. Like, very cold. The winters are ruthless. And, even though I love the place, winters need to be mentioned. This is probably, also, one of the few things people know about the place before ever coming here.

The winters are really bad, and they last forever. I mean, it is like the Game of Thrones winter. Pretty bad. The temperature I’ve seen in here went to even negative 50. There was ice everywhere. It’s horrible to drive in. I usually have 2-3 little skids per winter. Nobody ever got hurt, thankfully. You could say that it limits you socially since it is a bother to reach any place. The city does an impeccable job of keeping the planes and buses moving on time, but it’s still painful.

On the Upside, the Beer is Good

Beers are awesome.
Beers are awesome.

To brighten up the mood a tad – the winters are bad but the beer is good.  One could say that the place is on par with Denver and Portland. Some of the breweries that you will want to see are Surly, Indeed, New Glarus, Tin Whiskers, and so forth. The beers are simply good, and you’ll always have something new to try each weekend. Some people say that the water here is better which makes the beer better. I highly doubt such stories, but it gives cool flavor to it. Be as it may, the beer is quite good. 

Your Infrastructure Loves You

The infrastructure is here for the people.
The infrastructure is here for the people.

One of the best parts about this place is the fact that the infrastructure is set towards human needs. Moving to St. Paul will not mean moving to a place where you can’t cross the street for weeks, and I love this! The infrastructure genuinely cares about the humans that live here. For instance, I naturally assumed that this place will be a car must have place. Gravely mistaken I was. The bus system is amazing, it gets you wherever you wish to go. The light rail system is also on spot. Basically, you might end up never needing a car. You’ll get anywhere with ease. It is just, overall, a very comfortable place to live in.

Winters are Bad… But Summers are Amazing!

The winters can be really bad, but once its over (whenever that may be) the spring and summer are glorious and well earned. You’ve paid the price by living through the blizzards, and now you get the beautiful sunny weather on the chain of lakes located all around. The amount of people that will pop out is also large. Bikers, runners, people sitting down, hikers, they will be everywhere. Sometimes a bit overwhelming too.

About the Winter…

This should have stayed within the winter paragraph, but I wished to conclude the article with this bit. You need to find a way to go out in the winter. If you find a solid source of entertainment and social events that you can attend, the winter might end up being not so bad.

Find a bar, restaurant or a place where you can skim a quick walk. Get into some winter sports like cross-country skiing, or ice fishing. If you can find something to do every weekend or every couple of nights, you’ll be solid and the winter will become a breeze.

Moving to St. Paul means moving to a “Midwest place”, meaning that you’ll have standard elements: casseroles-baking, family-first and flunky accents. It’s great. I loved it and I continue to love it. You need to smell it and taste it on your own. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough food for thought.

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