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How to pack fine art for storage

Being an artist in Minnetonka has its own benefits. There are a lot of ups and other benefits as well. Furthermore, being a productive artist requires a lot of space for your art. Especially if you decide to rent a storage unit for your art. Learn here how to pack fine art for storage on your own! And just like that, move them to a better location until you sell them for a good price!

Find a perfect storage unit

When you are set on a goal to pack fine art for storage units, you first find a proper unit. Storage units that are meant for art are very different than the rest of them. It all depends on what kind of art you are storing. But one of the main factors that play a good role in this process are:

  • How secure is the storage unit? Packing your art properly is just a small part of the storing. You must find a unit with a good lock and security. Not to mention a video surveillance at all time. Consider storage units Minnetonka for the best security you can find/
  • A good air flow is a must in every unit. Constant fresh air prevents mould and other issues.
  • A good anti hazardous system. Especially fire proof sparkles and a good wiring.
A boy and a girl browsing the internet before they pack fine art for storage
Search for the proper storage unit before you pack fine art for storage

Hire a moving company to transport it 

After you find a suitable storage unit you must find a professional art moving company. It is very important that they are specialized in this sort of relocation. Any other company that doesn’t have the necessary equipment and experience will only damage your precious art. Have that in mind while searching for professional moving companies Minnetonka MN. These companies will surely bring your items to your designated storage safe and sound.

Preparing your art for a storage unit

It depends what you are storing in the first place. But, always start with cleaning your art. Get yourself a new and very soft cloth and dust off all the parts of your art. If you have any metal or wooden parts, then use metal or dust polish. Have in mind that there are different kinds of coats. So it depends on the material you use in your art to know what polisher you will buy. This will certainly stop any unnecessary dust from covering your art, as well as rust. In the end, if you are too afraid to do it yourself, ask your movers. A professional art moving company will surely pack your art properly and with care. This is just one of the upsides of art moving companies. They have a lot of experience in the art moving sector, and you should not worry. Proceeding to pack yourself have other issues. For example, you must know that all materials you use have to be acid-free. Why acid-free? Because materials with any acid in them age faster and will ruin your art in no time.

A painting of a lighthouse
Take special care when you pack paintings

How to transport your art

After you found a perfect storage and packed your art, it is time to transport it. Here you will find all the necessary steps of a successful art transport. Any long drive, even short one, will have either some sudden brakes or road bumps. It is necessary to safely secure your art and not let ti move around.  We recommend that you place your art on a secure base. If you are transporting paintings, place them on the edge. Otherwise, something can fall and ruin your painting. Use materials you are sure they won’t harm the art. For example some fine paper for wrapping, and then a rope for security. Confetti is good for padding in packing boxes. Have in mind, do not transport anything else with you except your art. You risk your art without any reason. Keep that back of the car or van clean from other stuff when you are loading artwork. Valuables must be kept in a good environment all the time to maintain their value. Good packing materials are necessary for a good protection. Collect proper supplies and materials for packing before you head on to the storage unit.

An image of confetti
Use confetti to pad fragile artwork

Preparing the storage for moving in

After you pack fine art for storage, you are ready to head out to the storage unit. Now first things first, if by any chance the unit isn’t ready by the company, you will have to do it. Make sure everything is cleaned. And we do mean cleaned, like dusted and polished. Do not risk any dust particles. They can seriously damage your artwork. Next step is to leave it open for a while. That will make all the bad air out, and a good fresh air in. Next step is to put proper material on the floor. Use wooden pallets, as they are perfect for that job. This is the best way to protect your artwork from any possible floods. Placing them on top of the wooden pallets also allows a constant flow of air. Which is very important for any storage unit to have. Try to avoid mistakes that can seriously damage your items. For they are a number 1 cause of ruined art. And you really do not want that.

wooden pallets stockpiled
Place wooden pallets on the floor of your storage unit

Taking care of art is serious business and very demanding. If you opt for a DIY way then this article will help you a lot. After reading it you will pack fine art for storage like a professional. Without any worries about them being damaged in the transportation or storing process. Share a tip or two if you are a seasoned artwork storing veteran! We are eager to hear from you all!