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Makings of decent art handlers

As an upcoming artist it very important to find professional and experienced art handlers. If you are planning to move to the Twin Cities. The last thing you would want to happen is to get your art-damaged and rendered uselessly. Let us present you with the best traits of professional art moving companies. As one of the best ways to recognize reliable art movers.

 Professional art handlers carry protective boxes

When it comes to transporting your artwork, you surely wouldn’t want to pack it in paper and other boxes that can easily damage your art. All respectable art handlers have their own special boxes designed for protecting and transporting art. When it comes to protecting artwork, art movers use special traveling frames, collars and non-abrasive materials meant for packing. There is an untold saying among art movers saying that if you damage the art it might be more expensive than the actual hiring of the professional movers

special case for art transport
Art handlers use special protective cases

Decide what is the best way to move your artwork

In the end, it all depends on how far your destination is. Every professional art movers think about local and long distance moving. And this sometimes comes as a difficult choice. Because you must decide which is the best and safest way to transport your items.  There are a lot of fine art moving choices you can choose from such as:

  • Flight courier is the fastest means of art transportation today
  • Shipping by sea is one of the most cost-effective means of art relocation
  • Using land courier is the most commonly used method by art handlers.

But, before you decide which is the best method for art transportation consider what your budget allows you to do.

Image of wallet
Consider your budget when choosing the method of the art transport

Art moving companies have special storage units

This is the most important part of art handling. Artwork requires special conditions for transporting and storing. This is why every respectable art moving company has art dedicated storage units. These storage units are specially made for storing fragile paintings and sculptures. They all have a good ventilation system that prevents moisture to happen. And a very good fire prevention system.  But that is not the only condition a good art storing unit must have. They are also equipped with the latest anti-theft system. They all use special kind of locks, doors and CCTV cameras all around the storage unit. That way your artwork is protected not only against the elements but from theft as well. But you shouldn’t worry as every Twin Cities movers have these kinds of storage units in their possession.

Storage for art used by art handlers
There is a special storage for artwork

Preparation of art moving

Almost all art handlers will require you to write down a condition of your artwork. As a way to make sure you are well aware of its condition before they move it. This is just one of the ways they protect you and themselves from something bad.  A detailed report describes the precise condition and if there is something you should take a better care off. These reports are a kind of a moving insurance you take. Once you make a detailed report and description of your art, comes the most important part of it. Packing artwork takes time and must be done with care. For example, there are a lot of types of wrappings used for covering artwork. It all depends on how delicate your artwork is.  Best and proper way to transport paintings and other 2D art is to strap them firmly in the truck and cover them with cardboard. As it is the best solution for preventing any damages made by moving.  Always talk with your local movers in Minneapolis and St. Paul on what to do and how much it might cost you.

Pen and paper
Make a detailed report on the condition of your art

Preparing and packing sculptures

When it comes to sculpture transportation, this is no easy task. Sculptures often cover a vast array of artwork. Before you transport your sculptures, know how transport affects them. Also, learn what are the weak spots of your sculptures. Art handlers can take care of your artwork, but they also need to know every bit of information about it. That way they can know what they must do and what should they be aware of. When they come across a fragile and porous material, they always use gloves. Sometimes even light skin touch can damage sculptures beyond repair. But if by any chance they do not posses gloves, always tell them to use ones or provide them with gloves yourself. More sturdy sculptures can easily be protected by other soft pads like sponges or specially designed cases meant for sculpture transport.

Sculpture of a woman
Use gloves when handling sculptures

Art movers and reputation

If you are not certain about your art handlers then try to find out with local galleries and museum about what art movers they hire. Most of the time they will be more than happy to assist and help you and provide you with their pieces of advice and experiences. Know that every reliable art moving company have a rich experience with art moving behind them. But on the other hand, specialized movers, like in this case, are already well experienced and equipped with the latest technology and methods of art handling. Their website will show you all the information you need to know about them. But in any case, you should always be aware of the characteristics of fraudulent movers.

When planning to move your art to another museum or gallery it is very important to find reliable art handlers. As one of the best ways to be certain your artwork will arrive on time and intact. We presented you with what we think are the best traits of reliable art movers. If you wish to add more information on this, write it down in the comment section down below. We are eager to hear from you any time soon!