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How to keep your kids safe while moving

Keeping your kids safe and uninjured should be your number one priority without even talking about it. Still, when relocating your family, there are unexpected situations that may happen. Solely for that reason, we are saving some time to talk about how to keep your kids safe while moving. It only takes a moment for an accident to happen, and it is a known fact that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here is where we will cover all the steps of precaution measures you can take to prevent any injury to your kids.

What to do when packing

There is a number of things to think about when packing for a move. Your children will be close and if you are occupied too much with what to pack and how anything could happen. Relocation is hard on its own, and you will be busy with many important things. One of the suggested steps to keep your kid safe while moving is to hire local movers Minneapolis. You will have more time to spend on your children, and you will not be occupied with packing your belongings.

However, here are a couple of things to pay special attention if you are packing yourself:

  • dangerous packing materials
  • packing fragile items
  • packing sharp or heavy items

Everything is a toy to a kid

Everything is a toy to a small child, so be sure to keep all dangerous packaging materials out of their reach. Scissors, paper cutters or utility knives should be in a secured box or placed high on a shelf.

Keep the bubble wrap and packing wrap from the floor. Kids may slip when you are not watching. Moving with a toddler is not easy, you have to watch them at all times.

Keep your kids safe while moving by packing knives when they are not around

Sharp objects and breakables

To keep your kids safe while moving, pay special attention when packing sharp objects. Knives are dangerous even to adults, so be sure that you have your child in a safe location. Same goes for packing breakable items, like glasses or plates. Things fall and break, and if your child is crawling around your legs when it happens, there is a possibility that they will cut themselves.

For this reason, it is best to put your kid in a playpen or give them their favorite toy to play. You might even consider sending them to a friends party to play with other kids while you pack.

Another bright idea is to have them help packing soft things like pillows or clothes. This way they will feel involved and independent. Your kids will feel special because they are helping in this crucial process of packing. It will be easier to keep your kids safe while moving if they are calm and satisfied.

Snacks and drinks

A great way to keep your kids safe while moving is to give them some snacks and kids’ drinks. They will be occupied with sweet treats, but do not give them too much. It is not healthy for them to eat a lot of candy.

On the road

Keeping your kids safe in your home is easy. But to keep your kids safe while moving is much more demanding while you are driving. Many things can go wrong, so make sure that you prepare your car for the road. However, do not be afraid, there are a lot of options for you that will help you to keep your kids safe while moving.

Always wear a seat-belt in a car, especially if you are pregnant

Keep the seatbelt tight

When your child is in a car, always make sure that the seatbelt is tightly fastened. When you lock it on, pull the seatbelt with your hand. If it can move more than a few inches, you need to tighten it. Also, think about installing a child car safety seat.

Secure any boxes in the car

If there are any boxes placed in the inside of your car, you need to secure them tightly. You do not want any boxes flying around when you brake.

Keep your kids occupied

The last thing you want while driving a car is your child crying or being nervous. When the D day arrives, you need to prepare your children for the road. You will not be able to concentrate on driving and this is dangerous for everyone. This is how the accidents happen. Keep your kid occupied by finding something for them to do so they are not bored. Bring their favorite toy with you, or give them a tablet or a phone to play some games or watch cartoons.

A child-seat should be a priority in your car

Have a rest time

If you are the only designated driver, schedule some rest time for you. To rest from driving is especially important if you are moving long distance. If you have a companion who can drive, make sure that you switch from time to time. You will stay fresh and fully concentrated.

If you are using a moving company

If you decided to hire local movers St. Paul, check with them for any suggestions on how to keep your kids safe while moving. They are experienced, and they may have some bad or good examples. If you have professional packers moving in and out of your house all day, carrying boxes and bulky items, do not let your kid wander around the house. Packers may not see your child, and it will also be in the way, slowing the loading process.

Best would be to go out for a walk or have your child with you at all times.

Keep your kids safe while moving

We gave you some general tips and suggestions on how to keep your kids safe while moving. The best practice is always to have them by your side, and plan everything ahead. If you make a packing plan and the driving route with your kids’ safety in mind, you will always be aware of the possible situations that may arise.

We wish you a safe trip!