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How to prepare your children for moving day?

We all know how much work there is revolving around the moving process. With all the planning revolving around moving to Minnesota from other states. This is especially hard if you have small kids that can, unfortunately, slow you down. As if the process of packing and relocating isn’t stressful enough, you have to take care of your kids at the same time! But do not worry! This isn’t as scary as you probably think it is. Here we will talk about all the ways you can prepare your children for moving day! So when they moving day comes, your little angels will be ready for it!

Time is important if you wish to prepare your children for moving day

Yes the title is longer than it should be, and it sounds boring to you, our reader. But that is the point! Unlike adults who can instantly decide and prepare themselves for moving day, kids need time. Your children must know about your plans in advance because they already build their own little world. Give them enough time to prepare for the relocation. We all know how actually simple all that is, but to them, it is a very complicated situation. They probably do not understand the why’s about the relocation. Give them time to think about it, as much as you can. And try to understand them, after all, they will ask you all kinds of questions. Keep your answers as simple as you can. This is especially important if you are planning a long distance moving to Minnesota. They probably can’t comprehend why they have to cross so much to move, but in time they will understand. So it is a good thing to know what services long distance movers Minneapolis offer. Therefore, make it easier to plan on how to prepare and explain to your kids why you are moving.

Father and daughter
Prepare your children for moving day at least a month before relocating

Relocating with preschoolers and toddlers

Most of the time this is the easiest move. The reason why this is not so hard lies in the fact they are too young to understand why you are moving. As in too young to ask questions and not take it too much as a shock why you are changing location. These little kids need the least help on coping with their moving anxiety. But in the end, you still have o guide them through the moving process. And the best ways to do that are some of these:

  • Always have a babysitter when the moving day comes
  • Do not try to toilet train your kids with this transitional period so close
  • If by any chance your new home is very close, plan constant visits with your kids. Also, it is a good idea to bring some toys with them. So they will end up feeling like at home
  • Do not give away their old bedroom’s furniture. In fact, it is a smart idea to arrange their new bedroom the same way. Try to make it look the same as much as possible. Your local City Moving and Storage Minnesota movers can help you arrange the room the same way.
  • Before the moving day arrives, and you start packing their stuff, explain that you are not throwing them away. Patience is the key if you wish to prepare your child for moving day.
  • Through storytelling, try to explain why moving is good for everyone. And also, how everyone will benefit from it. They are still small and can’t comprehend complex explanations
  • While we are at explanations, keep them simple and clear. Do that as much as you can!
Baby boy on the floor
Toddlers make almost no problems with relocation

Include them in the process by giving them small tasks

The very best way to make that transitional period easier is to include them in those activities. When they feel they are a part of relocation they will adapt quickly to it. But, do not give them hard and big tasks. Tasks you give them must include things like:

  • Collecting their toys in one place
  • Packing their clothes
  • Carrying small empty boxes
  • Moving small bags that are not too heavy

Remember, not to give them too much to do. A great idea is to give them a small „to do list“. As they complete their tasks and cross them over, they will have a sense of accomplishment. Initially, getting them closer to accepting that transitional period. To be honest, you will probably have less trouble with them, than with babies. Because babies require more care than toddlers. But, if you know how to prepare a baby for a relocation, then you shouldn’t have any troubles at all.

Checklist with small tasks used to prepare your children for moving day
Include your kids in the moving process by giving them small tasks

Take them out on a field trip after the move

If you follow these tips then you will have no problem in this transitional period. To be honest, there are not that many ways you can prepare your children for moving day. Because every child reacts in their own way. You will have to modify these steps, probably, according to your child’s acceptance. But, what every kid have in common is their love for fun and games. If you want to deal with their anxiousness after moving in a proper way, then plan field trips. There are a lot of fun parks for families in Minnesota you can visit. This is a perfect opportunity to let them forget about the old home. And at the same time, adjust to the benefits of this new life. Many experts recommend this as a way of coping with their insecurities. Through fun and games, they will gain more confidence and security regarding their new life. So do not be afraid to spend some quality time with them in these parks. After all, you will enjoy them as well. There are a lot of other parenting tips and tricks for moving with kids you can learn about. In today’s fast and urban world, we must spend more time with them, in their most delicate years.

Mom and daughter hugging and smiling
Visit your new place with your kid before you move

Prepare your children for moving day the best way you can! By knowing all these steps you can follow. They will not only provide you with an easy transitional period but with less stress and more fun. Have you already moved with kids? Spare a couple of your own bits of advice other parents can use! We can wait to hear from you!