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Moving with a Baby - Escaping Troubles

Moving is a tremendously difficult task as it is. Moving with a baby increases the difficulty level by a few digits. I mean, all the heavy elements of a move remain and you can add to it sounds of a crying baby. It almost equals to an impossible circus act! Juggling boxes and managing movers whilst feeding a crying baby.

Moving with a baby is a difficult task, but if you’re able to plan ahead you will have one happy baby by your side.
Moving with a baby – nightmare or a delight? It’s up to you!

Mistakes happen, even without babies. But these mistakes are far more unforgivable when moving with a baby.

The good news is – you are not the first or the last parent to go through this. Millions of parents underwent this incredible feat of strength, and so will you. And you will retain your sanity! But in order to do so, there are a few tips and tricks you must know before starting this adventure. The best advice we can offer is to start planning all the logistics and baby proofing ahead of time, because if you have to wing it – odds are that you’re are destined for doom. There’s always a way to make your move as smooth as possible!

Speak About the Move

This works best if you have, at least, a toddler. It was found that toddlers and a bit older babies understand far more than they are given credit for. Basically, this way you will introduce your child (or children) to all the events that are about to happen. This way, they will not be surprised… Much. They will know what to expect.

If you are speaking to your toddler about the move that’s about to happen, make sure to simplify it as much as you can. Simple words are key. Also, you could find a children’s book about moving and read it to them. It would be brilliant if the book had a lot of visuals, too. One recommendation would be “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day”.

When moving with a baby try to communicate to it as best as you can everything that is happening. If they understand what’s happening they will be more receptive.
The little ones get much more than you think.

Sadly, this advice does not apply to a newborn child. The only advice about ‘communication’ with a newborn is to remain calm (or at least pretend you are calm). In most cases, small children will pick up the stressful emotions of their parents. So… The best thing you can do is breathe, regardless of how stressful it becomes.

Strategize when Moving With a Baby

When we say strategize that means that you need to plan everything ahead. Moving with a baby adds several layers of difficulty, and thus you need to be prepared for most.

The first things that need to be packed are the absolute non-essentials. Make sure you label all your boxes and first pack those things that you know you won’t be in desperate need of. The last things that need to be packed are the nursery stuff and your baby’s things. Those should be handy at all times because you never know when your little one might decide he/she wants some of them. It would be a nightmare if you had to go through 50 boxes looking for a hanky, toy or a pacifier.

Also, make sure that there is a box of essentials that will be by your side at all times. These will consist of things you really never wish to part with since you never know which of the essentials will be needed in an essential moment.

Some of these essential items are:

  • Diapers
  • Formula and Food
  • Wipes
  • Clothing
  • Bottle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Several Favorite Toys
  • Sippy Cups
  • Dirty Diaper Containers
  • Medication (if any is used)

By having this in your SOS kit, you will be covered for the most of the moving process. Having extra supplies of bottles and snacks will never be a waste of space. The trick is, keep your little one as distracted as possible. The more distracted he/she is the more time you will have to deal with the actual move. Play their favorite cartoon on your tablet, buy a new toy, let them play with some boxes. Whatever works. This is survival!

Safety First

Be wary that not all moves are ‘baby friendly’. You have to understand that, for instance, if you are about to hire a van for a DIY move, they will probably not have a seat for your child. This is why, when moving with a baby, you need to keep in mind that you must make everything baby-friendly.

Anything that could cause harm, including scissors, cleaning supplies and all sorts of furniture and tools, must be far away from your child at all times. If you will be flying with your child, make sure you read up on TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines about traveling with children. Of course, in case this is the first time your child will fly.

Stick to the Baby’s Routine

One of the key tricks parents forget is to remain consistent with the child’s routine. This means that the napping and feeding schedules must remain the same, as much as possible. When moving with a baby, these routines are in danger. If you are about to move the furniture, and its time for a nappy, it might be nearly impossible to do.

When moving with a baby – keeping a consistent routine is key. If your baby can take a nap at the same time each day there will be far less crying and drama!
Make sure to keep having those nappies on time!

Moving is stressful for us adults. Imagine how stressful it is for babies. This is where this consistency comes into play. It provides your children with the ever so needed sense of safety and security. The best way to achieve this is to try to have their naps, feedings and play time as consistent as the circumstances allow it.

Take these few strategies and try to follow them as best as you can. You will need all the help you can get when moving with a baby. This is why you can always rely on close relatives or closest friends to help out and keep an eye on your kid for a few hours. This will make everything a lot easier.

For everything else, feel free to contact us at CMS Moving, and we’ll try to help as best as we can!

Good luck!