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Top amusement parks in Minnesota

Moving process can be very stressful. Whether it is a long distance moving or local, you will have a lot of tasks you must accomplish before and after the move. This amount of stress isn’t really healthy for a person, so we thought we could give you a list of top amusement parks in Minnesota. This way you can go out and have some fun with your family or by yourself. This is one of the best stress relieves you can have in today’s fast living society.

North Commons Water Park in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of those urban cities with a fast paste of lifestyle. It is not that simple to come down and settle in after moving to Minneapolis. Especially if you are coming from some other rural and small city. But do not worry! With all the excitement and fast pace lifestyle Minneapolis has, there are a lot of activities for you and your family. One of the top amusement parks in Minnesota is North Commons Water Park in Minneapolis. The reason why this wonderful water park is in our article is that of all the joy rides in it. From slow-paced ride meant for lovebirds to rides dedicated to speed loving people.

This park is dedicated to families, so of course, there are pools and activities for children as well. Shallow pools equipped with a lot of interactive activities for children will put a smile on their faces. And when you get tired, you can rest and have a drink on one of their chairs. Therefore making this park a perfect spot for a weekend relaxation and activity.

A water slide
North Commons Water Park if filled with activities for everyone

Adventure Zone in Duluth, Minnesota

If by any chance life gets you to Duluth, then you are about to visit one of the greatest amusement parks in Minnesota. This magnificent adventure zone park is meant for everyone. The activities you can attend here are various, including games for both adults and children such as:

  • Laser tags. Made around awesome stages! This is precisely the reason why this park is one of the top amusement parks in Minnesota
  • Batting Cages
  • Arcade games. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love arcade games?
  • Mini golf courses. If you are searching for that relaxing game of mini golf, or just want to work on your patting.

This is one of the greatest parks you can visit after you are done with all of the moving activities. You won’t make a mistake by visiting it after moving to Minnesota. In the end, you can always enjoy a playful time in Duluth Adventure Zone park!

a boy playing a laser tag
Top amusement parks in Minnesota have laser tags

One of the top amusement parks in Minnesota is

Bloomington is one of the most desirable cities to live in right now! And also one of the top family-friendly places for raising children as well. With parks like Water Park of America, you can only wonder what other great activities there are for your kids. There are a bunch of water activities and games for kids and adults here. The list of games here can go on and on and never end on in our article.

When you get tired of all the fun you get here, go and get some relaxing time in the spa area of the park. And when you get hungry, you can enjoy some good cooking and fast food places here as well. The Water Park of America is well prepared for every kind of visitor that arrives there. This is one of the things that makes Bloomington a great place to live in today. Don’t miss your chance of finding out more about what this magnificent city and amusement park offer.

Woman relaxing in sauna in one of the Top amusement parks in Minnesota
After a joy ride, relax in one of the spas in Water Park of America

Big Splash Minnesota Indoor Waterpark

You are into water parks and water activities, but it is too cold to do it outside? Say no more! This indoor park is open whole year round and doesn’t lack the activities outdoor parks have! Spreading across 35,000 square feet filled with water activities, fun, and attractions, this water park will leave you speechless.  Are you adrenaline lover who is looking for thrilling rides? Check out their 4 stories fast paste water slides! They will leave you breathless for sure! And right after that, enjoy a lazy ride with someone special in their Lazy River ride. As with every water park, this one is also filled with a ton of activities for children! Starting from big geysers, water blasters and huge splashes, this is non-stop fun for children! Make sure you check out this water park in Arrow Wood resort!

water slides
Check out the 4 stories high water slides

Valleyfare in Shakopee Minnesota

Our list of top amusement parks in Minnesota wouldn’t be the same without mentioning the biggest attraction, Valleyfare. Valleyfare is one of those rare places that have a huge amount of activities and festivals all over the year. Depending on the season, the theme of the park changes as well. You can have Halloween themed activities, winter activities, summer festivals and a lot more. Make sure you check out all the upcoming festivals in Valleyfare this year. We are sure you will find one for yourself and for your family. You can even book a room in nearby hotels for the few days of your stay.

There is a Great Pumpkin Fest coming up this October in Valleyfare

Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground

This is the last park on our list and it is entirely dedicated to children under the age of 12! It is located in the lower level of Central Park in Minnesota, and it is a part of the indoor park with a lot of friendly activities for children They can choose between playing, climbing, crawling and other energy consuming thing kids these days need. This adventure park is great for them and their adventurous spirit. Let the inner Indiana Jones flow through your kids and give them what they want that day. And that is an adventure of a lifetime. Filled with playful activities, you can even have lunch when you are having a break.

 Why not have a break after a long moving process? With our list of top amusement parks in Minnesota, you will surely find a perfect place where you can relax! Enjoy your free time with your loved ones and fill those batteries that you need for later challenges! Write to us if you have any other suggestion on other parks as well! Your experience will certainly help our other readers!