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How to choose the best storage for your valuables

Through life, we all tend to gather a bit more things than we actually need. As a result, we get a full house of the things we sometimes use. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could store them somewhere away from home and get them when we need them? Well, guess what? This is what storage is for. It’s the best place to keep sports equipment, vehicles, decoration, tools and anything you like. And when it comes to storing your personal belongings, it is really important to find a safe and quality storage facility. Let’s find out how to choose the best storage for your valuables.

Location is important, but not the most important

People often rush into renting a storage unit in a facility that just happens to be closest to them or the cheapest in their community. That is a rookie mistake. Instead of accepting the first offer you bump into, better get to the research. Make sure you get a handful of options that you can investigate. Have in mind that you will go to your storage by car. Therefore, maybe it’s better to drive 10 minutes longer to some possibly nicer facility. Plus, if you live in an urban or heavily populated area, you can score great deals by storing a little farther from town.

Choose the best storage, outdoor units.
Choose the storage that suits best your needs.

Check out the reviews

Nowadays, every dependable storage facility and moving company has a website. If you have already used some moving company and you feel happy with their services, you can consider using their storage units as well. Nowadays all big moving companies, such as full-service movers Bloomington MN have storage facilities. Finally, both satisfied and unsatisfied customers are often writing reviews in order to share their experiences.

Check out the storage facilities on Google Places and pay attention to the reviews. You certainly want to take reviews with a grain of salt, but if they are all bad, you may want to skip. The reviews can also give you some insight into everything the facility offers and what you may want to keep an eye out.

Ask questions

Once you make a list of good looking storage facilities, it’s time to go and take a look at the locations you’re considering. And when you get in, don’t be pressured to sign the contract right away, even if the storage manager tries to tell you that units are limited. That’ s an old trick. Actually, most companies will let you at least hold a unit overnight so you can think it over. Try to make the most of your visit by looking around and asking questions instead.

Ask to see the exact unit that you will get

Insist on seeing the actual unit you will get. If that is not possible, at least ask to see a unit on the same floor or in the same area. Some storage facilities will show you a nice and clean, unit on the floor. But instead, they will try to rent you a dirty basement unit. If this happens, be assertive! Explain that that was not a unit you signed for, and ask to speak with a responsible manager.

Antique table, clock, coffin, feather and paper.

Are there some discounts?

What most storage companies offer is the first month free or for $1. Therefore, if you are moving your belongings from an old storage unit to the new one, this will suit you. The transition will be easier and a little less painful on your wallet. But even if they don’t offer any discounts or specials, ask for it. If they don’t provide it, the next facility you visit probably will, and they are all aware of it. Hence, they could easily change their mind in order to keep you as a customer. 

How to choose the best storage for your valuables

You should really take your time to choose a secure and reputable storage facility before renting. It’s better to take a bit more time in order to choose well. Visit the site, meet the staff and check all the security features they offer. Most facilities really do make sure that their site is as safe and secure as possible, but it’s wise to see the place for yourself if you can. How to choose the best storage? Pay attention to the following things:

  • A well-maintained and clean storage
  • Option for climate controlled units
  • A secured facility with an access code for entry
  • Possibly 24/7 on-site management
  • Indoor and outdoor areas well-lit
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Individual units with their own door alarms

Special conditions for your delicate items

If you are storing delicate and fragile items, you need to have special conditions. Wooden furniture, paintings, antiques, photographs, and other valuables require a temperature controlled unit. Basically, every quality storage facility has this type of units, such as climate controlled storage units Bloomington MN. Also, make sure to pack and protect your valuables properly before storing.

If you don’t have many valuables or if they are small, you could even consider sharing a storage unit with a friend. Make sure you ask for the exact service you need. You are paying, you are choosing.

Safety first

High-level security and a good lock can protect your items successfully. But still, things like floods, fires, and burglaries can happen, and you need to be prepared if they do. Therefore, you better look into some additional storage insurance. Most of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies do cover storage, but the coverage is often quite restricted. At most of the facilities, they offer storage insurance from trusted brands and make easy to pay your premiums. They usually just include your insurance payments with your monthly rent.

As you can see, there are many factors that help you choose the best storage for your valuables. Most importantly, you need to know what you want and not leave the facility until you get it. Don’t accept anything less than best for your needs. Good luck!