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Sharing a storage unit with a friend - yes or no?

We all know about the say „sharing is caring“, but is it really the case when it comes to the storage unit. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of sharing a storage unit with a friend. Is it a good idea or bad, you can decide at the end of the article. But, we are sure this text will help you decide what is the best option for you and your friend.

Sharing a storage unit with a friend needs at least one person in charge

So you and couple of your friends or family decided you will need a storage unit. That is a very good way to save some money on common expenses that may occur. But, sharing a storage unit with a friend requires a lot of other things. You must talk about who will be in charge of the unit. Simply put, who will sign the lease? Well, the best thing you can do is to ask everyone to sign the lease with you. That way everyone will have equal responsibilities towards it.  It also ensures that your items are safe.

If by any chance you left out your name on the lease, it can induce a lot of problems. For starters, what if someone who you trust swindles you out of it. And then you lose your items and just can’t get them back because your name is not on the lease? Those are just somewhat if situations that may happen. Think about that when you decide to find a storage units Maple Grove with your friends. Always sign the lease together before renting the unit! Anything can happen! Friendships can end easily, so be aware of that before getting that unit together.

A person signing a lease after sharing a storage unit with a friend
Sharing a storage unit with a friend means signing the lease together

Paying the bills

Now the next thing you need to figure out is how can you split the bill among yourselves? Now, if your name is on the lease, you will pay the rent of the storage unit. And that’s where the story of bill paying ends. But, sharing the storage units with friends require regular payment. You must make sure you all pay your part of the rent by the due date. If you are by any chance late, you would not be able to access the unit. You will have to pay the rent or you risk getting the unit to an auction.

What if, after a while of regular payment, one friend can’t afford to pay their part of the rent? Of course, you can always pay their share, or inform the owner of the units that you can’t pay for it. You have to be aware that when you are sharing a storage unit with a friend, there is no partial paying. If you are late, your unit is locked.  Now you must pay for the friends debt as well as your.

Furthermore, it will be a difficult job if you have only your name on the lease. After some time, they will put the storage unit out for an auction. But renting a storage unit is not that bad after all. Especially if you are looking to do it when hiring a moving company. If you hire reliable movers Maple Grove MN you can have a number of options regarding storage units as well.

A man worrying about bills
Pay your storage rent in time

The benefits and negative sides of storage unit sharing

We can all agree that the biggest benefit of sharing a storage unit with a friend is saving money. If you wish to store your items somewhere, then the storage unit is the best solution. If you have full trust with your friends, and they are essentially good, then go for it. We know there are no guarantees that the other person will pay their debts, but if they are good friends then there is no problem.

Think about every possible scenario before renting a storage unit with your friend. Most importantly, before you rent a storage unit, make sure you find the right one. Take some time with your friends to find a good storage unit. There are certain characteristics of good units you must know before you rent them.

A thumb ups sign
Saving money is the biggest benefit

Negative defects of sharing a storage unit with a friend 

We mentioned before how everything in life is unpredictable. One day you are the best friends, and the next, bitter enemies. A lot of things can happen and relationships do change. The only cons of sharing a storage unit with a friend are the trust issue. What would happen in certain scenarios? We know this sounds a bit paranoid, but you have to consider every option before renting a unit. These things won’t happen probably, but why not be careful.

Another negative issue here is getting a bad unit. One of you could be in a hurry and can’t spend time searching for the unit. That’s where biggest mistakes happen! You end up renting a bad unit that probably leaks, have bad security and who knows what else. So, you should both know about the common mistakes people make when renting a storage unit. This is the best way to make sure you both got the best unit you need.

a red thumb down sign
Trust issues are a problem here

Sharing a storage unit with a friend is not an easy task. It does have its own benefits, but also negative sides as well. It all falls down to how much you trust your friends with your storage unit. Do you have any experience on this subject? Do you want to share your thoughts with us? Please, write down your opinions in the comment section down below. Your experience means a lot of help to other people who want to rent storage units with friends!