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Camping in Minnesota - where and when

Ah, the joyous activity of camping! Getting back into nature and splurging in the fresh air comes as a favorite recreation to many people. While some like to dedicate their time to pitching the perfect tent and making a flawless campfire, others love venturing into the wild, exploring the whole new world. Having said this, some of you are wondering about the best places and most adequate time for camping in Minnesota. Well, it’s good that you came along since we will go through some of our favorite picks, making your search shorter and simpler.

One of the largest parks is also a perfect place for camping in Minnesota

Wild River St. Park was home to the Dakota and Ojibwe Indian tribes for many thousands of years. Like most Minnesota parks, it is rich with history. You will find it stretching for almost 18 miles alongside the St. Croix River. We suggest you visit it during the warmer months so that you are able to enjoy all the water activities this place has to offer. However, if canoeing through some wild waters was not your thing in the first place, any other time of the year is good, as long as you don’t mind the cold. Hiking and horseback riding are one of the visitors’ favorites. Knowing that you have about 6,000 acres to explore, it’s no wonder.

A man canoeing down the river with a breathtaking view
Looks awesome, right?

Wild River State Park Campground offers more than 90 sites, a third of those providing electricity. Every site has a picnic table and a fire ring, all with plenty of space for your tent or RV. If you plan on visiting, it would be wise to make a reservation in advance, especially if the weekend is the desired time of your stay.

Plenty of reason for such a name

If you are thinking about moving to Minnesota, it might help to know that Superior National Forest can quench your thirst for camping in every single way. Established in 1909, the park is known for its history.

However, the real appeal lies in the vast and rich land. Hundreds of miles of untouched woodland come with a boreal forest ecosystem. You are free to camp here, away from larger campsites, having that Into the Wild experience, hopefully without the tragic end. If you would like a safer camping in Minnesota adventure, know that the campsites offer something for each visitor.

The biggest highlight of the park, however, is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. One million acres of wilderness is abundant with ancient remnants of primitive Earth, sure to captivate your attention. Many limits on motorized boating make the place perfect for canoeing. You are sure to have a great time during the whole year, so start packing right away.

Perfect for upbeat sailing enthusiasts

Voyageur’s National Park bears that name as a homage to the French Canadian Voyageurs. This is the first group of people who have traveled through this area and later settled in it. If you loved The Revenant, you’ll be happy to know that signs of Native Americans and fur traders are scattered all over the park. The whole area contains evidence of over 10,000 years of human life and use. Some of them include signs of mining, logging, and commercial fishing.

If we have piqued your attention, know that you will need a boat to approach campsites as well as the best scenery. If you are worried about packing all your things into the floating vessel, know that it resembles loading storage units Eden Prairie. Think about priorities and even load distribution.

When you’re ready, know that many lakes, streams and other breathtaking bodies of water are waiting for sailing enthusiasts just like you. Feel free to enjoy kayaking, canoeing and fishing. And, if you get tired of paddling, give hiking trails a chance. Fifty miles of safe roads are bound to calm your nerves and revitalize your body.

Camping in Minnesota - two people hiking through the woods
Camping in Minnesota goes hand in hand with adventurous hiking trails

Setting it apart

Voyageur’s National Park is also great for winter visits, with many programs and activities to keep you occupied. Some of these include:

  • snowmobile
  • cross-country skiing
  • ice road automobiles
  • ice-fishing
  • snowshoe trails

The National Park Service is hosting a series of events at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. They start in January, so make sure to put it in your schedule.

What it lacks in youth, it makes up for in popularity

Itasca State Park has been there for your leisure since 1891, making it the oldest state park in Minnesota. It is also one of the people’s favorite place for camping in Minnesota. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise once you know that the park stretches over 32,000 acres of land. It offers an abundance of activities. Our favorite places for enjoying those adventures include:

  • Itasca State Park Trails
  • Itasca State Park Beach
  • Mississippi Headwaters

With over 300 campsites throughout the park, a hundred of those including electricity and internet access, you will surely find your perfect spot. If you are a fan of group camping, Itasca State Park offers special group campsites, ideally suited for such occasions. Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center is just neat the Itasca Lake, offering more information about the lake and the park, for anyone interested.

Safety note

Minnesota’s breathtaking environment is flourishing with wildlife. While camping and hiking, don’t be surprised at the sight of a deer, elk, bison, or badgers. Foxes, rabbits, weasels, and raccoons are also frequently spotted. However, besides these cute and rather harmless animals, know that cougars, bobcats, lynxes, wolves, and even black bears are known to roam the land. Their goal? Looking for their next meal. There were not many cases of interaction in the recent past, but you should still stay alert and keep that number of incidents low.

Although camping in Minnesota during the whole year is possible, know that winters get especially cold. Get proper gear and information that can make camping during winter feasible and pleasant.

Mosquitoes usually are the one big downside of camping in Minnesota. However, there is a way to go around this issue and ensure a safe stay. Make sure to bring clothes that cover well and a quality bug mosquito repellent spray.

A moose making noise
His way of welcoming the guests

We hope that this text has helped you make your final decision. Know that you are now ready, set and adequately informed to have a wonderful time in the glorious wilderness of Minnesota.