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Adapting to Minnesota weather - a quick guide

When you decide to move you will have to deal with a lot of different issues. Finding a new home, planning your relocation, packing, traveling and unpacking is just one of them. One of the biggest issues people often have when they move to Minnesota is the weather. Adapting to Minnesota weather can be rather difficult especially if you are coming from other countries. More they are further for your new place, more the difference in climate. But you don’t have to worry. We will help you and guide you in this process of adapting. This way the new climate won’t come as a shock to you.

Traits of the Minnesota climate

If you are coming from countries with a moderate climate, then get ready for a shock. Minnesota lies in the continental climate zone, with very hot summers and freezing cold winters. During the winter you will experience a lot of snow here. But on the other hand occasional rain, freezing rain and sleet happen during this period. The most extreme temperature during the winter was  −60 °F (−51 °C). But do not let that discourage you from moving here. Those are more isolated parts of Minnesota and they do get a lot of snowfall during the winter. Although spring is a transitional period here, you can expect some snow storms.

Summers here are hot and humid. The north part can be less humid and with lower temperatures. You can expect thunderstorms for 30 or 40 days during the year. The average summer temperature recorded here is 80 °F (30 °C). The highest ever recorded point was 114 °F (46°C). The conditions can be harsh here and people often can’t get used to them. But in the end, we live in a modern world so there are a lot of options you can choose from. Those options will help you with adapting to Minnesota weather easily. That why moving to Minnesota won’t be a problem for you this time of year.


A girl heating her hands while adapting to Minnesota weather
Adapting to Minnesota weather can be hard during winter

Consult your doctors about adapting to Minnesota weather

First things first, you must always check with your doctor about tips and trick on how to cope with significant climate change. We are all different after all, and we can’t all adjust the same. Always listen to their advice on what are the best coping mechanisms. Before you move to places with a different climate, try to do an overall body exam, just to be sure you are alright at the moment of relocation. Those systematic checks are quite good to indicate if something is wrong. Besides, you must do them regularly in order to preserve good health. With all that done, now you can plan your move to Minnesota. Relocation to Minnesota is easy enough if you hire professional City Moving and Storage MN professional movers.

Image of an cartoon doctor
Consult your doctor about precatuions

Do not bring too many clothes

Different climate requires different clothes, of course. In the end, you might even end up with pieces of clothing you don’t need. Doing a little research or finding out what local residents say there truly helps. For all you know, you might have items you really cannot use during the seasons in Minnesota There are numerous ways you can find out more about what kind of clothes you can get. One of those include:

  • Asking a friend who already lives there. This is a good way for adapting to Minnesota weather. Since your friends can give you advice on what to wear
  • Find out about it on local forums or clothing websites

Planning and moving to Minnesota is rough enough when you don’t have anyone to guide you. But there are several easy ways to adapt as a newcomer in Minnesota you can follow. It will only make adapting to Minnesota weather easier!


Clothing store
You won’t need all the clothes

Consider going to a therapy

If you do have harsh times adapting to your new place, think about therapy! It might be that the climate is the only reason why you can’t adapt. But, perhaps, there are more than one reasons. Whether it is being homesick, being anxious about meeting new people, can’t adapt to a new neighborhood or something else. Remember that these problems are not unsolvable. There are many solutions to them, and this is in most case the problem with newcomers. If you found a job before moving to Minnesota, then we advise you to start working as soon as you can. Having a job and doing it will just move your thought process from adapting to something else. Hence, making it more easy to adapt to your new life. It is not uncommon that new weather climate can make people depressed. That is why getting a job before relocating is important. It is one of the few ways to make sure your focus is on the life itself, and not depression.


person getting help from friend
Therapy is a good way to adapt to new place

Stay hydrated all the time

During the adaptation period, your body system might be in a small state of shock. Significant weather changes and climate differences can have a bad influence on your body. During this adapting period, you should pay more attention to your health! Drinking water and staying hydrated is very important for a healthy body! High and low temperatures can shock you and make you lose more water than usual. There are several easy solutions to this problem. One of the mare staying hydrated by drinking water and tea during winter. But on the other hand, you can use a lot of other healthy beverages that will keep you healthy during the transitional period.

With all the commotion and problems that can occur while relocating, adapting to Minnesota weather shouldn’t be one of them. These easy steps you can take will surely make that period less stressful for you. Update us with what you think are the best ways of adapting to different climate. Tips, tricks, guides, and hints are welcomed! We hope to hear from you soon!