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Best things to do in Woodbury

Woodbury is in the top 10 biggest cities in Minnesota with the population of almost 70,000. This beautiful suburb to St. Paul belongs to Washington County and is part of the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. If you are reading this we can assume you are planning to relocate here in near future. We hope you will be able to hire decent movers in Woodbury. You can ensure this outcome by following our advice, which you can find scattered throughout our website especially in the Blog section. For now, we would like to share with you our list of Best things to do in Woodbury-a great way to explore this beautiful town.

Get nostalgic at Vali-Hi drive in theatre

This is a true favorite among locals in Woodbury. The drive-in theatre provides entertainment during pleasant summer evenings. The offer is simple-three movies for the price of one in the open air. Note that Vali-Hi doesn’t accept credit cards as a way of paying, but provides ATMs on the site. The theatre is a favorite among families with children and older, more nostalgic generations. The general advice is to bring snacks (some people bring a grill for longer evenings). The place fills up pretty fast so make sure to come nice and early to get a good spot. Movie program starts from 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, 7 pm on Sundays and 7:30 the rest of the week. The movies are played no matter the weather!

things to do in Woodbury
You think drive in theatres are a thing of the past? Think again!

Conquer Ninja Warrior gym in Woodbury

Yes, some people find gym a fun place to be. If you are looking to burn some extra energy, and you posses above-average level of physical fitness, Ninja Warrior gym is the place to be! Challenge yourself in a unique and fun way. Put to test all that skill and strength gained at cross-fit. Ok, let’s tone it down a notch. If you are scared to visit this gym after reading this, don’t be. Conquer Ninja Warrior has programs for all ages, especially kids. They offer summer camps and even to organize your birthday party. If you have kids bursting with energy, release them onto this obstacle course and see what happens. We hope this will be a spot you will visit with your kids regularly. Thank us later. We hope this will be one of advantages of moving to Twin Cities, among other things.

things to do in Woodbury
Get your kids to spend all their extra energy in this gym!

Things to do in Woodbury-Golf, golf and more golf

The famous golf course takes its rightful spot on our list of best things to do in Woodbury. Minnesotans love a good game of golf, so you picked the right place to move to, if this is also one of your favorite activities. The Ponds at Battle Creek is the best course you will find in Woodbury, therefore, you won’t be surprised to read that they have great reviews. This 9-hole was voted best in Minnesota 6 times by Tee Times Magazine. Therefore, it should find its place among best parks in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Customers are complementing the course club house and its service offer, general shape of the course and most importantly-it’s beauty.

You simply have to play golf in Minnesota!

Battle Creek Dog Park

Here at City Moving & Storage MN we are avid pet lovers and owners and we understand how important it is to have a place to walk your best friend and spend some quality time together over the weekend. That’s why Battle Creek dog park found its way to our list of things to do in Woodbury. Taking your pet for long walks regularly can significantly reduce the stress in pets caused by a move . This park is is considered by many to be the best dog park in the metro area. The 35 acre area is fully fenced in and off-leash. Most importantly, the park’s peaceful views of the water will allow you to create some wonderful memories with your pet.

Things to do in Woodbury walking your dog
Nothing better than sharing a walk with your best friend in some beautiful surroundings.

Visit the James J. Hill House

It’s always fun to visit old mansions of the industrial era. This one is an especially ugly early Mc-mansion that used to belong to railway magnate James J. Hill, “The Empire Builder”. Exploring the history of Twin Cities doesn’t have to fall down to visiting only the best museums in Minneapolis . Visiting the James J. Hill House is a great way to learn about the social structures of the Edwardian era in the USA. Visitors praise the tour guides here and the state of preservation plus, groups are very reasonably sized. An interesting fact-James married a poor Irish immigrant girl, making this a scene of a romantic love story.

There are a lot of things to do in Woobury, especially if you are an outdoorsy, fit type of person, dog owner, golfer and a history buff. The Twin Cities metropolitan area is absolutely beautiful and filled with activities of all sorts no matter the season. People here are very outdoorsy and for a good reason-there are so many beautiful places to explore.